Darren Young Out 4-6 Months With Torn ACL

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Dot com posted an update on Darren Young on Thursday. The former member of The Prime Time Players tag team will miss 4-6 months after tearing his ACL in a match against Fandango at a WWE live event last weekend.

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Young suffered the injury last Saturday, shot down our report on Sunday but was unable to work through the injury with a torn ligament.

  • BIG M

    No offence to D-Young but I’ve just found out that Ring Of Honour is now getting Pay Per View starting with their Best in the World show on June 22nd which is huge for the promotion that brought us the likes of CM Punk and Bryan Danielson AKA Daniel Bryan.
    As well as bringing back to an english speaking countries ring for the first time in over a decade Puroresu legend Jushin “Thunder’ Liger the inventor of the Powerbomb and the Shooting Star Press thanks to an agreement to co promote shows in the US in May with New Japan Pro Wrestling witch will be EPIC.
    And WNW is running this story before the news of the first ROH PPV coming soon and not even bothering to cover the ROH/NJPW Co prompted shows.
    I’m Not usually one to cry fowl on WNW Content but COME ON.

    • Brandon van Reenen

      I think Richard pointed out that WWE and TNA news takes precedence over everything else?

      • BIG M

        He’s covering news on Jarrett’s new promotion isn’t he.
        WNW Also covered AJ Styles signing with New Japan which every Puroresu fan saw coming months ago.
        And besides if you want to go purely by the numbers New Japan is the 2nd most profitable Pro Wrestling promotion in the world not TNA.
        Hell has TNA even made any significant profit in its 12 year history.

        • I doubt ROH has either.

          • BIG M

            Probably not but getting PPV could change that.
            Whether your an ROH fan or not them getting PPV is still BIG news in the industry and I’m a little disappointed WNW’s choosing not to cover it.

          • As a staff member on WNW, I can say that we report news people want to hear. Ring of Honor, compared to TNA and WWE is a niche audience. It’s there, and they’re passionate and I’m one of their fans. But it’s not news people are salivating for. We cover ROH from time to time when it’s big enough. With regular PPVs coming and potential TV deals, we will be covering it more.

            Jeff Jarrett gets covered because of how fresh he is in all of our minds from his time with TNA and WWE.

          • BIG M

            Fair enough but I’m just saying that the good people at WNW should try and be a little less selective on what you cover these days.
            And yes Promotions like ROH and New Japan may have a niche audiences (outside Japan and the American north east respectfully) compared
            to WWE but New Japan pack 40’000 people in the Tokyo dome every year on January 4th and average double the attendance for a TNA PPV in all their other shows.
            And ROH has in the last 11 years has produced some of the best Talent the industry has ever seen.
            And I’m a fan who lives in Australia half the world away from where both promotions do business who spends a small fortune procuring Legal DVD’s of there shows and the people I buy them from online claim to have customers in the UK, US, Mexico and Japan.
            So I sincerely hope you guys start covering these promotions more because its a niche passionate audience that is growing BIG TIME.

          • The biggest problem with it is being able to access the matches. It’s not on American TV. We can’t, and won’t, promote online streams of their matches, either. It’s really hard to cover something like that. If it came to American TV, we would cover it in a heartbeat. I know Ring of Honor does DVDs, but so few people own them. There just isn’t an audience for it right now. Rest easy, when they find better ways to promote, we will cover it. It would be an honor, no pun intended, for me to cover Ring of Honor.

          • BIG M

            Again Fair enough but let me propose something if I may.
            The Triple A promotion out of Mexico is apparently getting a one hour show on a new Pay TV channel part owned by Film Directer Robert Rodriguez right.
            If it all works out and Triple A is on American TV within the next 12 months would WNW start covering it.

          • I don’t see why not. We love and appreciate our worldwide audience, but we all live in America so it’s hard to cover something we can’t access. I can’t promise you it would get the amount of coverage WWE or TNA get because they are the A and B promotions, but you would certainly see it.

          • BIG M
          • LOL.

          • I’m with you but TNA, as small an audience as they have, is doing around 1 million a viewers a week. NJPW and ROH don’t compare at all. As TNA is far smaller than WWE, ROH is far smaller than TNA and so on and so forth. ROH is not viewable all over the U.S. Sinclair can’t make that happen. The only way to do it is to subscribe to ROH online. NJPW isn’t available *anywhere* in the U.S except for YouTube clips. Neither is large enough and there’s so much to cover with just WWE and TNA. How do you fit anything else in?

          • BIG M

            I’ll make a quick comparison for you.
            TNA PPV’s get at best 20’000 buys worldwide.
            New Japan’s PPV’s get at least 30’000 buys just in Japan.
            I understand your argument truly I do and TNA is the 2nd biggest wrestling company in America but TNA isn’t the no.2 promotion in the WORLD New Japan is.
            A case can be made for not giving full coverage to ROH but it doesn’t make sense not to cover the 2nd biggest pro wrestling company in the entire world does it just because the majority of American fans can’t/don’t watch it that would be kinda well Xenophobic quite frankly.

      • Yes, and he did so a long time ago.