Daniel Bryan's Rise, Kane's Replacement, Husky Harris Chants, Kharma's Return, Morgan Leaving TNA

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Today's installment of Ask WNW is now online in audio format. This is just a test of our new audio equipment and not a permanent replacement. Ask WNW will return in written format on Thursday, July 11, 2013.

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  • Babie Sabrina

    mmm loved hearing your voice today Richard made me want you more

    • James

      You must be into nerds who didn’t lose their virginity until they turned 30. I think Richard pays Babie (she’s probably 300 lbs) to say this to make him feel wanted or its Richard portraying Babie. Go back to written format.

      • 28 married with kids but thanks for trolling Erik. And go Braves since you’re trolling from Atlanta.

      • Xavier

        Lets keep it respectful, and if you can’t do that then I suggest you troll somewhere else.

        • A lot of the people you see commenting here can’t keep it respectful. If they had a legit complaint, where they were looking out “for the good of the site,” they would email me. They don’t want to contribute, they want to slander. This is why Erik from Atlanta posts as James and Cory from Ontario posts as BobCobb. They are just here to post mean comments in order to express the discontent in their own lives. It’s sad really.

          • Xavier

            Sad but very true. I don’t always agree with your opinions or with everything you do regarding the site but have a lot of respect for what you do and overall this site is by far by the best at delivering breaking news, I’m sure you put in a lot of hours in order to deliver backstage & notes. It’s just too bad that some people on here have nothing worth while going on in their lives, so they come on here to troll/cry over spilled milk.

      • Robert Olley

        Wtf? Wheres the point in taking the few minutes to type such rubbish obviously its you that needs to feel wanted

      • TheBigKing1

        I didn’t see her comment to Richard, it was deleted…but isn’t she the same lady that said how much she wants Richard and stuff like that just the other day, if I’m not mistaken.

        • Babie Sabrina

          it might be but I don’t think she is more than 18 though if that old … I think she just wanted a shout out an the wnw site and pushed the lines a tad to much (wait a min your talking about me arent you ) (oh the shame the shame )

          • TheBigKing1


      • Babie Sabrina

        ok now for you 300lbs I ought smash a wet noodle across the rear end of your car for that (no one pays me to do anything dont even know ricard) and why in the f—ing world would richard portray a girl trying to get his attention
        Sometimes sometimes I wish people would step out from behind their key boards and say some of this smart poop

      • Babie Sabrina

        hey not cool talking about richard its me thats been acting out to get WNW sites attention not richard
        just wanted to get a shout out from WNW and did it in not a very mature way (but in my defense i am not old enough to be mature stupid yes mature no)

    • Haha out of control…. I don’t know if I should be flattered or notify the authorities. *runs IP trace* Haha

      • Babie Sabrina

        wow you deleted my comment ..

        Nawh no need to be scared just wanted to push the envelope a little been a fan of your site for a while and wanted to see if I could catch your attention.. I know dumb… of me

  • TheAwesomeJames

    Dislike this. Too much waffle. The text version was to the point. Questions bled into each other too much. And you didn’t need to spend over 60 seconds justifying oving an audio version. If you want to do it, just go for it. The text above already explained it.

    • Ugh… You are free to comment but was this really needed?

      • TheAwesomeJames

        So I can’t have an opinion? Surely you want feedback from people who read your site on a daily basis? I understand that this was a test of your new equipment but if that was the only reason you did this you would have tested it on your podcast, this is also a test of whether AskWNW would work as an audio section…

        • No, Ask WNW is not going to audio format. It’s the most popular feature on the site.

          • TheAwesomeJames

            Glad to hear it. I do enjoy your written pieces Richard, and also enjoy your football (soccer) coverage over on your FB.

            So i guess the test has been a success then, as we can all definitely hear the audio?

          • Yes, the test was successful.

  • Loren Goldstein

    I can’t download audio on my work computer. Does anyone have a transcript?

    • No transcript available. Just a test for today, will play on any smart phone or tablet.

  • BobCobb

    Argh, if your intention was to piss people off you have succeeded. Congrats. Between this brilliant move (even though not perm), putting spoilers in the article titles, and editing/deleting posts I’d say your batting a thousand.

    • I just wanted to draw out the trolls so I had the chance to give them a big hug.

      • BobCobb

        mAybe instead of calling ur readers trolls, u should listen to what they say and improve your site to give your readers what they want, especially the paying customers. Thats what any reputable company would do. But I’m sure you calling readers trolls and acting like a douche will work equally as we

        • BobCobb


          • And also, let’s get another straight. You aren’t “BobbCobb” you’re Cory Daniels from Ontario, Canada. You aren’t a Premium member and never have been.

          • BobCobb

            Bahahaha your such a child. I never claimed to be a premium subscriber, and its reasons stated above why I never will be! if you ask nicely maybe I could teach you a thing or two about growing your business, Step one would be not to call your readers trolls. OH ps, nice breach of the privacy policy. another brilliant move!!!! fellow readers, see what this guy does when you don’t agree with him or u post your own opinions??

          • Free to post opinions, not free to slander and bully Cory.

          • BobCobb

            Calling me a troll and posting private information makes you the Bully Richard. Maybe you need to look back on this conversation. You went way over the line.

          • Xavier

            Feel free to leave this site bro if your not happy, you’d be doing me, Richard and everyone else a huge favor by doing so. There, problem solved.

          • A troll is defined in the Urban dictionary as “One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument”

            Your message was deliberately provocative with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument. I posted your name and your province so you knew you can’t do this under a fake name and get away with it. If you’re going to disrupt the website, you are going to be accountable for it.

          • BobCobb

            I didn’t post under a “fake name”. I picked a “username” which was required. 90% of people on here use a “username” not their real name. I simply stated some of the things I disliked about this website on the comment section which I have every right to do so. instead of taking user comments and criticism and using it to improve the overall satisfaction of the readers, you freak out and call people trolls. if you don’t like criticism either A: don’t read the comment section or B: suck it up princess. What you don’t have the right to do is post users private information. its a breach of privacy and i’m quite sure against the law the way you went about it. I’ll be looking more into this matter…

          • Yes, please do. And while you’re at it, inform the abuse department at ONTel, Inc. located at 555 Oak St. E. in North Bay, Ontario, Canada that you continuously posted deliberately provocative messages with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument on a private Web server owned by Gray Internet Technologies. You can call them directly at 1-705-472-4500.

          • Batman


          • Xavier

            Not unprofessional at all, he’s just putting a rude asshole back in his place.

          • Batman

            In a ridiculously unprofessional manner.

          • TheBigKing1


          • TheBigKing1

            You stated above that you were a paying customer, so STFU B*tch!!!

          • TheBigKing1

            Got him.Put him in his place Richard. We don’t agree on everything WWE/TNA whathaveyou…and of course that’s normal with anybody we have a relationship with, but I ALWAYS liked you and ALWAYS respected you. Good job bro! Put them trolls in their place.

        • OK here’s how I view this:

          Stated at the top this is a one day test with the promise the written version will return. I realize people don’t like change but I needed an opportunity to test the new equipment. If this isn’t your thing, simply click the back button and read an archived version (there’s over 6 years of questions in the archive). Rather, you come here to post hateful and nasty comments so you can prove to the world you need a hug. So, I am giving you a big virtual hug.


    This is dumb I rather read it

    • It will be written tomorrow. Again, it’s explained at the top this is a test of audio. It’s a one day thing. The world is not ending, this comment is really unnecessary.

      • sheamusfan

        All the trolls on the site should leave it. If you don’t like it, leave it. There so many other sites. But in my opinion this is the best site for wrestling news and I have huge respect for Richard sir. Sir I am a big young fan from India and I would like to know if wwe. Has any plans to come to India for live events? Sir thankyou for answering my question yesterday about updateson show, kofi andevan Bourne. And I really love the askwnw feature of this site whether it is in audio or in written it doesn’t matter to me. As long as you are working hard I appreciate it.

      • Batman

        How is it unnecessary? Do you give that little of a shit about your readers? They are giving you feedback. You should value it even if you don’t agree with it. You said you’re doing it as a test. These people are telling you what they think of your test. They are letting you know that they prefer the original format.

        Sometimes your arrogance and attitude astound me.

  • hi why did tna rlesaese matt morgan

  • Bianca

    I think it’s a terrible idea to put WNW as audio. I’m always skipping on questions I’m not interested in, which is clearly not a possibility if you make it an audio-format. Plus, you seem to drift off a lot more if it is audio.

    • Once again, a one day test. Not going to audio.

      • Mike

        I’d like to see both formats on the site. We, the readers, could pick which one we wanted to either read or listen to.

        • StraightEdgeForLife

          We, the readers…..Or we, the people?!

  • Griff

    enjoyed it…nice little change of pace.

  • Nick

    Wow, I have been coming here for years, but reading your responses to your customers is going to force me to find a new site.

    • My responses, really? The responses to people that called me a virgin to 30 or the ones that called me a douchebag? These aren’t customers, these are trolls posting under fake names to draw attention. Again, if you had a legit complaint you would email me.

    • BobCobb

      couldn’t agree more Nick. Im glad someone else has noticed this. Richard has a lot of apologies to make in my opinion. There is NO EXCUSE for the owner of a business to call out his readers the way he has.

      • Robert Olley

        We arent customers we are readers if we were customers we would be using the premium mailbag.

  • StraightEdgeForLife

    Richard said Do Do

  • ryan from VA

    Calm down! If this was being done on a permanent basis you all could complain, but its a one day thing for goodness sake. I feel sorry for some of you if your life is so pathetic that this little blip makes you throw little baby fits. Thanks for the entertainment, though. By the way, from someone who is a premium member, Richard, you are the best in the biz…keep doing what you do and don’t sink to the level of these–as Damien Sandow would say–ignoramuses.

    • CJ Blaze


  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    I agree with everybody, keep this column as a written format.

    • Hercules Rockerfeller

      Okay just retracing my post…glad it won’t change to an audio format. Just to touch up on the Bray Wyatt question…You say that chanting Husky Harris will not hurt him in the long run…maybe you should talk to Tensai about that. The first month of his return, there were “ALBERT” chants every single week. And I think it was even the number one trend on twitter too. Some ppl who didn’t watch wrestling thought it was Fat Albert. So if the Husky Harris chant continues it could be bad for ol Bray.

  • jman72485

    audio sounds great bro!

  • Cubed56

    Richard said this is a one day test and the written version will be back tomorrow, how stupid do you have to be to not understand this. If all your gonna do is come onto someone else’s site and bash them for all the hard work they do and think you can do better by all means start your own site and try to be as successful as Richard has been with his site. My guess nobody will be able to come close to the success this site has, and half of you are probably not smart enough to set up your own site in the first place. So go ahead trolls keep bitching and complaining and calling Richard names, cause we all know your the real 30 old virgins living in your parents basement with nothing better to do then try and bring people down to make yourselves feel better about your miserable lives. Keep up the great work Richard!
    P.S. I post under cubed56, but my real name is Tylor Torstenson. Just so we’re clear I don’t need to hide behind a fake name to tell you dumbasses how pathetic you are. So now you know who I am, so feel free to come at me with some real talk and real names if you got balls, which I’d be shocked if you do.

    • Xavier


  • Ian

    Seriously Richard, No point arguing with them, don’t get angry with them, is not worth.Instead of fighting with these douche bags, invest them and do something more meaningful! haters gonna hate. Here’s a thumbs up for you!

  • Steven

    Keep calm and continue reading the articles that interest you. Just a trial. Nothing more.

    Also to those who legitimately have a problem with things, it would help if you didn’t hide behind a different alias and just come forth and said what was bothering you in a mature manner. I did it not too long ago (in the comments section, which was probably wrong in hindsight) and I didn’t hide behind a different alias; I’d like to think it cleared the air between Richard and I.

    Personally, I’d like to see one Ask WNW column done in an audio format per week or perhaps a Ask WNW week in review section done on a Friday (perhaps Saturday?) where you do an audio podcast recapping all of the interesting questions of the week and expand on them a little bit more. There’s nothing to say the two of them can’t go hand in hand with each other.

  • Robert Olley

    So can we read this tomorow richard or is this edition listen only?

  • Adam

    I’m glad that Richard is standing up for himself and this site! Sometimes the comment area makes me not want to get on this site but my love for wrestling will not be underminded by the comments of others. Believe in WNW

  • Tim

    Kane better not be written off tv already. It’s only been a year and a half since he came back.

  • JonnyVC

    Nice change, good audio kit, keep up the good work and long live BRAY!

  • rob215

    you people really are morons, RICHARD SAID ITS A 1 DAY THING WHAT DONT YOU COMPREHEND. good work richard best wrestling site around, dont even acknowledge these ppl there not worth your time , they just want a reaction out of you, and really “breach of privacy” ur gonna look into this matter….haha go somewere else if you dont like the site, what are you 12? this is rob from philly, keep hiding behind your computers trolling around.

  • emoko1996

    Richard, i’m from the UK and i know that my question isn’t related with this edition of ask WNW, but do you have any information on the ratings of weakly shows like raw and impact in the UK? its just that i wonder what sort of numbers they bring in over here?

  • Daniel Mark Steven Saunders

    Personally I come to this page everyday for news and ask WNW and I would prefer the audio format. But kudos to WWE for getting the Wyatt Family debut right

  • J-Dub

    Can you write this one out too please. I understand it was a one time thing but I can’t listen at work I can only read it. LOL Thanks!

  • Much rather the audio version actually

  • Will C

    I agree, this feature once a week would be good. Really enjoyed today’s edition. Well done Richard

  • BigMarkLew

    Richad I have used your site for years. I appreciate the news and I love the ask WNW section. I enjoyed the audio version very much. I know you had to put up with a lot of unneeded attacks today but I felt I should say good job and thank you. I feel any comment attacking this test was malicious and stupid. I am going to start listening to the pod cast.

  • Violet

    Great job, Richard. Audio was fantastic.

  • Mike

    Concerning the Husky Harris chants, it could turn out to be a bigger problem than expected. This is similar to what happened to Ryback with Goldberg chants, and now he’s floundering looking for his place.

  • Jeremy

    Oh I just wanted to comment that it is not guaranteed that Rob Van Dam is gonna get the biggest reaction at MITB. I assume you state that because he wrestled for ECW which was based in Philadelphia. Well, you have two other guys in this match who wrestled for a little Philadelphia based company known as Ring of Honor in arguably the two most popular and over guys in the entire WWE in CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. Case in point. TNA Bound For Glory 2011 took place in Philadelphia, and two of the loudest reactions the entire night went to Austin Aries and Samoa Joe(two heels at the time) because of their association with Ring of Honor. Rob Van Dam wrestled Jerry Lynn on the show in Full Metal Mayhem, but their reaction was a little bit less than Aries(who got the loudest ovation the entire night) and Joe.