DDP Launches Fundraising Campaign For Scott Hall

Diamond Dallas Page, who recently launched a wildly successful fundraiser for Jake Roberts' shoulder surgery, has now launched an Indiegogo fundraiser for Scott Hall. Any money raised will go toward hip replacement surgery, physical therapy, dental work, and continuing medical expenses for Hall, and donation rewards range from a personal phone call to a stay at the "Accountability Crib."

According to the page, Hall has been sober "for over 40 days - longer than he can ever remember outside of a medically supervised environment.  He believes something is very different this time, after 11 trips to rehab."

The following video was posted on the fundraiser page:

Click here to view the fundraiser page.

  • Chris

    If he pulls this off, I think we should look into maybe naming DDP as a Saint.

  • Kleck

    Rebuild the bad guy. Scott will win this battle!