David Otunga's Whereabouts, WWE NXT Getting A Major Makeover, Don't Get Worked By Brock Lesnar, Ric Flair/TNA

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What has happened to David Otunga?

As I noted at the end of last week here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com, David Otunga has been off the road with WWE to support Jennifer Hudson during the murder trail of William Balfour in Chicago, Illinois. Balfour was convicted of killing Hudson's mother, brother and nephew. The trial is now over and while Otunga isn't advertised for tonight's Raw Supershow, he should be available to return.

Why does WWE keep airing WWE NXT online?

WWE has been "sitting on" WWE NXT for several months, however, major changes are underway. Beginning on Thursday, WWE will tape the show from the campus of Full Sail University. Triple H is leading up the changes which will feature a new feel as the company is still looking for a way to bring developmental talent to television via WWE NXT. While no TV deal has been announced, it's expected the company has one for the series. You can read more here and here.

Is Brock Lesnar really gone from WWE?

No! Brock Lesnar is still under WWE contract and him "quitting" is a storyline. WWE hoped the backstage "outburst" at Extreme Rules would result in Internet reports that he had quit the company, however, they didn't fool us and we uncovered exclusive details almost immediately at this link.

What's going on with Ric Flair?

Ric Flair was advertised for TNA live events last Friday and Saturday in Louisiana but no-showed. You can read my report on his no-show on Friday at this link.

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  • Brandon Lim'ass

    Just fire Flair. He's no good for TNA. Not then, not now.

    • billy

      same goes for hogan and eric b

    • Abe

      wow normally with these fans you'd get a million negative votes, I agree 100%, he no shows and the money they are paying him isnt bringing in viewers, rics time is gone

    • Anand

      Past performance & charisma is no excuse for poor showing in the current time. Yes, Ric flair has had more titles than anyone can care to count but that doesnt mean that he can no-show on events where he is advertised. what about the hundreds of fans who paid their hard earned money just to see him?

      If he cant respect the fans and honor his commitments, then he shouldnt be encouraged. The most important point here is that, if the fans did not like or cheer for him, he wouldnt have become the big ***** he is today.

  • Ellen Brennan

    Otunga hasn't been on tv? Gee what a shame. Did anyone really miss him except for Laurinitas?

  • Moose666

    I'm glad to see WWE gave Otunga time to be with his family while they relived the past during the trial. I hope they show enough class to not try to cash in on the publicity. That is definitely a topic they need to stay away from.

  • The Breaker

    Wow, kinda surprised so many people asked Richard about Brock Lesnar's status in the WWE that he had to answer the question.

  • DelawareBeachBoy

    I knew Brock wasn't gone

    • Simze

      Good for u

  • wwf-wcw-nwa-ecw

    I agree… Let Rick go.. He obviously isn't happy in TNA. He isn't being used correctly. Hogan can go too. Bichoff however has added much needed production value so he can stay for now. TNA needs to build believeable storylines and have finishes that make since. If not that atleast quit with the run-ins and showcase their current talent better. Not to say they haven't been heading in the right direction lately…

  • Jeff Ono

    I don't think that WWE was trying to "fool" us. Richard, let's keep in mind that the majority of wrestling fans do not even follow these websites because they're casual fans. So, the storyline actually does fool enough fans to satisfy the WWE Creative Team. Yes, every now and then they want to swerve us. But they don't waste energy trying to fool us. If you don't want to be "fooled" as a wrestling fan, it's not that hard to find the info that you're looking for.

    • Anand

      If Lesnar quit really like what he did 8 years back, why would paul heyman come in live on show to serve a legal notice? I guess WWE & VKM are gettng their revenge on lesnar for leaving them high & dry and even taking up a lawsuit.

      Did you see Trip's comments on lesnar being a quitter? that sounded like years of pent up frustration about this big guy who did not give a damn about the WWE or the WWE universe 🙂 Way to go HHH 🙂

  • Krishg619

    Was Otunga the Lawyer in the Hudson trial ?

  • Steve l

    I a very loyal fan of Roc Flaor and truly beleive he os the best ever. So it pains me to say I camt defend him anymore his work has beem lacklister and by noshowing he has become what he ckaims in his book to hate, TNA needs to let him go. I believe he can be valuablr but his behavior is indefensible.

    • The Spellchecker

      who in the world is Roc Flaor?

  • Ricky Valdez

    Roc flaor, lol, see what happens when you drink to much, it affects your spelling.