Destination X Has Been Announced - Spike TV Special

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There has been a lot of questions regarding Destination X since Hulk Hogan brought it up at Slammiversary. We weren't sure if TNA Wrestling was going to add a PPV this year or if they were going to make it a television special. I weighed the options when I tried to pinpoint Destination X. Dixie Carter just announced on her official Twitter account that Destination X will be held on July 18th on Spike TV. Her tweet is embedded below:

  • michael

    Hopefully they get proper advertising. This can be a great catalyst to gain new audience by showcasing excellent talent.

  • _JIM_

    Having this show on free TV could be a real boost for TNA if Spike actually does some solid advertising for it. How about an ad during a RAW commercial break? Since WWE is smart enough to advertise during Impact, TNA should follow their lead. This show on Spike could help TNA out like the first Clash of the Champions on TBS helped out the NWA back in the day. That one show made Sting a huge star, and definitely show cased the differences in the NWA style compared to the cartoonish WWF style. Only difference is the first Clash was on free TV the same day Wrestlemania was on PPV. Which might just be a good idea that could still work for TNA if they tried it now. If they are going to start putting PPV type shows on free TV, why not put one on Spike up against next year’s Wrestlemania on PPV? It would attract all the fans that just aren’t willing to spend the 75 or whatever insane dollar amount Wrestlemania is now a days. It would also be a great way to show new fans how talented TNA’s talent really is, and emphasize the fact they aren’t PG programming.