Democrats Blast WWE Over Trying To Erase Linda McMahon's Past; Edge Joins Twitter

- Wrestling News World reader Steve Minor sent this link which goes to an article on on WWE removing Attitude Era content due to its usage against the Linda McMahon for Senate campaign. The article notes that Democrats put together a video package of past WWE content that was later removed by the company.

- Wrestling News World reader Shannon sent word that Edge finally joined Twitter at

  • Intellectually Saved

    In the illustrate words of Mr. Sandow…allow me to beg your indulgence for just a moment. Although I am outraged by the lack of common sense by World Wrestling Entertainment, a company who prides themselves in bequeathing its fans with what they desire, for them to blatantly banish footage from the “Attitude Era” is simply hipocirtical. However, you simpletons who cherish such an era should commence to embrace a new era, the era of ENLIGHTMENT for our intellectual savior AND martyr Mr. Damien Sandow is here to save all of us! I have been benefited from such a selfless act and I am here to carry on Mr. Sandow’s crusade…You’re welcome!

    • Logan_Walker

      No one cares. That moron is will always be Idol Stevens who complained that he wasn’t going to redebut on Raw a couple years ago an then threaten to go to TNA.

    • christopher525

      I believe you meant illustrious, I believe this makes you an ignoramous, as well as a miscreant, due to your lack of intellectual prowess to accurately articulate this simple word.

      • Philg

        Point, set, match to you.

    • Charles


    • It’s “ENLIGHTENMENT”. Wow, 3 spelling errors? You losing your touch there, buddy?

      • Intellectually Saved


  • AntGilroy

    Lol WWE is pulling a WWE move by removing and hoping people won’t remember the attitude days so that precious linda can win!!! LONG LIVE THE MCMAHONS!!

  • Patrick Peralta

    not supriseing and vince denies that is the reason they did it..which is just BS. that is the exact reason the removed everything.. Vince lieing about it doesn't help.

    • nWo 4 Life

      Lying= politics

      And at the end of the day politics suxxxx

  • Jashaun

    I hope she doesnt win.

    • MonsterMike42

      I'm not a fan of the other guy either, so unless an Independent or someone just suddenly starts making waves, it looks like Conn. is in trouble for the next few years.

  • Ken

    No, of course the WWE removing online content potentially damaging to Linda McMahon's political *cough*career*cough* has absolutely nothing to do with Linda's political *cough*career*cough* and it's unlikelihood of actually being a career and not a failing dream the pursuit of which is damaging to her own personal credibility, her family's credibility, and her family's business.

    They really must think we're all idiots.

    Linda, Lin, Precious… first of all it's the internet. Nothing is ever truly gone. EVER!
    Secondly, this absolutely screams desperation, and also dishonesty. Think about it love, if you're willing to conspire with the head of a publically owned high profile company that supposedly has nothing to do with you any more, the head of which just happens to be sharing your bed on a night, in order to try and gain a political advantage, what else might you be willing to do to gain a political advantage?
    If that content is damaging to your *cough*career*cough* in the short term then imagine how damaging a campaign to cover it up will be in the long term. I mean seriously, Linda, you should have thought of this a long time ago. If this material is damaging then it should have been removed long enough ago that any attempt to link it to your campaign would be seen as desperate. The fact that you never even thought of this before now doesn't inspire much confidence in your ability or competence to do anything responsible while in public office.

    Don't misunderstand me though, as much as I want Linda to lose and lose so dramatically that she changes her name, hides in a cellar, and never again aspires to see the light of day for fear of the humiliation and mockery she'll receive, it's not based on any political stance. I really couldn't care less about her politics, or who she supports for President, or anything. I'm a Brit. It means nothing to me. They're all as dumb as each other, and the thought of any Presidential candidate in office is quite frigntening from what I know of their policies.
    I just hate what her childishness is doing to the WWE. That's far more important than any political mess.

    Let's face it… she's a McMahon, by marriage if not by blood. From the McMahon track record, as far as her non-WWE interests go, she's got…
    No Chance, da duh duh dah duhr duhrrrr, No Chance In Hell.

    • Philg

      Totally marked for the last line and started singing the song to myself envisioning vkm’s outrageous walk with more swagger than anything seen otherwise. Kinda miss that as part of raw. I am a Canadian so again none of the political side of this affects me either but your pretty spot on with what you said it’s all bs with politics there is no better choice between the nominees just picking the least idiotic one.


    One again the liberals beat up on the conservatives past. Sickens me. Liberals can get away with anything and its ok but conservatives can't even sneeze. A former President of ours (I'll let you guess who) got impeached but he is considered a savior. Now a former executive of a fictional sports entertainment company gets crucified for stupid storylines and skits. If Linda was a liberal she'd get a pass but just because she's conservative she's trashed as a person. Our country needs to wake up to whats happening all around us. We are becoming slowly but surely a socialist nation. It scares me as to what type of world my kids will have to live in once their grown and if we as a nation don't change our course there won't be a nation of freedom left. Political correctness is destroying us from the inside out. We've got to wise up before its to late.

    • christopher525

      Not about to get in a political debate, because it's too easy to win a battle of wits when the competition is unarmed, but whatever. You want to talk about the impeachment of Clinton, over getting sex outside of marriage, you know that whole republican witch hunt to try forcing him out of power, I would take an affair over sending thousands of men and women overseas to be killed in a war we shouldn't have started. Which is more important, the "sanctity of marriage" or the lives of our military men and women?

      • WNW FAN

        This comment may not make it to the site but I believe in freedom of speech and expression.

        You need to check your facts. Clinton was NOT impeached because of an affair. He was impeached for perjury. Lying under oath on the witness stand. Most people forget that. Some say, "Well what else did you expect him to do?" I'd say set an example because he was the president. Any other citizen of this country would have been jailed for lying. And to your comment on our men and women in uniform…I have the utmost respect for our armed forces for without them we would not have the freedom to have open discussions like we do here on this site. I like all Americans do not want our military in harms way but for one thing its still voluntary to join last time I checked. On another note there have been several presidents, republican AND democrat, that have sent "thousands of men and women overseas to be killed in a war we shouldn't have started" as you put it. I respect the opinions expressed on this site by all but that doesn't mean I agree with them all. I also respect if you disagree with me. I just believe in whats fair and whats right. My convictions in that may be different from others but I care about our nation and the decisions made by our lawmakers. We should remember that they answer to us the voting public, not the other way around.

    • snap

      It’s just a little nitpicky, but WWE isn’t a “fictional sports entertainment company” as it actually DOES exist. A more accurate description would be to replace “fictional” with “theatrical.”

      What the McMahons need to realize is it doesn’t matter how much money they put into the campaign or how much they try to cover up the less than squeaky clean past of WWE, it’s the registered voters of the state of Connecticut who will decided whether or not Linda will win the election. If I were one of them, I certainly would not appreciate the blatant insulting of my intelligence by WWE, not only with removing the content but trying to pull the wool over everybody’s eyes and claiming it is in response to anything BUT Linda’s campaign and, regardless of whether I supported her party or not, I would not vote for her when it came down to mark the ballot.

      I agree with you about political correctness, as Billy Connolly once said “Political correctness is the language of cowardice.”

  • Herman Tank

    At least someone with a real voice has mentioned the McMahon's trying to sweep history under the rug. Actually with this action she might actually make a decent run-of-the-mill politician…man I hate the McMahons…except Shane. He's cool.

  • Spike westphal

    Nooooooooooooo thank god we got the internet to watch past wwe events

    • Hardy

      Actually wwe have taken some of it off the Internet. However at least there is still DVDs of the attitude era 😉

      • christopher525

        For now, until they take those off the shelf, then they decide to find a way to have any sold copies removed from people's homes and replaced with PG forms.

  • Msuth

    Surely I’m not the only one that thinks its funny that WWE13 is being pushed with its “Attitude Era” yet the WWE have pulled this stunt?

  • _JIM_

    That’s kind of a low blow using that old footage against Linda. I’m just shocked that it took somebody this long to try and use some of that attitude era footage. Especially the racier ones that Linda actually appears in. Though WWE owning the rights to all of their footage kind of puts a stop to someone using it, in what WWE sees as a negative way it, rather quickly. It was just amazing to me when I saw just how much of their personal wealth Linda McMahon has spent on trying to get elected. Between her run a couple years ago and her current bid for office I would swear I read somewhere that she’s spent over $55 million of their personal money trying to get elected. That is an insane amount of money, and if she doesn’t get elected again this time after spending that kind of money, then maybe she needs to face the fact that the people just aren’t ever going to elect her. It would be such a horrible waste of funds if she doesn’t get elected. I don’t think I could handle that. Would be rough.

  • Yanman

    I just don’t understand, WWE IS NOT REAL!!! When it was the A******* Era the ratings were different so that parents could act accordingly. There’s so many different ways I could come at this it p***es me the hell off. For one, it’s not like Linda was in some porno getting p****d on a** naked. I guess Arnold Schwarzenegger should never have became CA governor because he portrayed a Terminator and killed a small country of men in “Commando”. This is the part of politics that stinks and is totally unproductive. Left, right, center, inside out, whatever they all do it and it sucks.

  • DoJo

    Hey I just watched wrestling with shadows – the Bret hart docu – and it cracked me up how much the wwe has changed in 12 or so years!!!! VKM states in the doc that fans are not stupid and deserve respect and the way wrestling is turning out (fans cheering for heels aka Austin) is because the fans want it!!!!!!!! It also had me laughing out load when HBK stuck the Canadian flag up his nose & wiped his ass with it!!!!! F FWD to 2012 & no one wants WWE PG yet we still get it & Jericho got in trouble for the Brazilian flag stunt AND to rub salt in wounds they erase it…………….. So much for us fans developing the future LoL I Get WWE PG is aimed at kids and appreciatte that good guys come out on top and all the wholesome stuff but there should be a way to market the product to both audiences???? RAW for Mature content & Smackdown for PG anyone????????

    • Mario

      Great suggestion.

      • Luigi

        Let’s-a go!!!!