Darren Young Possibly Injured At WWE Live Event

Wrestling News World reader Fred Loyal was in attendance at Saturday night's WWE live event in Hidalgo, TX and noted Darren Young might have suffered a knee injury in a singles bout against Fandango. According to Loyal, Young was counted out in less than two minutes and the referee gave the "X" signal. The following is from Twitter:

  • Michael

    Knee injuries ate the worst. Had two separate injuries. Always shorten careers. Look at Rey. Hopefully its nothing major.

    • I agree. Of all the injuries, head and knee are the worst to recover from fully. Hopefully it’s not super serious and he can make a comeback as he has a promising career ahead of him.

    • Mysterion

      I’ll agree more than 1000%. In my life, I’m only 24, I’ve had to give up sports after three torn knee ligaments, a ruptured tendon and two leg breaks. Knee/leg injuries are real killers of careers.