David Otunga Serves As Lawyer In New York Court Case

TMZ posted an article on David Otunga returning to the courtroom earlier this week to represent a man who felt he was wrongfully terminated and denied unemployment benefits. Otunga, who graduated from Harvard Law School, won the case for his client, and took the case pro bono. After winning, Otunga was quoted as saying:

"If the outcome of the case is any indication of how I'll do in the Royal Rumble this weekend, then it looks like I'll be the winner."

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  • Nick

    I got a lot of respect for Otunga. Being a lawyer isn't easy, nor is being a professional wrestler. Even though he doesn't seem to do lawyer stuff that often, he's got a lot on his plate.

  • Ryan

    so Otunga is an actual grad of Harvard law school? Big props to him. I thought that was just keyfabe info to go along with his character.

    • CaliburUK

      Nope, he’s a legit lawyer, he had the sense to get that under his belt before concentrating on wrestling, always a good idea to have a fallback plan

    • Mike

      Wikipedia is your friend.

  • Maz

    Nope, his the real deal, lawyer in real life.
    It’s hard for one man to be even one of the above professions, and his doing both.

    Also he has the look to be a champion, he looks way better than any wrestler on the roster.

  • Aldo T

    Personally, I'd like to see Otunga as a "Face" simply because he can get over as a good guy with the fans by turning on Johnny Ace.

    Just think about it, he has the look and when he puts his all into it, he's great on the mic.

    Then again, thats how I personally see it.

    • BigMike

      Otunga has the look and the Mic skills and could even bring his Oscar winning wife to the show on occasion for ratings but unfortunately he cannot wreslte!!! he is just flat out terrible in the ring

  • Aj

    Whether he’s a lawyer or not, he will never win the rumble nor will he ever when a major title in wwe. Oh wait but he did manage to win one half of the ‘awe inspiring’ tag belts!

    • XKonn247

      Lay off the guy. How do you know he won’t win anything? He’s a talented guy. They just gotta find the right gimmick and anyone can be elevated.

  • Ryan.

    He was on VH1’s I Love New York! He gets no respect from me, and in my opinion he shouldn’t even wrestle. I see no real passion for it. When he’s on TV I fastfoward or change the channel until his match is done.

  • BigMike

    he should stay as being a Lawyer because he cant wrestle he needs to stay a a legal eagle or as Jennifer Hudson's Trophy but he stinks up the ring every time he is in it

  • PhilT81

    I think he must have a passion for it – because he doesn’t need the job he’s doing in WWR right now as he’s qualified enough and connected enough to earn more money elsewhere. I think that WWE will really want to hang on to him because they can always show him off as proof that wrestlers can be educated and intelligent guys. LOL, it reminds me of the fact that Kane is a former third grade teacher, what a scary teacher he would be in gimmick!

  • Maz

    He would make a great and and can work as a main event, and he is being booked as a middle card who hardly wrestles because he has another profession.

    An otherwise he is a main even talent all day along, not even sure why he was in NXT when he is bigger than bobby lashly

  • Bob

    For everyone saying Jen Hutson is his wife she isn’t they were engaged and called off the wedding. They also had a kid together.