Dark Match Main Event Result From This Week's Raw Supershow In London, England

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The dark match main event for this week's Raw Supershow was CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho for the WWE Championship. The match ended with a disqualification when Daniel Bryan interfered. Sheamus then ran out, followed by Cody Rhodes, The Big Show, Alberto Del Rio, and Randy Orton. Punk and Jericho started brawling back to the locker rooms and Sheamus, Orton, and Big Show all hit their finishers on the heels to end the show.

  • JoeD

    That bit was awesome! Great to see loads of superstars coming out! Better than bloody Albert!!

  • chijer

    Yep, I can now say with confidence this is the start of the belt unification. I think by this summer we could see it happen. Been highly rumored, and I wouldn't doubt it to see Wade Barrett win it when he comes back from injury.