Del Rio's Title Win, The Shield Wrestling, Planning Matches, Bill DeMott, Edge Update

How long do you see Alberto Del Rio's latest title reign last? Has the company finally put some faith in him?

I was surprised to see Alberto Del Rio go over at last week's Smackdown taping so it's almost like a state of shock I find myself in with his booking. Some have speculated Del Rio winning the title is a way to get the belt on Dolph Ziggler but I haven't heard anything to back that. WWE is clearly pushing Del Rio as a top babyface in the company and it will be interesting to watch the progression on Raw.

After the way The Shield tore the house down at the TLC PPV in December, it seems that they are more than capable of holding their own in the ring. Why has WWE kept from booking the Shield in matches on television?

WWE knows that Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose are capable of working at a very high level and even Roman Reigns impressed everyone at the pay-per-view last month. Their booking on television has to do with their storyline of "fighting for injustice" and it has nothing to do with a lack of confidence in their in-ring skills.

Since every aspect of the Royal Rumble match is planned out, I was wondering if it was the same with other multi-participant matches, such as Money in the Bank and Elimination Chamber, or are they improvised with certain spots in mind?

All matches in WWE are 100% scripted whether they involve two participants or forty (as was the case with the Royal Rumble match a couple years ago). As I mentioned last week, it would be a disaster if the producers just let workers "wing it" live in the ring. There is a plan for all matches, it begins with the creative team and goes to the producers who communicate the plan with the workers involved. It's then up to the workers to collaborate on what spots will be done to make the match work.

Has Bill DeMott been released from the WWE?

I never heard anything from my sources regarding Bill DeMott and was confused with reports of his termination. At the same time his release was being reported, DeMott posted a photo of him with Michael Cole, JBL, Road Dogg and Scott Armstrong on Twitter. DeMott responded to reports, saying there was no truth to them.

Will Edge be on the 20th Anniversary of WWE Raw?

Edge will not appear on the 20th Anniversary of WWE Raw due to a "loss in the family." You can read more at this link.

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  • Maybe ADR’s reign can last until WrestleMania, with Dolph cashing in right after he retains. The question is who would he be booked with?

    • Jimmy

      Most likely Orton, Sheamus or Big Show, the Smackdown PPV mainevents are always matches we see nearly every week on Smackdown.

      • Sam The Man.

        Why not à fatal four way!

      • Sam The Man.

        Dont forget that Ziggler can cash-in until The money in the bank ppv. I think extreme rule is a good fit.

        • Jimmy

          I agree, but hopefully Orton becomes champ and then Ziggler cashes in. That would make a good feud and also make a reason for Randy to be in the Main Event picture with a legit storyline again

  • John

    I think Del Rio defeat’s Big Show at the Royal Rumble then loses the title to Dolph Ziggler after the match.

    The only explanation for them randomly putting the title on Del Rio, is if they are ready to put the belt on Ziggler. Nobody is interested in a heel vs. heel feud between Ziggler & Big Show, so i agree with Richard.. Del Rio is a transitional champion.

  • Matt

    Your stating of the matches being 100% scripted are a little confusing to a non-smark. While the outcome is scripted most of the time the in ring work is not scripted except for some spots that are needed.(i.e. run ins or dirty finishes)
    The in between is up to the workers, that is why the live house shows are so important. It gives them time to get to know their opponents style of work, and what they are comfortable with and what they are not. It also allows them to work on timing.

  • Stoney

    I wonder if Del Rio can get over as a face.
    It was stupid how WWE had that much faith in him to win the royal rumble and mitb only to back out at the last second.

  • Just another person saying I dig this new look commenting system.

    WNW, the only Wrestling website I know that allows you to add commentary.

    Keep it up.

  • Adam “Swipe”

    Waste of last two questions. Those questions were clearly answered in articles.
    I think WWE should have put the Miz in that top babyface position, not Del Rio.

  • Jimmy

    It’s gonna be very interesting to see which participants are going to be in the Elimination Chamber matches and whether it will be for title or contender ship, because that would mean Cena cant win the rumble because if they have the champ and contender set for mania, who will be the in Raw chamber match? coz im sure they wont have rock defend in the chamber