Del Rio vs. Swagger, The Patriot Act, Undertaker & Hall Of Fame, Booking Cena/Rock

What is your opinion on Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 29?

A lot of people were surprised, even disgusted at Jack Swagger going over in the Elimination Chamber match at the pay-per-view on Sunday. Many of these people are the same people that will complain there isn't enough opportunities for new talent and the main event scene is always dominated by the same people. I think we have to be careful about this and if Swagger can get over, he can benefit greatly from the attention the part-timers are going to bring to the show. I am concerned about the ability of Del Rio vs. Swagger to draw, however, the pay-per-view is going to be sold on The Rock vs. John Cena and Brock Lesnar's match.

Has Jack Swagger talked with Kurt Angle about using the Ankle Lock for his finisher? Given their amateur backgrounds, I find it interesting that Swagger would use that move. Or is it an homage to Angle?

Kurt Angle actually accused Jack Swagger of stealing the move from him. Randy Orton, who was also accused by Angle [for stealing moves], explained that Ken Shamrock used the ankle lock before Angle.

When will Undertaker be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?

The Undertaker will be a major draw for the WWE Hall of Fame one day. He will be inducted when his in-ring career is over but WWE has benefited greatly by holding off on inducting him as he's gone on to have some great Wrestlemania bouts. Will he work this year? This is the question that we are all waiting for an answer one-way or the other.

What do you think would be bigger, a John Cena heel turn or Cena going over The Rock at Wrestlemania? If Cena were to go over The Rock at Wrestlemania, should he even turn heel?

A John Cena heel turn is something I've said "I'll believe it when I see it." My outcome for Cena vs. Rock II is Cena has to go over not only to avenge his loss from last year but to capture the red hot torch from The Rock. However, Rock is in the preliminary plans for Wrestlemania next year and there is even talk of him working SummerSlam so I wouldn't be 100% opposed to him going over although there would be a situation with the WWE title.

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  • Brian

    Jack Swagger with his new gimmick made it so obvious he was going to face off vs Del Rio.

    • Yep I’m sure you knew as soon as jack swagger returned that he would face ADR for the world title at WrestleMania.

      • BlazeKing

        So Zeb talking about “real americans” and “people crossing the border” didn’t lead you to the Del Rio vs Swagger angle? You know Vince hates extreme right-wing politicians. The Zeb Colter character is actually making fun of those types of politicians using “illegal immigration” and the such to talk specifically about latin/hispanic people.

        • I’m not going to lie I hadn’t seen Zeb’s promo before the PPV so no I didn’t really put 2 and 2 together

    • Bishop

      I agree that once the EC was over how obvious it was all along. Coulter was only on TV for what? One week and the entire angle between Swagger/ADR made sense.

      It was right in front of us this past week, I still went with Henry to win

  • Nick Insalaco

    Even though a Cena heel turn would be nice to see, it would have to be done the right way. You could even consider him tweener now because of the reaction he draws. all the kids and women cheer him while people that are intersted in a good match boo him. but the whole part of the super cena character that is annoying is that he does the same thing over and over and gives the same promo over and over. This would be a good way to turn cena. have him win dirty against rock , do a hulk like heel turn unexpectedly, and then just over emphasize hustle loyalty and respect liike he does now just on a larger scale so his character is annoying to everyone. I think a character change and a heel turn are different things and in his case could just turn heel i think his character would make a good bad guy, hes already half way there.

  • So Swagger is back for what, less than a month(?) and he’s “main eventing” WM29? I could’ve seen Henry or Y2J challenging, but not Swagger. Just doesn’t feel right. Plus they’re banking a great deal on Dutch/Zeb to get him over until then, since Jack has hardly said anything compared to Zeb’s promos. And speaking of torches being passed, when did Hulk Hogan tell Jack Swagger to start calling himself the “Real American?”

    • That’s alot of thumbs-down. Someone wanna speak up & tell me what’s so disagreeable about this? I really didn’t expect so much disagreement.

      • Jimmy

        I would rather see Swagger in the main event than Mark Henry and as much as i would want Jericho to compete for the title at Mania, we know that he wouldn’t become champion. So that would be yet another match that this years Wrestlemania that we know the outcome of.

    • I agree with you. But as Richard pointed out, if there ever was a Wrestlemania to give a push like this out of the blue to someone it’s this one…the WHC match was never going to be one of the top draws on the card with Rock and Lesnar (and possibly Undertaker) participating.

  • 1molly23

    ADR is bad – Thwagger is worse – Miz is miserable at following thru on moves – Big SLow spits when he talks – Mark Henry is a big nothing – Rey Mysterio is MIA – Lesnar makes mega-bucks for NOTHNG – Orton and Miz are both in the doghouse – Sin Cara is a wannabe – The Shield is nWo reincarnated supposedly talented – Daniel Bryan looks like a homeless person. WWE whatever are you thinking?

    • Kris Mystery

      But yet you still watch.

    • Bishop

      So tell us how you really feel…

    • Troll

    • Damien

      Maybe you should main event Wrestlemania

  • And I guess the past year of Cena’s failures was to show us that he can no longer overcome everything…but that’ll change once he beats Rock at WM29, and then we’re right back to what made 1/2 the fans hate him in the first place: Cena continually overcomes everything, even if it takes him a year to do it. So sick of it. Punk said it best…Cena is no longer the underdog Red Sox, he’s the Yankees dynasty.

    • JL

      CM Punk is no longer the internet darling then, he’s just as main stream as Cena now.

      • Yes but punk can actually wrestle admittedly cena could in his early wwe years but now its just get beat up then hit the 3 moves of doom the only way cena can be redeemed is either a heel turn or a angle with orton again

        • JL

          Oh god, that same lame ass argument again. Cena can’t wrestle huh? Well I guess you haven’t been paying attention. Go take a look at Cena’s lastt man standing match against Umaga at RR07, or his Iron Man match with HBK from RAW in 07. Or better yet his match with RVD at ONS06. His match with HHH at WM22 was great, his match with Jericho were great, and I haven’t even mentioned his TLC match with Edge at Unforgiven 2006, or the Lesnar match at Extreme Rules 2011. Cena even carried a very “GREEN” Lashley too a great match at the GAB07. His feud with Orton in 07 & again in 09 produced great matches. And people don’t ever want to admit it but he destroyed The Rock on the mic in the build too last year’s WM. Nobody has ever made the Rock look that bad on the mic (Punk included) and another thing that CM Punk fans such as yourself will never admit but Cena put Punk over in a huge way in 2011. If it wasn’t for Cena going out of his way too put Punk over like that Punk would not be enjoying the success he currently is enjoying. And Punk’s best matches & feuds in the WWE easily have been against Cena. Their match at NOC last year was miles ahead of anything Punk did with Jericho. And so were their matches at MITB2011 & SummerSlam 2011. And why would Cena need too redeemed? He’s still the #1 draw in the company, he’s net worth too the company is at $160 million dollars, and he’s the 3rd biggest DRAW that company has ever had, only Hogan & Austin were bigger draws during their run with the WWE. Come with a stronger argument then that tired ol 3 moves of doom, he never puts people over, he needs too turn heel argument. That’s one of the worst arguments against Cena and unaccurate. Oh and BTW, did you notice that RAW ratings were lower with Punk as champ then they were when Cena was?

          • The Breaker

            Cena has wrestled his fair share of great matches. But his mic work is inconsistent at best. He’s had nice moments, but some of his other performances are so poor it almost makes you forget why he impressed you before.

          • JL

            Cena is in a tough position were he has too keep it PG too cater too his fans, it’s kind of hard to be edgy when your boss wants you too appeal too a large # of kids. He has a lot of young fans that look up to him and I give him props for wanting too keep it clean and be a role model too them.
            When Cena’s allowed too say what he wants on the mic like he was last year against Rock he’s just as good as anybody in the business today. Cena clearly got under Rock’s skin in a lot of those confrontations. What other guy has been able too say that they not only got the best of the Rock on the mic but also legitimately pissed him off in the process?

          • The Breaker

            No one can say for sure what and wasn’t legitimate between Cena and The Rock during those promos. I will admit that some of Cena’s finer mic work was against Rock.
            But, you can’t blame PG for the nonsensical and flat out corny promos that Cena often delivers. Sure he now has limitations and his current gimmick is far removed from “The Doctor of Thuganomics”, but that should not keep him from having interesting and entertaining promos. Being edgy isn’t the only way to accomplish that.

          • JL

            Fair enough, I can agree with most of that. All valid points. However I think a lot of people will change there tune on Cena once he turns heel (it will happen eventually) and he’s given more freedom. I still believe that we’ve only seen about 50-60% of the potential in Cena. Cena will turn the wrestling industry upside down once he goes heel

          • Most of the matches you mentioned are gimmick matches im talking about actual wrestling talent lik punk,bryan,ziggler,jericho,angle,swagger,rollins,ambrose,daniels the list goes on

          • JL

            Only a few of those that I mentioned were gimmick matches. Cena has been in a ton of great matches, gimmick match or not.

          • Jimmy

            Alot of the matches you named were good however Cena/RVD was not that great and Cena/Lesnar was cena getting destroyed the whole the match only to come back with a punch and AA, and even with Punk as champ Cena was in the main event every time so the ratings statement makes no sense.

        • Jesterghost

          Have you ever even seen I John Cena match last year. He’s matches vs cm punk, Brock lesnar, and the rock were very good overall. I don’t get this can’t wrestle thing most of you just repeat what others are saying.

          • JL

            I never understood all the Cena hate either. Bit then again, I don’t understand a lot of the logic that most the people on this page use

      • Punk is far from the dynasty Cena is. And my comment was about Cena, not about Punk.

        • JL

          Not really, Punk has been booked a lot stronger then Cena has over the past couple of years. Cena is still the top guy but Punk is clearly #2 in the pecking order which makes him a dynasty over just about everyone. The whole “I gotta chip on my shoulder, I don’t get respect” gimmick that Punk does would work so much better with someone like Christian then it would with Punk. Punk has too much backstage stroke and has been booked too strong the last 2 years for that gimmick too be believable now. Punk is treading on Cena terriorty when it comes dynasty talk, he can no longer play that whole underdog internet darling gimmick anymore because it’s so far from the truth now.

      • Jimmy

        Punk doesn’t consider himself an underdog though.

  • Benjamin

    I just think they’re pushing Swagger and this gimmick too fast, and the answer to the Undertaker question should be answered after tonight. If he’s gonna work it, he’s gonna need to start showing up.

  • Gary Robert

    This guy thinks it would be huge if Cena goes over The Rock? I think its an obvious inevitibility.

    • Bishop

      Especially with the Rock in talks of being at next years WM. A “once in a lifetime” trilogy?

      I wonder which movie he will be promoting then…2 Faster 2 Furiousterested part 3? GI Joe: the Rebuttal? 12 Rounds 2: Electric Boogaloo?

      If it’s Brock/Rock II, I’m a for it though

  • JL

    Hey Richard, what makes you think a Cena heel turn won’t ever happen? the past three years have taught us that anything will happen. If Rock, Hart & Lesnar returning and Bruno going into the HOF aren’t a inductation that anything can happen then I don’t know what is. Trust me bro, a Cena heel turn will happen at some point.

  • Well one thing that no one has brought up is that Ziggler STILL hasn’t cashed in the case. Which has to happen by Mania time. So they either do it at Mania or they have Ziggler take it before than to set up Zig vs Swagger. Which has a tad bit more of an interesting story line than with del rio. Ziggler the guy who has been fighting his way to to the top vs Swagger the afterthought of ziggler who left him behind cause he wasn’t anything to only come back and get a title match AT mania after only 2 weeks.

    Sadly there isn’t that much time to really build up that story unless they have ziggler take the belt in the next week or so

    • Moe

      How would that make the least bit of sense right now, given the fact they’re both heels.

    • Ziggler won the case at MITB 2012 which was July 15, so he has a year from then to cash in.

  • Austin

    I’m actually looking forward to the del rio swagger match. It’s a brand new rivalry we’ve never seen before and they’re both young talents and have a chance to steal the show on the grandest stage of them all. To me, it kind of has a eddie Guerrero vs Kurt angle feel to it like at wrestlemania 20. I think these two will surprise a lot of you.

    • Mark J.

      It’s such a perfect match on so many levels. The storyline flows nicely. Both men can put together a great wrestling match, and their styles will flow well in the ring. The only reason to criticize this pair is that it happened too quickly. Okay, so maybe they could have added one brief backstage encounter on Smackdown or Raw to plant the seed. But so what? The writing will never be perfect. Any optimistic wrestling fan will welcome the prospects of this feud. It has great potential to drum up heat… and hopefully wrestling fans will take the Zeb character with a grain of salt … it’s just a hyperbolic dose of mainstream politics … most people are level ended about solving real problems. Don’t take it too seriously or try to interpret Vince’s motivation … he’s just trying to entertain, not make a political statement.

  • kyle

    People always complain about everything yet they still watch it. Honestly I’m excited for ADR vs. Swagger especially with Swagger being the “Real American” and anti against immigrants with Zeb Colter and ADR being Mexican. The build for Wrestlemania could be great and get intense at some moments. It’s also something new and fresh which is good, plus if Swagger wins and Ziggler cashes in it sets up for a great feud between former partners.

    • Moe

      Interesting enough as it sounds with Del Rio vs. Swagger, I think it would a nice touch for Ziggler to cash in and make it a triple threat match. OR I see Del Rio retaining with Ziggler cashing in when the champ isn’t expecting anything and possibly walk away with the title that way? Just a thought that makes sense to me.

  • Stoney

    I remember when Vince said he has balls the size of grapefruits, but he doesn’t have balls big enough to turn Cena heel

    • Azarrising

      That has nothing to do with balls, that’s Vince not wanting to lose the cash cow that is Cena. Remember this is a business first and foremost

  • I don’t have an issue with new talent or mid carders getting a push, but I disagree with Swagger main eventing wrestlemaina with Del Rio. I think there are more derserving wrestlers who haven’t been off TV for the last 6 months that deserve that honour.

  • Streamz

    When ADR won and the commentators said ‘he fights for the common man, trying to put food on the table’, I had a feeling Swagger was gonna win the chamber. And that was all but confirmed when he entered first with new music and his new mouthpiece cut a promo about american values and anti-immigration. Mexican immigrant vs bigoted American patriot pretty much writes itself. Well, it already has… it’s the Eddie Guerrero v JBL feud all over again.

  • search4theyeti

    Jericho is Canadian. 3way for the belt!

  • PainOfDemise

    Swagger does absolutely nothing for me and neither does Del Rio. I was hoping Swagger would have a big change and I would like him when he came back, but still does nothing for me.

    I hope to god something changes because I am NOT looking forward to a Del Rio vs. Swagger match.

  • ceedot

    LOL, maybe people are annoyed at jack swagger because he’s absolutely horrible to watch

  • cena never ever again turn heel….
    next week cen beat punk and WM29 he will new WWE Champ….