Davey Richards Says He'll Always Be An ROH Guy

For those that missed our earlier report, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards worked at the WWE NXT tapings on Thursday night. They worked a non-title match against The Ascension that's scheduled to air on December 18, 2013. Richards Tweeted the following afterwards:

*Spoilers* WWE NXT Taping Results Through The Middle Of January 2014

  • BIG M

    Way to engrace yourself to your “Indy hating” new bosses Davey.

    • Scott Davies

      RVD will always be known as an ECW guy & his biggest success was in WWE. So he loves ROH why is that a crime? You may like something your boss or whatever don’t like. Then going by your stance here, You would be a bad employee.

      • BIG M

        I was joking actualy wasn’t trying to make a serious point.
        Its called SARCASM look it up.

        • michael

          Embrace the hate

  • Ricky

    Richards is an amazing talent, I saw him when he was just starting in RoH Wrestling. He impressed the crowd, I’ve seen him three times live and he was amazing each time. I really hopes he makes it in WWE.