Darren Young Undergoes Surgery

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Darren Young underwent surgery to repair a torn ACL. He tweeted the following:

We reported that he was possibly injured at a live event right here. We wish Young a speedy and healthy recovery.

  • sam

    At the very least Darren is looking at a 3-6 month recovery time

    • and I really hope he doesn’t rush anything. We’ve seen knee injuries rushed and problems only stack up (rey).

    • I’m not trying to be flippant but he’ll have to drop the “nodaysoff” thing as he’ll be seeing *many* days off for this injury.

      • lol, so true. Unless he’s in the rehab every day which I assume will start within a few weeks (once the wound is closed)

    • Mr. Gray

      try 6-9 months on the ACL recovery.

      • sam

        We dont know the state of the tear itself..if it was a complete tear then it’s 6-9 months..if it’s a partial tear then it’s more like 3-6 months

  • Bob

    So when does his 90 day no compete clause start?

  • Brandon van Reenen