Dark Match Main Event Result From This Week’s Smackdown Tapings

John Cena, Randy Orton, Sheamus & Big Show beat Kane, Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes & Mark Henry when Cena pinned Kane after hitting an Attitude Adjustment.

Click here to view this week’s Smackdown spoilers.

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  • Zack Ryder

    Sheamus in both teams?? r u serious bro?

  • Pranker151

    Two Sheamus in one match?

  • matt

    Sheamus twice?

  • Steven

    So sheamus was on both teams?

  • Ben

    Sheamus was on both teams?

  • LRB

    Sheamus was on both teams?

  • Charles

    Sheamus was on both teams? I know he’s world champ but that’s impressive! Lol

  • Guy Landau

    assuming Sheamus didn't beat himself, who was the 4th person in the heels team?

    • Alejandro

      I would assume it was Cody Rhodes.

    • Joe

      Cody Rhodes

    • Destruction

      Rhodes I assume

    • Tony

      Hahaha I didn’t even notice that!

  • Chris

    Judging by the grouping, Cody Rhodes. Henry for Cena, Kane for Orton, Bryan for Sheamus which leaves Big Show without a nemesis, which is Rhodes lately.

  • PainOfDemise

    If you look at the list of people, more than likely you can safely assume it was Cody Rhodes.

  • Cd

    Im assuming u mispoke richard, im aassiming del rio as the othr heel

  • renegade10

    oh no first there was taker vs taker then kane vs kane then recently sin cara vs sin cara now its sheamus vs sheamus lol

  • Batch-pz101

    Most likely Cody

  • ViperDaughter

    Want to see the match