DDP, Hall & Roberts At Mick Foley Comedy Show, Why I Respect John Cena

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DDP, Hall & Roberts at Mick Foley Comedy Show

Diamond Dallas Page, Jake Roberts and Scott Hall took part in a Q&A session at Mick Foley's comedy show in Georgia on Sunday night. Below is a photo from Twitter:

Why I Respect John Cena

John Cena's current wish count through the Make-a-Wish Foundation has surpassed 350. I can't say enough about what John does for these children and he has all of my respect for doing so. A lot of people (dare I say most?) in his position only care about themselves. Regardless of what you think about the John Cena character, you can't help but respect him for this.  I know I do.

  • Austin

    Cena the person sounds great. Cena the wrestler is stale and old.

    • WNW Fan

      Cena is an entertainer…or thats as D Bryan says. LOL 🙂