Del Rio's Black Eye, Evolution Reunion, Hogan's TNA Departure, The LA Screwjob

What happened to Alberto Del Rio? Did he get his black eye from one of his earlier matches?

Alberto Del Rio and Drew McIntyre, who are very good friends in real life, went out over SummerSlam weekend and apparently got into a physical altercation with some people. I don't know the details but I know Del Rio showed up for work with a black eye/bruised face. The story is being blown up to be more than it really is. Wrestlers going out and getting rowdy is nothing new. You can read my initial report at this link.

With what happened at SummerSlam and Triple H "screwing" Daniel Bryan, do you see possible Evolution reunion?

Many people (me included) felt it was an inevitable possibility that Randy Orton would "cash in" the Money in the Bank briefcase and walk out the WWE Champion at SummerSlam. I don't think many people saw Triple H being the one to make it happen. All kinds of questions are raised as to what the alliance entails and the Evolution reunion talk began immediately. I haven't heard what the creative plans are but I agree with the Orton "cash in" and think the Hunter alliance adds an extra element that will entices people to watch Raw.

With the departure of Brooke Hogan from TNA, do you see Hulk Hogan sticking around?

I am still gathering details behind Brooke Hogan's release from TNA Wrestling but the initial word is that it was budget related. Hulk Hogan always said it was Dixie Carter's move to bring Brooke in and not his own doing. I think a lot of people have a hard time believing that but that's his story and I guess he's sticking to it. One aspect I don't think has been examined is Hulk Hogan agrees to do WWE 2K14 and Brooke ends up without a job with TNA. Could it be a coincidence? Absolutely. However, those that look at Hogan's inclusion in WWE 2K14 as "no big deal" aren't seeing the full picture. We have more at this link.

WWE had the opportunity to create a "classic moment" with Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam and instead, the rub went to Randy Orton. Does anyone else feel this way?

You are not the only one that feels this way as our own Sean Hopkins voiced this very point immediately following the pay-per-view. I respect Sean Hopkins and his opinion as much as anyone's opinion in this business, however, we disagree here. The "swerve" of Randy Orton "cashing in" on Daniel Bryan is a "win" for everyone. First, WWE is able to turn Orton heel and create another interesting aspect with a Triple H alliance. Also, and I think this is the most important, I feel this increases the stock of Daniel Bryan. People in the building were livid that Daniel Bryan was "screwed" and that increases the heat on Orton while increasing the pops for Bryan. The WWE fan base is behind Bryan more now than ever before and people will pay to see him chase the title. I do agree that WWE had the opportunity to create a "moment" with Bryan leaving SummerSlam as champion but I think this way could actually be more effective.

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  • Chris

    Triple H=Flair
    Orton=Triple H
    Titus O’Neil=Batista
    Richie Steamboat/Bo Dallas=Randy Orton

    • Jeff Ono

      Richard couldn’t be more right about how the screwjob helps everyone, especially Bryan. I was trying to make this point to the many 20-30 year old guys at Staples Center last night who looked like they were going to cry after the match (much more than the kids who are disappointed after a Cena loss). Daniel Bryan is closer to Stone Cold “wreak havoc” status than anyone has been since that post-WM 14 fallout. Now DB can go ballistic on everything and everyone, making even more universally popular (by kids, 20-30 year old stay-at-home sons and adults). It’s brilliant scripting. What I love most, having attended the last four SummerSlams in L.A. is that it’s becoming the new Survivor Series (always adding a swerve or a screwjob at the end). While L.A. could host WM, it makes so much more sense to keep this tradition going (in terms of booking). I’ve never seen more universal acceptance of a PPV, which is awesome!

      • Xavier

        “I was trying to make this point to the many 20-30 year old guys at Staples Center last night who looked like they were going to cry after the match (much more than the kids who are disappointed after a Cena loss).”

        I literally laughed out loud at that quote. Glad you pointed this out though. For as much crap as Cena haters/IWC give Cena fans/kids, the kids don’t complain no where near the levels of most people within the IWC when guys like Punk or Bryan lose. You should of been on this page when Punk lost to Rock at the Rumble. The tears on this site were flowing by the gallon.

        • TheBigKing1


        • Gary Robert

          Punk losing to Rock, a guy who doesn’t wrestle beating a current champion, isn’t remotely the same as Bryan beating Cena.

          • Xavier

            It is the same thing, wrestling is entertainment and no grown man should get that upset over wrestling EVER. It looks bad for grown men to get that upset over a lose when they no better, I’ve never seen kids get that upset over a Cena lose the way I saw so many Punk fans get upset over a Rock lose.

        • Phil D. Garrie

          It is funny but not all of us that age think that way lol. I personally had a feeling the outcome would turn out like it did because it just made the most sense. I hoped they would at least at some twist into it that made it have more depth and they did that awesomly with hhh being the one to screw DB. But who does DB go after now? hhh or orton?

      • J Sal

        I don’t believe one Summerslam “swerve” constitutes the branding of a pattern. I was at the last 2 Summerslams and thought last years crowd at ‘Slam was a little flat with the show being mediocre, at best. HHH walked away being booed because his match with Brock was so slow and boring. This years crowd and show was nothing like that. The show was great this year. Although I agree the idea of an Orton heel turn was great from a long term perspective. I can understand why the casual wrestling fan, who’ve (from a ratings perspective) have returned in the past few weeks, was upset the way Bryan lost. My only concerns for the show was how Wyatt came off as a “dependent” heel, outside of a few series of punches and kicks, he didn’t appear to do much not to mention being choke slammed 2 times before the save was made. Also the amount of time that Bryan was knocked out due to the Pedigree. I don’t think the one Pedigree with that much time elapsed should have taken out Bryan. I would have preferred a kick out then let Randy finish with an RKO.

    • TheBigKing1

      NO! First 2 is right. Ryback will be the Batista of the group. And yes, some new NXT prospect with a bright future will be like Orton was then.

      But most people pick Ryback or Titus to be the Batista.

      • Xavier

        Hope it’s Titus. I think he has a lot of potential

        • Gary Robert

          only if he drops the stupid dog bark

  • Xavier

    Richard, fans who think that Daniel Bryan got “buried” or think that Daniel Bryan didn’t get the “rub” last night clearly can’t see the bigger picture and flat out don’t understand the art of a good long term storyline. The truth is that Bryan, Orton & Triple H are got the rub last night. And as far as Cena goes, he gets to take time off and the clean lose now and then doesn’t hurt him at all.

    • Nathen

      Trips doesn’t need the rub anymore. He just interjects himself to ride on the coat tails of other wrestler’s momentum.

      • Xavier

        Disagree. He’s the COO. Triple H hasn’t been a heel since 06, so hos heel turn is a breath of fresh air. And Triple H doesn’t need to ride the coat tails of anyone because he’s already over and will always be over.

        • Ben

          Agree 100 percent. It’ll be interesting to see where they go with this, especially in Stephanie McMahon’s case with Vince/Trips seemingly on the same page. As for Bryan, the man pinned John Cena clean before the screwjob. That happens once a millennium. If that’s getting buried, everyone on the roster would want to get buried!

          • Nathen

            To be clear, I never said Bryan was buried.

    • Joe Dee

      BTW, did anyone sense that Triple H coming out to the “Bow Down” version of his entrance was deliberate foreshadowing? Or could it have been another botched job (like the Curt/Curtis Axel mistake) where they switched Triple H’s music one day too early? I think that it’s the former (intentionally done).

  • Scooter

    I really hope they do something similar to Austin/McMahon with Bryan/HHH! It could create a multitude of compelling segmets! I would especially love to see Cattle Mutilation strapped in on HHH…..I think we all would eat that up!

  • Robert Olley

    Bulldog and dynamite seem to have been the brawlers back in the day

  • Robert Olley

    Fans today wouldnt have liked wcw at all rember when sting vs hogan went on for months and months

  • Nathen

    They could have accomplished the same thing but pushed Daniel Bryan to the moon if he mustered the strength to kick out and beat Orton.

    My problem with the finish it is to much of a risk. Why risk Daniel Bryan’s momentum for Orton’s return to the main event scene and Triple H’s ego stroke? The finish would have been better if Bryan beat Cena by submission first, but that’s just wishful thinking.

    And for all the ‘big picture’ arguments, I’ve got one name for you: Christian. He never really recovered from being screwed over.

    • Mark J.

      Nathen, you clearly DON’T see the big picture. Your bias (thinking that Cena should have tapped, which is absurd booking) suggests that you wanted DB to leave the PPV as champ — and that’s fine. But the finish is hardly a “risk.” This swerve has nothing to do with Triple H’s ego or his stroke backstage. It’s smart business. And comparing Christian to DB potentially getting screwed is nonsensical. WWE was not deliberately trying to give Christian the kind of push that they’re now giving Daniel Bryan. The two don’t compare.

      • Xavier

        Great post. Some fans will never get it which is sad. Even with a great storyline like this some people will always find fault with it. Haters gonna hate I guess

        • Jackwagon

          “their” thing.

        • TheBigKing1


      • Nathen

        I do get it. And I am wiling to see where this goes and hopefully it is a compelling storyline. But it is still a risk in my opinion.

        I was happy that Triple H didn’t go all screw job on Bryan until after his clean win against Cena. And I admitted a submission finish was wishful thinking. And I don’t think it is absurd, it would have pushed Bryan higher and if Stone Cold Steve Austin who was billed as the toughest SOB can tap out, no reason Cena can’t.

        The point I was making with Christian is the loss of momentum after he was screwed over. Right after he lost the title on the Smackdown tapings it sounded very similar to what people are saying now. ‘Big picture’, ‘something bigger in the works’, were all things people were saying about that swerve. But it didn’t pan out, Christian lost his momentum because the fans saw that WWE had little faith in him.

        My concern is that history may repeat itself. I could be wrong, and hope I am. I am not claiming my opinion is the absolute end all be all of opinions. I am only sharing a concern I have with the finish. I will also admit a bias toward Bryan in this, but that doesn’t mean I can’t see where they are going with this. I am just not sure if it will work. Again, I hope I am wrong.

        We will see more tonight. I hope that Daniel Bryan cuts an amazing promo and throws in the word ‘Injustice’ and gets some back up from the Shield. They are already starting to get cheers anyway so why not. And it would solve the problem of two heel factions with similar tactics.

        • You’re concern would be valid if it wasn’t for the fact we have already seen Bryan take a catastrophic loss and not only bounce back from it but become one of the most over stars of all time. By all rights his 18 second loss to Sheamus should have killed his career but it didn’t. Neither will being screwed out of the WWE Championship. He is and will be even bigger now and has a legit shot at becoming the new face of the company.

      • TheBigKing1

        Exactly. You said it the best.

  • Don Juan

    I am hoping that HHH is going to start a Corporation like stable as a result of this. It is a great way to highlight different wrestlers (Wade Barrett, Antonio Cesaro, Jack Swagger). I can also envision that whole is Randy Orton aligned with HHH or not scenario. Orton will claim he just took advantage of a situation, Daniel Bryan will call bull.

  • Guest815

    I’m just wondering, though, since Bryan is not champion and in storyline, McMahon doesn’t like Bryan, where does that help this storyline between Trips and McMahon go? They headed in with H being the ref to call it down the middle because he was “upset” at McMahon. Now, they’re back at the beginning. Both McMahon and Triple H are “corporate” and now they have a corporate champion in Orton. Where does the McMahon family saga go from here with both of them happy? I thought it was going to last until WrestleMania.

    • TheBigKing1

      Yeah that’s my only question too. Idk.

  • Sandeep Agarwal

    I’m more than glad that DB lost the title on the same night. Like i said in my predictions, there is so much more that can be added to the DB’s chase for the title. And when finally he will be able to overcome all the swerves and get his hand on the title, it will be epic! It will not only benefit him but it will also elevate others involved in the process. That is how you build a champion and a face for the company.

  • FactionZer0

    Just remember the Randy Orton Daniel Bryan match earlier this month? Or 2 ago? AMAZING. And those three are going to bring the house down because there’s no way D Bry is not getting another shot.

  • Daniel Camacho

    i agree with richard gray. having orton cash in and take the title was the best thing to do. not only for the reason he mentioned but also the fact that john cena is going into surgery and will be out for a while that means you need some sort of rivalry over the wwe title while cena is out. had bryan beat orton then orton would need to earn his title match in a different way. but with orton cashing in and taking it the way he did now orton will be the heel while bryans the babyface and they can feud over the title until either cena comes back and makes it a 3 way battle for the belt or the wwe decides to give someone else a shot at the belt.

  • Charlie

    I liked how they did the pyro and confetti to make people think that Orton wouldn’t cash in and it was all over. I also thought it was cool that they did the confetti because it brought back lots of good memories

  • TheBigKing1

    Everything was done perfectly, imo.

  • Charles

    Daniel Bryan >WWE title right know. Randy Orton needs that belt a lot more than he does.
    Last guy to beat Cena with no BS was The Rock.
    Really shows the level he’s on with WWE creative and the fans.

  • David

    I had no problem with screwjob finish but couldnt WWE have Bryan kick out of the pedigree and then have Orton finish him with an RKO? WWE does need an interesting storyline going up against Monday Night Football this fall too. I just hope Triple H doesnt wrestle at Wrestlemania. He is too old and washed up and his last couple Mania matches were not entertaining

  • alexi

    While I agree with the Big Picture argument I just wish it wasn’t Randy The Robot” he has already held the major championships enough, and more or less failed, while doing so.

  • carlycane

    Screw jobs is exactly how Daniel Bryan got over in the first place. He started when Sheamus kicked him in the face at Wrestlemania and won the belt in 18 seconds. People were livid and stood behind him. The ‘yes’ and ‘no’ chants elevated him to mid-card and upper-card status. He has a chance to become top dog in the company and he’s screwed over again. This will definitely push him to the top of the card because once again people are livid and will cheer for them. It seems like screwing Daniel Bryan over is the only way (to WWE, anyway) to push him to the top. And since many indy wrestling fans ain’t having it, you all are falling for the trap. He will be champion, he will earn it and it will be worth the wait. Be patient everyone. Who doesn’t like the thrill of the chase?

  • Jay El Bee

    If by livid you mean the crowd cheered when Orton threatened to cash in the MITB briefcase, and then cheered when Triple H hit the Pedigree, and then cheered again when Orton pinned Bryan to win the title then I agree. Also I looked the WWE’s Facebook page earlier today and from what I saw a lot of the people were happy that Orton is finally the WWE champion again, so I’m not sure the fans are behind Bryan now more than ever like you say.

  • Mike

    Are people forgetting Bryan went over ‘the Superman’ clean?
    What do you expect, him to go over both cena and orton and just destroy any potential fued continuation? Sometimes the IWC are the biggest hypocrites.

    I thought the ending to SS was amazing, and Bryan still had his moment.

  • Triple H is the BITCH

    If the writers get it right, this couldbe a good ststoryline, but we’ve seen how crappy they can be as well. Ryback=Big Push= multiple losses in main event matches. They shouldn’t chant “Goldberg” they should chant “Gilberg”. Big show,Henry, McIntyre, hell even Dolph who could’ve came off his concussion and fought the likes of CM Punk and Orton. You got bruisers like Sheamus,Barrett, Cesaro, Big E, and you put them in garbage matches so Paul(HHH) can feed his ego. You need to let these young guns come in and work and just quit incorporating yourself in stuff. Your not “the Game” anymore, your basically a John Laurinitas now. And way to promote Anti Bullying by having JBL lay into Josh Matthews on commentary. JBL was only relevant for a couple of years, including those where Ron Simmons carried him. So let’s hope the writers get it right this time.

    • Matt

      It’s a pretty accepted fact that even people in the back call HHH Hunter. So why the hell do you call him “Paul”? Like he’s your pal or like you thought no one knew that?