DDP Yoga Profited $800,000 But Turned Down In The Shark Tank

For those that missed Diamond Dallas Page on ABC's "Shark Tank" on Friday night, he was turned down by the show's investors. It was stated that DDP Yoga profited $800,000 after Page and his staff were paid. He was seeking $200,000 to develop an App in exchange for a 5% stake in the company. The investors were not interested.

Brooks has more coverage at this link.

  • Vic Jose

    With that much profit he doesn’t need $200,000 from Shark Tank, he can do it himself!

  • Dave L

    I wouldn’t invest in a yoga app. I think if he was just looking for money for the DDP YOGA as a whole that would be a much better investment. I know a lot of people who do yoga, but none that do it off an app.

    Just saw a great video from a veteran on facebook who benefited from DDP Yoga!

  • jdl

    Of course they weren’t interested, he asked for $200,000 for a 5% share. Whether he’s running a large profit or not, he’s essentially saying his company is worth millions when it’s not and it would take a stupid amount of time for the Sharks to make back their investment of $200,000 with such a piddly share.

    • JT

      Just FYI, the sharks actually said that his 4 million dollar valuation was not bad and fairly accurate.

  • Tux

    I believe all he really wanted was the exposure. And he got it! Free huge publicity. Pretty clever Actually.

    • Ron

      Actually, it’s not really free. Every single person on the show, whether they strike a deal or not, automatically give up either 5% equity or 2% in future royalties. So, remember that needs to be added to any deal that is struck….or not.

      • Tim

        They retroactively removed that requirement at the end of 2013

  • Crazy Games

    That exposure was worth WAY more than $200k for DDP. And glad for it too, seems like he is making a real and positive difference in people’s lives.