Darren Young Feared For His Job & 'Losing Everything' Before Coming Out

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Darren Young and his boyfriend Nick Villa are featured in a new piece by People magazine. In it, Young reveals he was terrified of coming out in fear he would lose his friends, his job and "everything."
Below is an excerpt from the piece:

"I was terrified of losing friends, losing my job, just everything," the World Wrestling Entertainment star, 29, exclusively tells PEOPLE in the latest issue. "I had no idea what would happen if I came out."

Young described his decision to come out as "spur of the moment" but he wasn't happy living a double life. You can read the article in its entirety at this link.

  • Foamy

    Who cares, what he does outside the ring, He is gay, so what, I bet many in life are gay and go about daily life without going “Look at ME!” Why such a big deal and endless going on about it! Wonder if the same would happen if a diva, came out as a lesbian? It is the 21st Century and people should be more tolerant. Just seems know DY is on a promotional tour! You are just feeding that need by reporting this over and over again

    • I always get a laugh at the people that comment “who cares,” when you cared enough to click > read > comment.

      • Foamy

        Was more about you reporting on something that is old news!

  • PFElton

    Oh wow yeah that is so super, boy I care so much about this Richard. Thank you so much for pioneering homo wrestling journalism the world over.

    • Republicans suck

      It’s time to move along teabagger. The “Traditional Prejudice” America that you and your fellow right wing nuts wish to have back are long gone and never coming back. I bet it still upsets that blacks, latinos, asians etc etc have the same rights as you as well doesn’t it?

      • PFElton

        Because I don’t care to see articles about the first openly gay jobber in pro wrestling, automatically makes me a bigoted Tea Partyist.

        Liberal logic in action. But fear not! I can do it too.

        Time to stop crying me a freaking river and change your panties, Pinko-Kami. The Fascist takeover your “liberalism” wants to bring by murdering unborn babies, stealing people’s Constitutionally-given Right to Bear Arms, and placing the IRS in charge of people’s health care will totally and utterly fail. I bet it still upsets you that your Black Jesus can’t put a Sickle and Hammer on the flag and Nancy Pelosi hasn’t been able to pass an amendment draining the Rio Grande and creating the Estados Unidos of America and Mexico.

        • Oh my.

        • Republicans suck

          Only person with his panties in a bunch is you my Mr. Teabagger. You comment more on Darren Young topics then anyone else on here and yet you claim you hate articles posted on him, then why comment you idiot. Your a little to emotionally invested into Darren Young for a guy who claims he’s straight, time to come out of the closet Hoover Jr. Your not fooling anyone on here. It kills you that this Countries President is half black doesn’t it? It’s okay, you teabaggers will be a thing of the past real soon. People are tired of the attitude of people like you who hate everything that isn’t a white christian male. Tell your people that Obama care is here to stay so cry a river build a bridge and get over it. Your party hated social security as well and said that wouldn’t work but low and behold it’s worked wonders. Run along little boy and pick your nose in that Confederate Flag you have then stick it up your a**