Dates Left On Brock Lesnar's WWE Contract, What Has To Happen At SummerSlam, WWE Network Update, Linda McMahon Over First Hurdle

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How many dates are on Brock Lesnar's WWE contract? Do you think an extension can be agreed upon?

Brock Lesnar's WWE contract was believed to include a minimum of two appearances per month with more on the build to Wrestlemania, however, the unexpected use of Paul Heyman has allowed WWE to preserve his dates at a slower pace. There are plenty of dates left for Lesnar to wrap up his program with Triple H at SummerSlam and move onto the next one and it will all determine which show they want him on as to how much he'll appear on television. Brock is the picture of indifference, doing exactly what is asked of him for his money. As for him inking an extension, it’s going to come down to how much WWE is willing to pay and what it will take to get Brock to accept. I’m sure he’ll have other offers out there but UFC doesn’t appear near as likely as it would have been six months ago.

Can you see Chris Jericho going over Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam?

There's a chance Chris Jericho goes over Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam but I think it has to be a "passing of the torch" with Ziggler going over Jericho. I understand Ziggler pinned Jericho on this week's Raw but I do not see the payoff in Jericho going over Ziggler. There is only one scenario I can think of that would have me OK with Ziggler going under and that would be getting “robbed” of a victory only to “cash in” later in the night, leaving as World Heavyweight Champion.

Is there any update on the WWE Network?

Last month I ran a detailed update on the WWE Network exclusively for WNW Premium Members at this link. This article includes pretty much everything you've been wondering, giving an in-depth look at what the company is thinking. With that being said, I'm sure at least some plans have changed regarding the network but I haven't heard yet. During this month's conference call with investors to discuss quarter two earnings, an investor was very stern with Vince McMahon over how little the company has disclosed regarding their cable network. McMahon backed down from the investor, promising an announcement for the next call in a few months.

How do you think Linda McMahon winning the Senate Primary will affect the future of WWE?

Linda McMahon has spent $61 million of the McMahon family fortune (this includes money spent on the 2010 run) just to get this far so her winning the primary was of no surprise if not completely expected. I don't see any immediate change and "more of the same" in terms of WWE PG and their toned down programming. The company wants to shy away from any negative publicity but even more so as Linda tries to secure a seat in the United States Senate.

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  • Tommy

    I seriously see this being the showoff's night. Pin Y2J clean…cash in on Sheamus clean. U got this Nicky, u got this!!!

    • Alex

      Was he Nicky? I could of sworn he was Mitch.

      • urnemystic

        definitely nicky, his real name is nick nemeth.

      • Jeremy

        Pretty sure it was Nicky.

        • hurrigame

          Yup. Dolphy was Nicky of the Spirit Squad. As for Summerslam, I'd rather see Y2J beat Sheamus only to lose the title to a fresh Nicky…I mean Dolphy. Or, in an ironic twist, ADR pins Sheamus only to lose the WHC in the same manner as ADR did to Punk last year.

  • Sarcastic Smark 2.0

    Oh, Linda spent $61 million to get a better shot at winning office?…Romney must be her mentor

    • A.J.

      Your right, if Obama was her mentor then she would have constantly bailed out big business’ to gain their support and funding

      • Sarcastic Smark 2.0

        Oh, you're mad? Must have forgot this is just a wrestling site and not a political one

        • n1ck

          a.j. does have a point

  • christopher525

    I could see Jericho and Ziggler putting on one HELL of a match with Jericho getting the pin at the last second with nothing left, before Ziggler takes him out so he can disappear for a while. Ziggler could then cash in and take the title later in the show. This would set up for a rematch whenever Jericho was ready to come back again.

    • Kevin

      Nice scenario, Chris. I agree. Y2J goes out on an up-note, Sheamus beats Del Rio, who then gets pissed and assaults Sheamus, opening the door for an upset Zig to cash in and win the belt, then when Y2J returns (again) in a few months, Zig still has the belt, and a feud between the 2 begins.

  • Mark3man

    I see Jericho winning, cutting a promo saying how he can still get things done. stealing the briefcase and then attacking Sheamus after the title March with the case. Seamus and Jericho go at it.

    • Lenny

      What color is your brain? Brown?


    DO you see a Batista, Brock Lesnar showdown at WrestleMania next year? MMA fight? go figure.. lol

  • Mark3man

    Once sheamus is out of it Jericho cuts another promo and he summons dolph who comes and cashed in and aligns himself with y2j. then on raw while celebrating and having the cocky y2j saying he told is all he would change the world, etc etc. As they celebrate and ‘show off‘ zigs turns on y2j and ‘puts him out‘ maybe having a nice long title grin till after the today tour, hopefully meaning Jericho return and title match at he’ll in a cell. perfect way to book it in my eyes

    • Mark3man

      ####title run till after the fozzy tour

  • Mark3man

    Sorry about the typos. its the stupid little keypad and auto correct on my phone.

  • I see dolph wining later that night he well comme out cash in . But Jericho music hits and Zigler is destract and then sheamus hits his fineshir from behind and zigler lose

  • Ant

    Linda is in my district and I'm proud to say I won't be voting for her.

  • Lenny

    The reason Brock is doing whatever wwe says is for two reasons…1. The money! The guy is getting paid HUUUGE to only appear a few times in the year and not have to travel so much. 2. He’s (Paul Heyman voice) BRRRRROOCK LLLLESNAARRR!!!!! One of the most recognizable names in pro-wrestling AND MMA! We know how tough he is! We know what he can do! A loss here and a loss there will not hurt his credibility at all! I did find it bs that Cena went over Brock at ER but whatever, Cena still sucks and Brock still rules!

    • nefty131

      U must be the Brock Lesnar guy from Raw. Lmao!

    • bob

      i Agree with you…..when it comes to lesnar, he is the real power with no match till now…..but cena is also good

  • Eloy

    Y2J will beat Ziggler at SS. Ziggler will cash in and win the WHC. Next night on Raw, Y2J vs Ziggler for the title. Y2J will win by DQ, and Ziggler will take out Y2J after the match. Ziggler will hold on to the title until Wrestlemania when Y2J returns to win the BIG ONE!

    • BIG TYME

      And Zigler feuds with Sheamus for the rest of 2012. Bring Del-Rio back to Raw to feud for the WWE title, and have him face the Rock and the Royal Rumble.. LOL. #OH scenarios!!

  • George Takei

    It's irreversible now but Linda is the reason WWE is so boring now and will remain that way to the end when Raw airs on Nickelodeon.

  • Scottyo614

    Why not Jericho and Ziggler have a helluva match and actually handshake at the end. Pass torch, done… Ziggler win, nights his.

  • ptekin

    Hated brock wwe hated brock in ufc and i cant stand him now