David Benoit Confirms He's Training For Wrestling Career, Friendship With Jericho, Other Topics Of Interest

David Benoit, the son of Chris Benoit, did a near 45 minute interview at this link. Below are the highlights:

* He confirms he's training for a wrestling career.

* David said he believes his father should be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame because you have to focus on the "pros more than the cons."

* He said he's still very good friends with Chris Jericho, who also tries to focus on the positive about Chris rather than the negatives.

* David said WWE never gave his family his father's last paycheck.

* He said he wouldn't want to go to TNA because everyone he's spoken to there says it's a terrible place to work.

* David said WWE really missed the boat with Harry Smith.

There's also a good amount of Wrestlemania 30 talk to open the interview. You can also watch embedded in the video below:

  • Jaryd

    I’d hope if he turns out to be anything like his dad in the ring that WWE would look past the Benoit stigma. However, just from reading those excerpts, the guy needs to learn to not trash things when he’s interviewed!

    • chris

      this kid needs to get a clue. where the hell is his “real” mother ? the wrestling business played a role in benoit’s mental demise and his sole, remaining son actually wants to join the “business” that helped turn benoit into a monster.
      wwe would never hire this guy because his “beloved” father did the most damage to wwe from a business and public relations standpoint than any rassler in the history of the business simply because he killed his wife and son while he was under wwe contract.
      chris benoit’s dad let chris take steroids at the age of 17 and watched his son kill himself physically with drugs, violence, etc and all in the name of a fake form of entertainment which mainstream society views as low class garbage which has the credibility of a circus sideshow.
      some adult with a working brain should grab this kid and shake some sense into him and send him to trade school if he is too stupid to do anything socially redeemable with his life.

      • Bob’s Diner

        Look, we get it – you hate wrestling and all the wrestlers and think Vince McMahon is a saint and the coolest dude on the planet… whatever… you realise you are actually bashing a kid because his father did something heinous? If you are blaming the wrestling industry for what Chris Benoit did, then you shouldn’t be holding anything against his son. He may be misguided in his attempt to become a wrestler but you are acting like he should be shunned from society because of the actions of another man.

        I’m really surprised your IP address hasn’t been banned. Or at least changed your name again by now.

        • chris

          your ip address needs to be banned, man. I was not “bashing” chris benoit’s kid. I just stated that it would be in his best interests to seek another career.
          the wrestling industry of which benoit was apart of for 22 years shaped the man he became so it would only make sense that HIS SON would try to avoid a life style that would bring him pain and heart ache.
          the benoit name in pro wrestling is POISON now and forever so it makes zero sense for his son to enter wrestling and carry the burden of his dad’s crimes.

          • Bob’s Diner

            Actually, you did insult him and his Mother. Go read your first sentence.

            Do I think he should do something else? Of course – he’ll never be able to make a living as a wrestler. But I can also understand he probably grew up idolizing his father and always wanted to be a wrestler. He can train hard to do that and he doesn’t have to take unprotected shots to his head each night, or do a flying headbutt and get a concussion almost every match.

            Like I said, he’d be better off doing something else as a career. But realistically, this might help him find some answers about what his father who he was.

            Cue your reply about pro-wrestling being a circus and whatnot…

          • chris

            pro wrestling is a circus. McMahon has been stating this fact since the 1980’s; it is entertainment.
            the mcmahons always say the wwe’s goal is to “put smiles on peoples’ faces.” when I say that pro wrestling is a circus, I am stating a fact plain and simple. It is not a “sport”.
            as far as bashing david benoit and his mother goes, my remark was that after all the humiliation and turmoil they have experienced since 2007, it is shocking that david’ s mother would allow her son to train for the occupation which played a major role in the self-destruction of chris benoit at the end of the day even though in the grand scheme of things , HE was responsible for his unlawful conduct against his second wife and his child, Daniel.

          • BigMike

            Chris, mind your words so you are not bashed for them. you did insult this kid and his mother, plain and simple. YES WWE is a circus; so what? Vince and the WWE universe are proud to be part of it- if you do not that is on you. IF this kid wants to be a wrestler, then give him his shot but due to his name and his look, he will have a very hard time. CHris Benoit was responsible for himself and his actions. it was his style of wrestling and that is that. BTW Pro Wrestling IS A SPORT. It is called “Sports entertainment” bro get it right….. if you think for one damn second that these people do not need some kind of training, Then YOU are the one who needs to get a clue

          • chris

            of course, pro wrestlers need training in the ring. it is an art form and wrestlers need to practice their choreography on a regular basis.
            as far as chris benoit’s son goes, it is not up to me to give him his “shot” at anything. the top company in the industry is WWE. WWE wants nothing to do with the benoit name, family, legacy etc.
            his best hope is that a desperate promotion like tna or roh or an indy fed will feel that controversy creates cash and hire him just so they can say that the son of a murderer works for them and they can exploit his father’s infamous last name for financial gains.

  • Venom

    I think if he’s a good wrestler he should go to WWE. They just wouldn’t use his last name or acknowledge his family history. Like Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas.

    • chris

      wwe would never hire this guy because of the trouble his father caused for wwe in 2007. wwe can change his name and all but it would be a fruitless endeavor because the “wrestling media” and any fan could discover his “real identity” from a simple internet search.

      • ClintMurphy

        they should hire him if he could benefit the business, so your gonna punish him for what his dad did, yeah that will look alot better

  • Dave Barton

    My gut instinct on David having any kind of a successful wrestling career is just very poor. I can’t see any crowd getting behind him, and on top of that, I can see the more rowdy crowds getting on him just because he’s Chris Benoit’s son.

  • Matt

    I’m a Chris Benoit fan, even after all he’s done (if we judged wrestlers on their personal lives, we would only like about 2 wrestlers out of the hundreds). Although i’d love to see a Benoit documentary by WWE and HOF induction, it will NEVER happen. The chances of David being hired by WWE are about as slim as Chris going into the HOF.

    • Michael

      There is a documentary by WWE.

      • Matt

        Since his death?

  • As a Chris Benoit fan despite what happened in 2007, I wish David luck. With that heritage, a good career is gonna be hard to come by.

  • Michael

    Wow he looks exactly like his dad

  • Charles

    The sins of the father …
    Unless he doesn’t mind wearing a mask he has no chance in hell.
    Not just WWE the entire wrestling business doesn’t need the stain left by Benoit to ever resurface again.

  • vickie’s lover

    april fool !