Details On New WWE Logo, 3MB Set For Wrestlemania; Smackdown Fallout

New WWE Logo

The logo for the WWE Network is in fact the new WWE logo and the company is in the process of transitioning to it. You can view it below:

3MB Set for Wrestlemania

For those that missed it on this week's episode of WWE Smackdown, 3MB were announced entrants for the 30-man Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at Wrestlemania 30. That is the subtitle for this week's Smackdown Fallout that's online at this link or embedded in the video below:

  • Tim

    Question for wrestling / football fans

    Would you enjoy if wwe had a nfl like show. Not to replace the normal weekly episodes. But just something different. By having 32 wrestlers. Wrestling over a 16 week period. And the top 12 best wrestlers. Go to a playoff type scenario. With the final two fighting for a champion of champions belt. Ala a wwe Super Bowl at wrestlemania.

    • LK

      TNA has one of them, it’s called the Bound for Glory Series

      • Juggaloxx420x

        What’s TNA?

    • Mysterion


      • Tim

        And another thing I miss. At least xfl wouldn’t have turned out like the fairy match that is the nfl.

    • Snap

      With the WWE Network, it’s definitely a concept they could experiment with. The worst that could happen is it could flop. Unlike the aforementioned Bound For Glory series, they could actually make it a bit more logical, instead of having various point systems for how a match is won and not having stupid battle royals which could potentially allow the lowest ranked wrestlers in the program to springboard to the top.

      it certainly wouldn’t hurt them to try it out.

      • Actually, it could hurt them…and hurt them bad. The AWA was struggling hard thanks to Vince cannibalizing all his talent. What finally killed them off was nonsense like the “Team Challenge Series.” As for the indie, “Bound For Glory” is truly annoying and always has been. The concept is, in my insignificant opinion, a truly awful one and I hope WWE stays as far away from it (and all it’s permutations) as possible. “Sarge’s Snipers”….LOL!!!!

        • Snap

          How is it any worse than, say, the King of the Ring tournament? Depending on the size of the tournament as well as the numerous qualifying matches, it could essentially be 32 wrestlers fighting for the chance to be the King of the Ring with those who qualify going to a playoff type of scenario (the tournament proper) and the final two typically facing each other in the finals at a PPV.

          I know it’s putting a lot of blind faith in the company, but all it would take is for WWE to do it right but, like I said, the worst that could happen is it could flop and then never see the light of day again. What works in WWE’s favour, though, is they don’t have to worry about gimmicks to stay in business so they could literally have a 32 person round robin tournament with the top 16 moving up to a single elimination tournament. I’ve seen similar concepts in play and they worked just fine.

          • Tim

            Kotr one thing I miss and wish they’d take serious again. Not some crappy one episode version.

        • Tim

          Wwe is the all and out juggernaut of wrestling ever. So a few bad decisions would hurt them. It hasn’t yet. At least not at a permanent stand point. Plus wwe has had multiple shows that failed. Actually all except raw, smackdown and heat for a little.

      • Tim

        I’m a huge hockey fan so I like the point system. But the rumble is stupid. Even for a last hoorah for the worst person.

        But even if it wouldn’t be main stars. It could be all up and coming stars ,and instead of the title. It would be a contract to the main roster.

  • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

    I’m glad 3MB is going to Wrestlemania. Slater has always been one of my favorites.

  • jason witten 82

    Terrible, terrible logo. Just…terrible

  • Chopper

    What i think they need to do is something like the old wwe computer games. Each belt has a group of wrestlers competing to be no.1 contender. Title holders can fight other wrestlers from other groups as to build them up for next push. Simple as that just like football divisions, lets every wrestler be involved, can create new under card story lines all by doing what they did in old computer games & old wwf.

  • Patrick

    going to Wrestlemaina are they? I doubt they make it to Wrestlemania when the Shield gets their hands on them.