DDP's Fundraiser For Scott Hall Reaches Goal

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Diamond Dallas Page's Indiegogo fundraiser for Scott Hall has surpassed its $80,000 goal with 21 days to spare. The funds, which are controlled by DDP and his team, will go toward shoulder surgery, physical therapy, dental work, and continuing medical expenses for Hall. Click here for more information.

Both DDP and Hall reacted to the news from their Twitter accounts:

  • Dangerous Lee

    $80,000 can buy a lot alcohol.

    • Or protein.

    • Kris Mystery

      What an awful thing to say. You must be pretty proud of yourself.

  • Whammaster

    Good for Scott, he already looks a million times better. This $80k will be put to great use to help him actually have a chance to return to a normal lifestyle and maybe even the ring. DDP is fucking amazing, first Jake Roberts, now Scott Hall, this only helps DDP as it promotes his DDPYoga.

  • Snap

    I hope everything works out for Hall. What it all comes down to is the only person who can truly help Scott Hall is Scott Hall. I hope he truly wants to beat his demons and I hope this time he will finally succeed.

    • KingKongBrody

      So tired of hearing everyone say that. Shame on him for wasting his money. Some people don’t deserve to become rich try helping people out. I’m not a Cena fan but he gives back he likes to help people. I’m glad a guy like him made it.

      • helps people but not with his own money

      • Snap

        Nobody is saying Scott Hall shouldn’t take responsibility for his own actions, but you can put all that aside and HOPE that this is the time when it finally sticks and he doesn’t fall back into the same pattern. That’s why I said the only person who can truly help Scott Hall is Scott Hall.

        I hope he means it this time because we don’t need another talent dying before they should. Like they say: “talk is cheap,” it’s so easy for Scott Hall to say he wants help, it will be his actions which speak the loudest here.

        The people who gave money for the fundraiser were under no obligation and with the money controlled by DDP it will go towards Hall’s rehabilitation and not simply be another outlet for him to feed his addictions. After that, we’ll see.

        Finally, I don’t see how Cena fits into this conversation at all. It’s not about Cena, it’s about Scott Hall.

  • KingJamsie

    Think he’s getting hip surgery!

  • He won’t be returning to the ring, dudes got and ICD embedded in his chest.