More Details On AJ Lee's WWE Return & Standing In The Company

AJ Lee returned to WWE on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw, going over Paige to win back the WWE Divas Championship.

Lee has been away from WWE since April on approved time off. There was never any heat on Lee as she was told to take as much time off as she wanted and there have been plans to reintroduce her to the WWE audience before SummerSlam. Vince McMahon views AJ as the company's top Diva and used her time off to evaluate the division. AJ spent the time off with CM Punk and the two are believed to have gotten married last month. She remained in constant contact with the WWE office but was never pressured to give updates on Punk.

Rumors swirled at the end of last month that AJ was pregnant, however, no one in WWE thought that was the case. In our latest update, we noted how AJ was in "great standing" with Vince McMahon. Not only is Vince a fan of AJ's work on-screen but he likes her as a person as well.

Regarding Lee's current booking, she was part of a double turn on this week's episode of Raw with Paige turning heel.

You can watch AJ Lee's return at this link or embedded in the video below:

  • bull

    Glad she’s back. The divas division needs her. Not to mention she is so gorgeous.

  • Alex

    I’m hoping they keep the feud with AJ & Paige going, it could really help get Paige over as well as give us some good matches.

  • Patrick

    Paige is a better heel

  • kingdook24

    Wow… so it WAS a double turn. Aww… but I love Crazy AJ. Well… we’ll see how this goes. I’m not truly sold on Paige just yet so maybe a heel turn is just what is needed.

    • _lawrenc1

      I’m sold on Paige because her in ring work is better than any other diva other than POSSIBLY A.j., and in my opinion, they are equals in the ring. In ring, I love both. As characters, AJ has shown she can get over as either a face or a heel; no one as of yet buys Paige as a face.

  • Now that they’ve traded title wins in the past 3 months, maybe we’ll actually get a drawn out divas feud between these two?

  • David F

    Paige can now rip on AJ for sleeping her way to the top and being a hypocrite in her diva pipebomb.

    • Jon

      Except that would be rather stupid, seeing that AJ was involved in 3 RAW main events, was the RAW GM, was a special ref of a WWE Title match, was involved in a PPV Main event finish, and was Divas champion ALL before she started dating CM Punk who by the way doesn’t exactly have the greatest of standing in the company anymore to begin with, in case you haven’t noticed.

      So…yeah…that would be an incredibly idiotic promo to have Paige do.

      • _lawrenc1

        I disagree, Jon….with everyone saying Paige is better as a heel, what better way to get heat than by making those accusations?

  • Vic Jose

    Glad to see Paige as a heel, hopefully it boosts her though once again they just made her look weak and flukey by losing.

  • Splat

    I’m excepting Paige to come out next week and blame the fans for “making her” defend the title and it being their fault she lost it. I for one am for it. Bring on heel Paige…

  • Mandy

    I think Paige working as a heel will be much more beneficial for her. Hopefully they will keep her feuding with AJ Lee, their match last night was really good but short. I would love to see them fighting more.

  • JessieJ.

    Damn. I really hope WWE doesn’t drop the ball on this. AJ vs. Paige could potentially be one of the best feuds in the women’s division in YEARS. Here’s hoping that WWE gives them a nice, lengthy, multi-PPV feud.

  • Guest

    AJ Lee.