David Otunga Takes A Shot At Impact's Ratings; Austin Aries Shoots Back

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- The following is from the official Twitter account of David Otunga:

- Austin Aries shot back with the following Tweet:

  • XKonn247

    As a WWE fan, and someone who really can’t bare to watch TNA, Aries won round one.

    • James Mitchell

      Same, and agree

      • jon is right. why work for someone like vince. he aint worth sdipneng most of the days of a year working for a mean and old bastard like vkm.

      • So if All Of This That You Can See will belong to HHH one day, does that make him Simba? I spent far too long last night tirnyg to work this out. Funkasaurus is Pumba, Santino is Timon. I guess this makes Stephanie Nala, but that seems too easy. And Taker isn’t really Scar. This all works much better with John Cena. And I’m sad.

  • Kat

    Maybe Otoola should keep his mouth shut and be grateful to even have a job.

    • Lee

      I agree at least Aries wrestle's every night unlike Otunga who walks around with that stupid cup

      • BigMike

        didnt matter even on nights he is supposed to perform he cant wrestle anyway he has a job because of his wife

  • MsMojoRisin

    aries got him with that one haha

  • AJG316

    Things like this a why I'm a fan of AA Austin Aries and I hope he turns face sometime soon.

    • Salvatore

      Amen Brother

  • John

    Otunga PWNED by A Double aka GMWEL (Greatest Man Who Ever Lived) hahaha!

  • Jg

    There both irrelevant!! In the grand scheme of wrestling!!

    • Whammaster

      to even say that Aries is irrelevant is amazing ….

  • Noel

    Otunga has a point but he's hardly in a position to mock TNA. Probably not a smart move either considering he might want to work for them someday when WWE "future endeavour" him.

    • BigMike

      IDK TNA would ever become that desperate to have someone who cant work a decent match hell Hulk Hogan with a broken back worked a better match with Sting than any match Mr Hudson ever has

  • Nunyo

    Eh i disagree i find it rather amusing that's how Austin Aries responded due to the fact that TNA constantly takes the time to comment on WWE, when WWE pays no attention to the has been show

    • kbunyon

      They might like to claim they don't pay attention, but I think they doth protest too much.


  • Aldin94

    Can someone please tell me who this Otunga guy is ?

    • BigMike

      Mr Jennifer Hudson

    • WWE NERD

      He's a WWE Superstar who is on Team Johnny and is the captain for WrestleMania28:-}HELPFUL??LOL

  • Bryan

    Who the hell is Aries???

    • WWE NERD

      Yeah really who is he?????????

    • Salvatore

      When you talk about "talent" in wrestling he is the definition. I'm a fan of both WWE and Impact and as far as TNA goes, in my humble opinion, he is one of the best. I know there has been talks of him being acquired by the WWE (Some in interviews, and some just rumors) Maybe besides Bubba Ray the best mouth in TNA. Im not trying to turn any skeptics into believers of TNA (because lord knows they haven't always been on par) but if there are any wrestlers to put them on the right track Austin Aries is at the top of the list. He is also the X Division champ right now (and the longest reigning in TNA history.

  • Richie

    I think this is great! Point Otunga, counterpoint Aries! I think Otunga wins though, he called out the company not just one employee.

  • mad19

    as a fan of both companies otongi should rely jsut keep his mouth shut all he does is walk around with a dumb cup , while aries as taz would say can flat out go ontongo cant wrestle tto save his life he's just big ox in the wrong line of work should take up body building

    • BigMike

      I like what Cena called him awhile back ..he called Otunga a glorified male escort…. Mr Hudson


    TNA 1 WWE 0 well being a slacker boy pays well now soon the image will fade and u just bit the next hand that may feed you remember stick with wrestling give respect not dis-respect and you could b a TNA CHAMPION and not a WWE WANNA BE.

  • Bruno

    David Otunga is a grad from Harvard who will make millions as a professional lawyer. Hell e can even sit back and watch Jennifer Hudson bring in the bucks. I don’t know who Austin Aries is but he is in Tna and shod shut his mouth

  • mad19

    its not a question about money, we're talking bout skills and he got none most ppl dont give a dam about who otunga is. Aries now is 1 very bad ass dude in the ring, forget the company logo they work for as a talent he's very good

  • Jay Jay

    If WWE is company thats better then all others, then why are WWE's biggest name's (Hulk Hogen), and (Ric Flair) working with TNA?? Because, that's where real wrestling is, NOT super long promo's with the same catch phrases week in and week out. Also, TNA is NOT PG.

    • Salvatore

      Amen. You hit the nail on the head.

  • Cakesjsu

    Double A
    Currently One of the Best mic worker

    • Kane cannot give (what arepaepd to be) a pre-taped promo to save his life. He sounded like he was reading to a Ron Paul delegation or something. Cena, you won’t be wrestling until WrestleMania because you’ll have to wait until you get your pennies together for medical treatment after Medicare is abolished. Sincerely, Mr. X Nice of him to make sure that even if he wants to destroy Cena’s body and soul, Kane plans to have him patched up in time for his money match at Mania.

  • salvatore

    Like they said at Victory Road. Austin Aries is the greatest man to ever tweet.