Darren Young's Decision To Come Out, WWE Referees, Randy Savage To The WWE HoF?, Punk vs. Austin

Vince McMahon has been known to use legitimate situations and put them into WWE storylines. Do you see WWE doing this with Darren Young announcing that he is gay?

Regardless if WWE decides to incorporate Darren Young's sexuality in storyline they are going to have to be careful with how they book him. This story has picked up a lot of steam and Young's stock has raised considerably. Knowing how Vince McMahon thinks, I wouldn't be surprised if he capitalized on all the mainstream attention. However, let's not forget if Young gets pushed, it won't be based solely on his decision to come out. Young has worked very hard to get where he is and it wasn't him that made a big deal out of revealing his sexual orientation.

With the news of Darren Young coming out, how do you think this will impact WWE?  By the way, major respect to him.

I only see good things to come out of Darren Young announcing that he's gay. The message it sends is that it's OK to live your life your way, like Triple H said Thursday morning. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and I think most people share my sentiment in that they are very proud of Darren Young. I'm proud of Darren as both a professional and as a person. He's worked extremely hard and it takes a lot of courage to come out as a public figure.

Do you see Earl or Dave Hebner returning to WWE?

I don't see either Earl or Dave Hebner returning to WWE but who knows, maybe Brian Hebner will get a look one day. However, the company seems to be loaded with talented referees and it's worth noting that former TNA senior official Rudy Charles is now in WWE developmental.

Do you ever see "Macho Man" Randy Savage being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?

According to Lanny Poffo, WWE reached out to him about inducting Randy Savage into the Hall of Fame before Wrestlemania 28 in Miami. A deal obviously didn't get done but that tells me it's likely to happen at some point. You can read our initial coverage at this link.

I would love a CM Punk vs. Steve Austin match since Austin was arguably the best in his era while Punk has established himself in his own right. What are your thoughts?

I am all for a CM Punk vs. Steve Austin match at Wrestlemania. I think Punk and Austin would even like to do it but this is going to come down to how much WWE is willing to pay Austin to work. Austin has gone out of his way to say he's healthy for one more match so the ball is in WWE's court. Punk vs. Austin would be a top draw and you would be hard pressed to find someone that would not want to see it happen.

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  • Jbreed

    CM Punk deserves to be in a meaningful match, like in a main event match for the WWE title not in some irrelevant so called dream match against a 50 year old from another era.

    • Dan

      Why? The Rock is one of my all time favorites but I can’t deny Austin vs Punk would be better than either of the Rock vs Cena matches. They did that 2 yrs in a row… Why wouldn’t this make more since? Would you rather have Rock/Cena rubber match where we know that 100% Cena would win since he’s the face of WWE?

      • Jbreed

        Well to answer your first question, I don’t see how it could be a good match. Steve Austin will be 49 years old and away from the ring for 10 years, not to mention the knee surgeries. It sounds intriguing on paper but the match won’t be anything special. And no I wouldn’t want The Rock/John Cena 3 either. My question is, do they have to do dream matches every WM? Can’t they stop living in the past and start relying on the active wrestlers?

        • Gary Robert

          And who would they book to go over in this Austin/Punk match? I highly doubt Austin signs the match to go under. He’s got a big ego…remember Austin walking out b/c they wanted him to go under to Lesnar?

          • Xavier

            Great point. Too many people let Ausitn slide on a lot of things, granted Austin is one of the all-time greats who’s done a whole lot for the industry but he’s always been selfish when it comes to putting people over. He’s just as bad as Hogan in that regard and actually a lot worse then Triple H in terms of that as well. If Austin/Punk happens Punk should definitely be the guy to go over.

          • Snap

            If I remember correctly, Austin walked out because they wanted him to go under to Lesnar on FREE TV with no build, as he felt such a match should take place on a PPV.

            Do I agree with Austin’s decision to “take his ball and go home”? No, but I also do not think it should be used against him at every opportunity. How do we know Austin wouldn’t be open to building up a program with Punk, leading to a WrestleMania match and ultimately putting him over?

            I also happen to agree that in such a scenario, Punk going over Austin is how it should go down.

        • Tim

          True austin hasnt been in the ring in awhile. But when has austin ever been known for amazing in ring skills. And If the fans stop living in the past then they will

          • Jbreed

            Unfortunately most fans are so intrigued by dream matches they fail to see the big picture. Daniel Bryan, for example, is the hottest thing going on in the WWE right now and on the verge of becoming a megastar. But come WM 30 he’ll be relegated to make room for Steve Austin, The Rock etc. Back in the 80’s and during the Attitude Era they never had to bring in guys from the past to sell their ppv events because those guys existed in house. They knew how to create those must see stars. Nowadays all the WWE cares about is shoving John Cena down our throats all year round and then bringing in the stars from the past to sell WM. THe WWE is a joke.

          • devin steele

            YOU are a joke and so is TNA

          • Jbreed

            Dude it’s a frikkin’ shame you have no clue about wrestling so stop writing on these blogs otherwise you’ll keep makin’ an ass out of yourself.

      • Xavier

        Austin hasn’t wrestled in almost 11 years and he has a bad neck. Not quite sure if Austin/Punk would be better

  • Dan

    As far as Darren Young coming out. Kudos to him. Takes a lot of guts to be able to come out whilst being a name people know. WWE has supported Equal rights in the past so this makes it look even better… I just hope they don’t turn it into a storyline to get some “heel” over and insulting “gays.”

  • Herman Tank

    Well. if I was gay I woulda become a wrestler or UFC fighter as well. I mean rolling around with half naked, muscular, sweaty, oiled up, beefcakes and getting paid for it would be like a dream job. If I was gay, I mean. But I don’t think I am. Y’know?

    • AJ

      That’s a pretty ignorant comment. I know this is hard to fathom, but gay people do not want to bed or grope every member of the same sex that they come across. We, gay people, actually have taste and we’re not animals unable to control our urges.

      You’re probably trying to be funny, but you’re not. Try living your life hearing that stupid stereotype constantly, you would realize how ignorant and unfunny it really is.

      • Rus

        hahaha I found it funny get a sence of humor because not in any way was that an insult

    • devin steele

      are you hiding something hermie like being on the “412” (D.L)

  • Xavier

    I don’t think anyone should get pushed because of their sexual preference, wrestlers should only get pushed only skills, hard work and dedication. I also hope they don’t try to turn this into a storyline. I’ve always enjoyed the Prime Time Players as a tag team but I always felt that Titus O’Neil was the more talented of the most upside.

    • IncoherentRambling

      If he is pushed, it won’t necessarily be because of his sexual preference, it’ll be because of the mainstream publicity of his sexual preference. There’s a subtle difference there.

  • _JIM_

    If WWE were to out of nowhere begin to push Darren Young i don’t think it would look very good. IMO it would be blatantly obvious that they are using his new found mainstream attention, and the fact that he came out of the closet, to benefit the company. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that he’s decided to come out and to be open with his sexual preferance. I just think that the company would take heat from gay rights groups and others of the like for using his decision to come out only to make money. Plus I don’t think it would go over too well with the other talent that a guy who has been in a lower to sometimes a mid-card tag-team is all of the sudden getting a push out of nowhere. It would automatically look like that is happening because of his decision to come out of the closet. WWE’s best option here is to keep booking Young the same as they have been, and to slowly build him from there. Just like everbody else has to do. I wouldn’t make his sexuality part of any storyline or angle at all. Nothing good can come from it IMO, because somewhere along the line they will offend somebody. Whether it be gays that were offended or straight people. Somewhere along the line somebody would take offense to something. And let’s not forget the religious people, and some parents, who would no doubt find anything dealing with homosexuality on a wrestling show very offensive. I’m all for Darren Young deciding to take a stand and come out, but the company has to be VERY VERY careful with how they go about handling his career from this day on. Which honestly is a shame.

  • Robert Olley

    I know scsa sold the most merch but best of his era? Im not to sure in ring wise

  • steve pritchard

    If they push young because of his talent I’m ok with it . I think his coming out should stay out of the storyline . Stone cold / punk at wm would be cool . But at Austin’s age and all the past injuries . I don’t think it will be as entertaining as people might think. I’m sure it would draw just as big as rock / cena. But wouldn’t be more entertains to watch!

  • Joey

    Maybe they can possibly turn the Prime Time Players face, since crowds may be supporting Young now.

    • Joey

      But beyond that leave his sexuality out of any storylines, let them continue rolling with what they got.

  • Tim

    I’m sure the winey anti-iwc people would have a problem. Just cause they need to complain about punk

    • Danny_Boy

      I’m sure you whiny IWC people will complain and have a problem if Punk isn’t champion. Just because I know you guys hate everything from WWE and love everything from ROH. YOUR A MASSIVE DOUCHE

      • Tim

        Life must be sad for a person like you. I have never seen a roh segment let alone a match. You truly are a loser. I actually have only seen one punk match before his wwe run. That was because it was a small vfw show. See people complain the Bryan’s and the punks. Because they don’t lather them self and baby oil and have bigger arms then skills. You anti iwc people are such hypocrites. Saying punk sucks and isn’t any good. That he is only liked by the Internet. When you guys like people like Orton cena or hhh. The people that could never or will never be known for being great wrestlers. Which is what the business is suppose to be known for. They will only be known for just being actors or entertainers. Because they can’t hack it at making the fans love them from being a great wrestler. People like them ruin wrestling and do things like help ban the word wrestling from tv. So go crawl to your movie rack and watch them and leave the wrestling to people who know it like them o so horrible iwc people. As you absurd hypocrites cry about

  • Jay El Bee

    I don’t know why people want Austin/Punk so bad other than Punk is involved, to me the only reason that Austin should come back for another match is if he’s going to face Cena. Sure if he has more than one match in him he can face Punk like the Rock did, but if he only has one match left in him it’s got to be the Attitude Eras #1 guy vs. the “PG” Eras #1 guy.

  • devin steele

    more power to him!