Daniel Bryan's Reaction On WWE Backstage Pass

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Daniel Bryan was interviewed by Renee Young on Backstage Pass after Monday Night Raw on the WWE Network.

Bryan credited the fans for the opportunity and said everyone can make change. He continued by saying that's not just here in the WWE but anywhere and that's the power people have. Bryan said there are a bunch of billionaires in this country that think they have the power, they want to pollute our environment and it's the same stuff holding him down in WWE. He said it's the people that have the power.

He walked off, fully pumped up at the opportunity.

  • Bob’s Diner

    People power?!?!?!
    Is he going to form a tag-team with Johnny Ace?

    • BigMike

      main diff between Johnny Ace and DB is that DB actually has personality; whereas Ace has the personality like watching paint dry. Only real talent Ace ever had was using his brother’s name to get his foot in the door and kissing ass to stay there

      • Bob’s Diner

        Johnny Ace was actually very well respected before coming to WWE – he did fantastic work as a booker in Japan and WWE after the WCW buyout. I don’t believe he ever needed to use his brother’s name for anything

        • Michael

          Can you say….. he was a Dynamic Dude?

  • whammaster

    i demand a link and video :p