David Otunga Says Being At Wrestlemania Is A Dream Come True; Discusses Being Bullied As A Kid

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The Miami Herald has a new article featuring quotes from David Otunga where he says being at Wrestlemania XXVIII is a dream come true. Below is an excerpt:

“Being here is a dream come true,” Otunga said.

“Two years ago around this time I was an NXT rookie watching. Last year I missed my WrestleMania moment. This is my first time actually being in a match on this stage, let alone in a featured match with the 12-man tag match with Team Teddy taking on Team Johnny. I’ve grown in every way imaginable from my ring work to character development and everything. The scary thing is I’m just getting started.”

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

CBS Miami has a new story online featuring quotes from David Otunga where he discusses the Be A Star anti-bullying campaign. Below is an excerpt:

“I didn’t have muscles, I didn’t always look this good…I had real thick glasses too and I was a little bit chubby, and I used to get picked on a lot,” recalled WWE star David Otunga.

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

  • Dangerous Lee

    A dream come true for otunga, but the total opposite for the fans….

    • Aldin94

      Haha very true!

    • Matt Scott

      Little bit harsh. The guy is doing what he loves to do. Why do you even bother watching the product? All you do is moan about it and troll this site.

      • Dangerous Lee

        I watch it because I love wrestling and care about the product, which is why I comment on things that I don’t like. Isn’t that what this “comment” feature is for?

        • Matt Scott

          How can you "care" about something you do nothing but moan on!? The comment feature is not for disrespecting every other member that has a differing opinion from you. It's not for reading every article and explaining how you would make it better because in your warped little mind you're actually better than the QUALIFIED creative team. If you even bothered to read the name of this "comment" section you'd see it's called Intense DEBATE. Not Intense Put Everyone Who's Not Me Down To Feed My Own Ego.

        • I THINK HHH will win the RUMBLEJ’AIMERAIS see Jeff BEAT ORTONEt also have EDGEOuais WIN I SAW THE PIC OF Orton with the belt to HHH ON BEHALF thought it was tnsarge that THEY TOOK couldnt a new PIC.

      • Ellen Brennan

        Are you serious? Otunga's ring work? What ring work? He slurps a great cup of tea, that's about it. Man has NO wrestling skills.

  • Ellen Brennan

    Otunga's not at Wrestlemania because of his talent – he's there as Laurinitis' butt-buddy!

  • Van

    from a nerdy chubby kid to Mr.Jennifer Hudson in great shapae and living his dream

  • John

    Im digging Otunga because he’s playing on TV what he is in real life, body builder with intellectual skills!