Details On Alexander Rusev & His Valet Lana

WWE began airing vignettes for Alexander Rusev on this week's episode of Smackdown. Rusev has been on the road with the main WWE roster on live events over the past couple of weeks and was an entrant in the 2014 30-man Royal Rumble match.

Appearing in the vignette with him was his valet Lana. Her real name is C.J. Perry and she had pursued a career in music and acting before signing a WWE developmental contract in June 2013. She's originally from Moscow, Russia. You can check out her NXT profile at this link.

  • JeanAE

    No one seems excited for this.

  • I liked Rusev in NXT. I wasn’t sure if he was ready but it does seem he is up to stay. Now let’s see how he is used.

    • Andrew Bolton

      He reminds me little bit of Umaga, and that’s why I was thrilled watching him ” RR

  • Simon Veitch

    I’m pretty curious to see how he gets used. Just hope he’s not the generic heel who starts tough only to become mid card fodder at best like Snitsky, sylvester terkai, Vladimir kozlov etc..

  • SweetCyn

    #WeWantPaige! And The Ascension

  • Masch

    Lana is not from Moscow! She was born in Gainesville, Florida. She spent several years of her childhood in Latvia! At the age of 17 Perry returned to the United States! But she’s for sure not originally from Moscow, Russia