Dean Ambrose Injured?, Warrior's Last Promo, WarGames At Extreme Rules?, WWE Network Price

Dean Ambrose looked to be in pain following his match on this week's WWE Main Event. Was he just selling or did a legitimate injury occur?

I agree that Dean Ambrose appeared to have suffered an injury, however, he went on to work later in the night. Everyone is a little banged up right now coming off Wrestlemania but as far as I know, a serious injury did not occur.

I just watched Ultimate Warrior's promo from Raw and he look extremely winded and out of it? My dad passed away from cardiac arrest, ironically at the age of 54, and he looked that bad not too long before his death. Thoughts?

First, I am sorry about your father. Several readers have gone back and watched The Ultimate Warrior's promo from Raw and have stated the same thing, that Warrior didn't look good. I don't really want to speculate because hindsight is 20/20 and Warrior was known for going out and getting "blown up" early, a fact he alluded to in his 2014 WWE Hall of Fame induction speech. What we know is that he flew home to Arizona on Tuesday and was fine. While walking to his car on Tuesday evening, he collapsed in front of a hotel and was transported to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. I haven't heard but it's my assumption that an autopsy will be performed before an official cause of death is released. Right now, my heart goes out to his family, especially his daughters, as it was clear they meant the world to him. For those that would like to watch Warrior's promo from Raw, it's online at this link and I have included it below:

Given the way Raw ended, will Evolution possibly reunite to face The Shield at Extreme Rules?

I could easily see WWE doing Kane & Evolution vs. Daniel Bryan & The Shield at Extreme Rules next month, however, creative plans have not been finalized. I was told on Tuesday that Vince McMahon has always been against using the old WarGames match concept that WCW used but if there were ever a situation where it was fitting, this would be it. Extreme Rules is usually a show where Wrestlemania programs are blown off and this would be a neat concept to keep the momentum going.

What's the latest on WWE raising the subscription price for WWE Network?

There's a report being pumped out that after WWE announced the WWE Network has 667,287 subscribers that they were thinking of raising the subscription price. Say that out loud and you'll easily understand that doesn't make sense. WWE is committed to getting 1 million people signed up for their Network by the end of the year. This is the benchmark they must reach in order for the service to become profitable. One of the reasons why the low $9.99/month price was launched was because the thinking was people would sign up without even thinking about it. WWE plans to raise the price of the WWE Network eventually but I do not see that taking place until they reach their goal of 1 million subscribers. It's also important to realize the 667,287 subscribers they had as of Monday will have the opportunity to opt out in August so they'll continue to want to give fans every reason to continue to be a part of the service.

From the Ask WNW vault…

October 2012: Is Randy Orton still seen as a top guy in WWE? How would you book him in his return from “injury”? - After a lot of back-and-forth and what turned out to be empty threats following his second documented WWE Wellness Policy violation, Randy Orton is once again a top guy in WWE. Not only that but he is away filming a starring role in another WWE Studios production. As for how I would book Randy in his return, he has to avenge the beat down from Del Rio so by default he is babyface. I prefer Orton as a heel but returning as a heel only makes sense unless they quietly forget about what wrote him off television.

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  • Dave Barton

    A lot of people are mentioning how sad it is for Warrior’s daughters to lose their father at such a young age (and it is indeed very sad), but its also very sad for Warrior’s mother to lose her son.

    Best wishes to the entire Warrior family.

  • Mr. X

    The war games thing makes sense because HHH did keep saying things like. This is a war you don’t want to start, this means war, etc so they were setting up war games I would think!

  • jordan

    Can somebody tell me what is war games in wwe

    • Josh

      War games was an old WCW match, usually pitting two factions against each other. It was two rings, surrounded by a giant cage. It was set up to where 1 guy from each team started, then every couple minutes, a guy from one of the 2 teams would enter (alternating teams every couple minutes) until all 4 guys from each team entered the cage. Then, the match ends via first pinfall or submission.

      • jordan

        Thanks Josh lets hope that happens at Extreme Rules would love to see that match

    • Josh Middleton

      ‘The WarGames match consisted of two teams of either four or five men each facing off with each other in staggered entry format.

      The setup of the cage consisted of two rings side by side with a giant ring-encompassing cage that covered both rings, but not the ringside area. Doors were placed at far corners of the rectangular cage so the two teams didn’t come into contact before they were supposed to.

      The match began with one member of each team entering the cage. After five minutes, a member from one of the teams (usually determined by a coin toss, but has also been determined by a match or by a contest such as an arm wrestling match, a live fan poll, etc.; this is almost always the “heel” team in order to provide heat) would enter the cage, giving his team the temporary handicap advantage. After two minutes, a member from the other team would enter to even the odds. Entrants alternated between teams every two minutes, giving the coin toss-winning team the temporary advantage in the numbers game before giving the other team the advantage with the freshest man and even odds.

      Once all eight or ten men (depending on team size) had entered the cage, what was referred to as “the match beyond” began. Both teams would brawl in the cage for as long as it took until a member of either team submitted, surrendered, or was knocked unconscious. There was no pinfall and no disqualification, which often led to brutal and bloody confrontations. ‘

    • John

      Lethal Lockdown in TNA is essentially the War Games match with a few exceptions. If WWE were to do it then i believe it will look more like Lethal Lockdown than War Games. Really can’t see WWE having two rings set up like WCW did.

  • K!NG

    Warrior went out on top.RIP

  • Warrior Fan Forever

    No body can tell me that he didn’t know his time was short. Anybody that says otherwise is full of it. R.I.P. Warrior

    • D

      very true, boss. think he knew his time was coming up…at least he got a chance not many people get to do before their time on Earth is through, to mend some broken fences with others, let his family know what they meant to him, and to thank the fans for being the reason he became a hall of famer.

      RIP Warrior, and may God be with your loved ones in this trying time.

  • David F

    I expect the WWE network price to increase to prob like 15 maybe even still its good deal with WM 31 is also included in the package. Richard do you know if WM 31 will also be included?

    • Bob’s Diner

      Considering they are launching internationally next year/end of this year, they’d be foolish to remove WrestleMania. Especially considering it looks like they are preparing for the ‘Special Events’ to not be carried by conventional PPV.

      But I agree that if they don’t get the numbers they need then the price will most likely increase

    • John

      I heard that WrestleMania 31 won’t be on the Network next year but i have no idea if it’s true or not.

  • ldb

    First I want to say God be with and comfort Warrior’s family. I just lost my step dad to sudden cardiac arrest 4 days ago. It hurts extra when its so sudden. Last I always loved the Wargames of old with the horsemen and old wcw gang. I would love to see the sheild go to “war”. OWN

  • David Maynard

    The ultimate warriors speech about when he heart stops! And man breathes his last breath… Makes it all a little more real knowing what we know now. RIP warrior

  • Ty

    Although I’m a fan of the WarGames concept, I think that it is too similar to what we now have in the Elimination Chamber. I get that the Elimination Chamber is a singles competition and WarGames is somewhat a tag team competition and there are no pinfalls, for me personally they are very similar.

  • Craig(Rip Warrior)

    You have captured the imagination of fans worldwide. “Warrior” will forever be your legacy. Now you have to leave your body, but do not be afraid. In our eyes you are young, you are strong, and Ultimate. You have one more match Warrior! We have been waiting for you. The ring is set, the crowd is chanting your name and your music plays one more time.
    Owen, Pillman, and Bossman are waiting for you. Macho Man is calling for your help, while Andre wants the dream match. Paul Bearer is holding his urn while Doink is laughing and Davey Boy Smith and Eddie are smiling.
    So run down that isle for the last time and shake them ropes, cause it’s time for one more match!
    “Ladies and gentleman the following contest is scheduled for one fall………”