David Otunga Makes A Boy's Dreams Come True

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David Otunga setup a personal meet and greet with WWE talent for a Haiti Refugee he met in Florida on Friday at an anti-bullying rally at John F. Kennedy Middle School.

The school raffled off a ticket to Wrestlemania 28 this weekend and was won by the refugee from Haiti. The boy now lives with foster parents in the US and two weeks ago, his biological mother died in Haiti.

Otunga was so moved by the story he decided a free ticket to Wrestlemania wasn't enough and organized the meet-and-greet for the boy backstage.

You can read more coverage by TMZ at this link.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker for sending us the link.

  • Zach

    I think that is really awesome of him.

    • Dan

      I agree. Suck it Cena. Lol

  • havoc525

    He plays one hell of a douche, he may want to keep the fact that he’s a damn nice guy quiet. Tons of respect to Otunga for that.

  • CJ ROB

    That is awesome, he deffinantly earned my respect