Dave Batista Upset Over Opponent Change To MMA Fight; Looking For A Way Out

We're being told Dave Batista is threatening to pull out of his MMA fight because he is angry about the change of opponent. Apparently the former WWE star fought with the promoter over replacement opponents all weekend.

Batista's team is looking for a way out of the fight and there's a real chance it gets canceled.

Another issue that Batista is upset about is his upside (pay-per-view bonus) on a show he now realizes isn't going to sell. We're told if the promoter doesn't front-load more cash, the show may implode.

As previously reported here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com, Batista is currently scheduled to fight Vince Lucero on Saturday in Providence, Rhode Island.

  • They should call this ppv: No Way Out

  • Ann

    can't blame dave for wanting to back out of this one… this is his 1st fight… and he's ready for it…. and they give him a guy like Luccero? are you kidding me? what a joke… and a bad one @ that… can't wait to watch "The Animal" in the cage, but me too want to see him go up against somebody worthy…

  • Shawn

    The animal in a wwe ring a slow steroid pussy in the cage maybe at 40 or 41 years old you would think with his size he wouldn’t be such a little bitch your gunna cancel your first pro fight are you kidding me Dave there’s no time for you now and there’s defiantly no time for you in the future of mma because your a pussy when it comes down to it booker t whooped your ass in the back did he forget that now can you dig that……..suuuuuuucckkkkkaaaaaa

    • mjledesma

      Dang, look at this sentence you formed. Damien Sandow would be displeased.

      • Joe

        Is bad grammar like your arch nemisis? Or do you spend your days poaching on bad spelling like a tool?

        • fan

          Without proper grammar it is not always clear what people are trying to say. What is it with people thinking that a lack of appropriate spelling and grammar is okay? Even Richard asks for it from the people that send in questions.

          Are we that pathetic and lazy as a culture now that i can just say what i want in ne form w/o a proper format and expect the world to understand which if that is tha case then i believe all articles on this website should follow suit…………

  • karlos

    You have got to be kidding me . I bet you would never say that to his face . Obviously you know nothing about preparing to compete in any sport if you don’t know that pro fighters or any pro athlete studies their opponent before the fight/competition.

  • Ricky Valdez

    Batista needs to shut up and fight, you wanted to be an MMA fighter well fight and prove yourself or just go away and please not back to wwe.

  • DoJo

    Only half agree with there Karlos……. Yes you have to study your opponent BUT the guy he is facing is 20-21 in his mma record and is a one dimensional fighter who has not been training for a fight so will not be in great shape!!! If I was Bautisa I would be grateful that my 1st fight was against someone like Lucero. Don’t get me wrong Lucero is a warrior who has even faced off against a former ufc champ BUT he is towards the end of his career & is not going to be in peak condition considering his late entry. If Bautista wants to be recognised in MMA he cannot keep stalling – he is already old for a debut & will have zero to no chance of hitting the big time with the ufc…………

  • outkazt09

    This coming from a guy who “can’t chew gum and walk at the same time.”

  • Bishop

    The reasonwht Batista is looking for a way out is because Lucero is a MMA vet. Don’t let his record fool you. It also doesn’t help Lucero has size as well.

    He was happy with the Rashid Evans fight due to it being his debut fight.

  • AnacondaVise

    Card Subject to Change.

  • BigD


  • Kevin

    It would appear that Batista's biggest beef with this fight is that Lucero is, in fact, a lesser opponent than his original one, and therefore the PPV won't sell as well, thereby drastically lowering Batista's upside income. I can't say that I blame him; after all, he was looking forward to a bigger payday than the one he will now get.