DeGeneration X Rumored To Co-Headline WWE Hall Of Fame '13; Updated List Of Names

The following names are rumored inductees for the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2013:

  • DeGeneration X - Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Sean Waltman, Billy Gunn and Road Dogg
  • The Kliq - Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman
  • Bob Backlund
  • Kamala
  • Bruno Sammartino

If DX or The Kliq are to be inducted, they'll co-headline with Mick Foley, who I can't help but feel will be getting slighted. This will also ensure a second induction for Shawn Michaels, which happened with Ric Flair last year.

Wrestle Zone was first to report the possible inclusion of DeGeneration X or The Kliq.

  • Ricky

    Anything with Hunter in it is a bad idea. I know he doesn’t like Foley, but still let the guy have his moment.

    • pretty much. The Kliq is also a bad idea, seeing “The kliq” was only really a back stage thing that held a lot of guys back. Wasn’t an actual facton

  • ZERO


    • IlyasG

      Sadly, she’s gonna join Mongo McMichael

  • Who’s Kamal?

    • Nick


    • Win

      A Wrestler.

  • The Breaker

    I don’t like the idea of HHH getting inducted twice. As great as Hunter is, Flair and HBK are on a whole other level in terms of wrestling legacy.

    • Michael

      Are you serious the guy is one or two world titles away from tying flair. Hunter bust his ass for this business. There’s a lot of wrestlers that are on the hof that suck but hunter of in the top ten to twenty all time greats lists easly. Not in yet league did you see the last two wrestlemania matches with Taker or the summerslam match with Brock.

      • The Breaker

        He’s definitely a HoF’er, just not in the same class as Flair or Michaels. He just doesn’t draw the same level of emotion that those two did each and every time they went out. And look, there’s no denying his in-ring skill and presence. He really knows how to tell a story. He also has a great old school mind for the business and I am hopeful for what he could bring to the company’s future. But don’t bring up the number of titles. You know they don’t mean the same as they did in Flair’s day. And would you say the same thing for Cena?

        • Michael

          Yes I would Cena is a future hof. World titles means as much now as then it’s still wrestling, nothing changed just back then more people thought it was real. Hunter and Cena both deserve to go into the hof and anybody that disagrees is saying that Edge should’ve never been inducted. The type of matches that Cena have been on were way more brutal then in the Hogan and Flair era. Flair didn’t win all of his titles in the 80’s he won most of his 16 titles in the 90’s.

  • Michael

    If the induct both dx and the Kliq then Michaels will be the first with three hof rings the second will end up bring Hunter. I like this idea I really don’t see Foley as a headliner to be honest. No disrespect I respect everything that Mick has done in this business and I do feel that he belongs in the hof over a lot of other wrestlers that are currently in the hof, however I think that he shouldn’t be the headliner of the hof.

    • Tyler Espinal

      Do you really think that Foley isn’t a HOF’er? He busted his butt many times. After the cell match in ’98 Vince took him aside and told him not to do what he did again. He still wrestled but it cost him. He told his kids he was just acting, but as the years went on they could tell he wasn’t acting. So just think about.

      • Michael

        Can you read in my last sentence I clearly said no disrespect to Mick I respect everything he’s done and I think he’s does belong in the hof but not as the headliner. Y’all amaze me you read what you want to. Mick is the man for everything he’s done he deserves to be in the hof but I don’t see tickets selling out with Foley as the headliner over Dx. Next time read before you vent brother.

  • James

    Too Soon for DX and we shouldn’t celebrate the Kliq. They were known for backstage politics only. That is silly.
    Also check out my WWE Hall of Fame Blog, featuring Current, Future and Never Going to Be WWE Hall of Famers, a work in progress!

  • Dangerous Lee

    Um…this HOF class sounds like a mess. Dx and the kliq?? So triple h gets inducted twice on the same night and hbk gets inducted for the 2nd and 3rd time?! And Scott hall? He’ll just sell the HOF ring for drugs and alcohol…

    • Michael

      Did you really go there. First off Hall no matter what he’s going through will go down in history as one of the if not the man who changed the wrestling business forever in 1996. He was also a great wrestler in his prime. He was also in the first ladder match he deserves respect. As for your drug comment you don’t know what this man is going through you probably couldn’t walk a foot in his shoes let alone a mile. It’s people like you that give the human race a bad name instead of talking down about a person that is going through personal issues try giving them some words of encouragement. What if it were you, your mom, dad or anybody in your family thank before you speak words hurt and have caused people to kill themselves.

      • Dangerous Lee

        Reading your run-on sentences and typos hurt, and is causing me to want to kill myself. Use commas.

        • Michael

          You read it you got the point this isn’t school or work you not important maybe you should kill yourself you f*ck boy.

          • Dangerous Lee

            I don’t argue with children. Have a nice day.

  • Just to prove why Rich and this site is above others he actually credits where he got this information, why this is my main site

  • I thought Peter”Aldo Montoya,Justin Credible”Pollaco was also a member of the Kliq

    • KingKongBrody

      He was. They aren’t saying wwe is going to induct DX and the Kliq. They are thinking about one of the two.

      • Fred “The Dwarf” Dorffman

        Since when? I just thought he was friends with them and Hall mentored him. How does that make him a member?

    • Michael

      Lol are you serious dude no Justin wasn’t a click member he was friends with Waltman and Hall he never was friends with Michaels, Hunter, or Nash.

  • karlo

    way too soon for dx and I think triple h should be inducted by himself when he retires before being inducted in a group and the kliq well that’s just stupid . they were about themselves and didn’t want anyone else getting ahead. and I assure you Mick is more then capable to headline . triple h needs to let go of personal feelings and stop trying to involve hi.self and let Mick be remembered for the legacy he left behind not only in the ring but outside as well. as he has a great wrestling mind

  • karlo

    Don’t get me wrong given the chance I would have done the same thing as the triple h or Shawn if I were in their shoes

  • disqus_S9PotUJOPF

    It’s DX or the Kliq!!! Not both!!! People, think about it. And I don’t think HHH will want to go in as a group before he goes in as a single performer… And btw , the app sucks for commenting now, can’t even see what I’m typing or where the send button is

  • Nick

    Sounds like WWE are running out of names to induct!