Daniel Bryan's Girlfriends Square Off (Smackdown Spoiler)

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World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan is dating Brie Bella. While the legitimate relationship is not newsworthy in of itself, it is interesting that WWE is doing a program with Bryan's real girlfriend and Bryan's storyline girlfriend.

As we saw last week on Smackdown, Daniel Bryan stopped Brie from making the twin switch, allowing for AJ to beat Nikki. WWE explained over on dot com that perhaps Daniel was "emotionally scarred" from his break-up with the Bella Twins. Remember, WWE did an angle where Daniel dated them both last year.

This week's Smackdown will feature a match between AJ & Brie Bella that was taped last night.

  • Maze

    Holy Hell I would totally take AJ over Brie any day

    • Dangerous Lee

      I highly disagree with this opinion.

    • JamieSNZ

      I highly agree with this opinion.

      • Dangerous Lee

        I guess it depends on whether you want a woman…or a nerdy little girl.

        • Kleck

          I’d take them both at the same time. Be creative!

  • Patrick_Peralta

    your right who is dateing who is not newsworthy… leave that stuff to the National Enquirer.

    • Jg

      No way., Richard keep it up.. I like hearing real life n how the incorporate into story line.. Like they did Matt hardy edge n lita

    • Matt Scott

      Not to be picky dude, but can you please run a spell check over your posts. I know I sound like a jerk but I know me, and a few others on here, don't take people who can't spell correctly very seriously.

      • Miles

        If you can’t deal with correct spelling, you’re a nieve idiot. I remember someone getting hassled for their spelling and the reason was dyslexia. I mean realy how does poor spelling impact your life? Does it physically harm you, take your job from you, take a roof from over uour head? If uou can’t be tolerant of others maybe you shouldn’t be posting on this page.

    • Ada

      Or TMZ for that matter.

  • Ricky

    If I remember from last year, it was revealed he was playing both twins while seeing Gail Kim on the side.

    • AJG316

      Who wouldve guessed that in the two years that he would've been a US champ WHC and have 4 YES COUNT EM 4 GAIL KIM, BOTH OF THE BELLA'S AND NOW AJ SO SHOCKING

  • An0n

    didnt tna do something like this a little while ago?

  • Angel Psymon

    I think that it's some kind of company test. WWE trying to catch Daniel Brian off guard, or something. Something like, "Can Brian support his storyline girlfriend without letting on to the audience his legitimate feelings for the competitor?"

    Clearly, that's a stretch. But, if true, it would let creative know that Brian can play whatever part they need because he doesn't let his personal interest get in the way.

  • Kingjamsie

    Glad to see D-Bryam keep up Batistas ‘WHC / King of Divas’ gimmick

  • Scottyo614

    So they acknowledge whose dating who on screen, but won't acknowledge Undertaker vs. Triple H 1 till well after their second battle..,

    • H.M.

      Lol, they made public Triple H and Stephanie McMahon back in 2009 during his feud with Orton heading into WM 25.

      • JakShowtime

        I don't think that's what Scotty's talking about. I believe he's talking about the fact that this will be the third time that HHH and Taker have squared off at Wrestlemania, but they seem to conveniently forget about the first time (Wrestlemania X-Seven) and only talk about last year. Just like how when they were building it up last year they also never brought up X-Seven's.

        • Scottyo614

          Exactly what I was going for. Yet they remember Daniel Bryan dated the Bella's lol

          • WWE NERD

            That storyline was a whole lot better than Bryan and AJ:-}


    Someday after WrestleMania28,the WWE should really tell you Bryan's dating and that would be Brie Bella:-}