WWE Legend Very Upset Backstage At Raw Supershow Over Alberto Del Rio Working So Soon After Being Medically Cleared To Return From A Concussion; Who It Was & The Argument They Made, Why Some WWE Officials Have Already Soured On Darren Young & Titus O'Neil, Details On WWE Rekindling Dolph Ziggler's "Relationship" With Vickie Guerrero

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- I mentioned in today's installment of Ask WNW that Alberto Del Rio working on Raw Supershow wasn't met without criticism; I'm told one person that was very upset about Del Rio working the day of being cleared from a concussion was Mick Foley. Foley told people backstage the company should have waited a week or two after Del Rio was cleared to make sure the symptoms didn't return. Foley was vocal about the fact it was unnecessary for Del Rio to work against Santino Marella so soon after being cleared.

- While the new tag team of Darren Young & Titus O'Neil as the Prime Time Players are set for a push, their in-ring work has already soured some officials. I'm told they will still likely get a push due to the lack of tag teams but unless there is improvement, it could be very short lived.

- There was talk of turning Dolph Ziggler babyface but the decision was made to keep him heel. This is the reason for keeping him with Vickie Guerrero and having them kiss after his victory against Jack Swagger. WWE was trying to nix the babyface support Ziggler got at No Way Out by "rekindling" his "relationship" with Vickie.

  • jonathon212

    dolph ziggler is a huge potential star and wwe just refuses to allow ziggler to become one…wwe is lacking major star power and ziggler is staring right in from of them but theyre 2 stupid to take advantage of it

    • smithmiester

      Be patient! Say what you like about wwe and 9 out of 10 times I’ll probably agree but I’m pretty confident that dolph ziggler will get a decent push eventually.

  • Tom

    Another example of WWE insulting the audience because they "know what makes a star." It also puts that whole Triple H imaginary brass ring speech to CM Punk last fall into perspective. The fans want something, give it to them! Don't hold back too long on the trigger, the WWE waits too long almost all the time (Zack Ryder for instance)

  • Bobby Wood

    This is another example that FCW isn't and has never been a good development system. How many wrestler's that come from there do we hear about looking completely green in the ring and not ready to be called up? Even though they were in FCW for years. OVW was so much better, we got many big stars from that system.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    "WWE was trying to nix the babyface support Ziggler got at No Way Out by “rekindling” his “relationship” with Vickie."

    Yeah right good luck with that Ziggler is going to get face reactions wither WWE officals like it or not. you don't tell the fan who to cheer or boo for they will do as they wish WWE.

  • Amaan

    This really frustrates me that Vince and the officials backstage do not realise that Ziggler is a huge star I have been an advocate of his since the start of his career and feel that he is one of the purest wrestlers in the industry today. Now the mainstream audience has realised that also throughout the last year or so I felt that they were going to finally push Ziggler when they gave him the WWE Championship match at the Royal Rumble in January but again it didn't happen and he was put back into the mid-card with Jack Swagger. Ziggler had a great match at No Way Out with Sheamus and then a good match with Swagger Monday on RAW. I just wish that they push Ziggler fully now when they are in need of it this is the part that annoys me when they are in need of main event talent on RAW with just Cena and Punk really, they don't want to and then when it comes to WrestleMania season they will be saying that they do not need main event talent since they will Brock Lesnar, the Rock and Undertaker back in the fray. I feel that they use Ziggler as a 'filler' in situations they made him wrestle twice at Survivor Series in November and then they used Ziggler as Del Rio's replacement this past Sunday cause of Del Rio's injury. I really hope that they push him now he deserves it and can become champion.

  • manips

    i agree, we need to be patient with ziggler. it’ll be better in the long run for him to be heel, with the thin amount of main event caliber heels. he’ll have a better chance for a push as a heel.

  • Jamie

    Well the face/heel system seems to be working great, Daniel Bryan is a heel and the WWE Universe is always shouting "Yes!" and Cena constantly gets "Cena sucks" although Cena has been getting more of a positive reaction latley.

  • robert

    Dolph Ziggler sux, wwe knows what they are doing, they got jr back working with talent , there are bigger stars in roh who not only are better workers but can put a sentence together why is berto and ziggler still there zigglers been there what 6-8 years and still hasn't made it, either you got it or not. Daniel Bryan been in wwe 2 years and is almost a top guy. for example swagger is a better wrestler but if you can't put a sentence together while you have a microphone no one cares what maybe 10 of yaw like him(hopefully) and no i don't like cena or orton i almost gave up until Daniel bryan and punk stepped up. stop saying push them and they'll be stars you gotta have something to push doing push ups or head stands is freaking stupid,