Details On A Plan Pitched For The Booking Of CM Punk vs. Ryback At WWE Hell In A Cell That Includes A Major Return, Who Came Up With It & How It Sets Up The Survivor Series Main Event

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It was late into Monday evening before a decision was made about what to do with the WWE Championship at Hell in a Cell in two weeks.

I'm told Paul Heyman and CM Punk (believe it or not) pitched an idea that had Brock Lesnar attacking Ryback at the pay-per-view only for John Cena to make the save. This would setup a main event tag team match at Survivor Series with Ryback teaming with Cena to face Lensar & CM Punk.

Whether or not this happens remains to be seen but the reason I am posting this is to give you an idea of the current creative direction, show you that Heyman is offering input and detail a possible "out" plan for the booking Punk vs. Ryback.

  • PainOfDemise

    I'd be all for this match up and for how HIAC would go down.

  • Bigdaddychuck

    Richard someone from wwe read my comment because I posted that in the comments section on several post several times… Pretty much word for word coincidence I think not

    • outkazt09

      You sir just won 1000 internets.

    • XKonn247

      Chuck, stop commenting. The majority of your comments are asinine and honestly redundant. Please just stop.

      • Hitman310

        I agree with you 110% xkonn.

      • Kleck

        So who pays up these 1000s of internets?

    • Gary

      Almost every possible outcome has been posted by someone.

  • JakShowtime

    That's as good an ending as one could hope for.

  • lsufan324

    But how is that possible with a HIAC match being no DQ

    • amaanakter786

      I sure WWE would want you to convientely forgot that

    • _JIM_

      It works because even though Ryback would lose his streak it would be a dirty finish. So people wouldn’t be bothered by that and it wouldn’t hurt Ryback like a clean loss to Punk. It would also get the writer’s out of having to be so concerned with that stupid streak. Which would open up a ton of different scenarios for the Ryback character. But that’s IF it was to happen during the actual match itself. Lesnar could jump Ryback like 15 minutes before the match and whipe him out so that he can’t compete. Which would open the door for Cena to take his spot. Then in the match have Punk go over Cena with Brock’s help. After the match or the next night on Raw have Ryback and Cena freak out and demand the tag match at the next PPV. Then they would have the entire month to build for the big tag match. This route would keep the streak alive if it’s so important, which I don’t really think it is, and it keeps the title on Punk for a match at the RR against Dwayne. I personally like the first option I put up here because it quietly kills the undefeated streak without hurting the Ryback character at all. He would still look like a beast because not only did it take Punk to beat him, but he needed the help of Brock Lesnar to get the job done. Then Cena could come out after the match and save Ryback from Lesnar and Punk beating him down. They are going to have to do something like this in order to get themselves out of the creative corner they’ve written themselves into by booking Ryback in this match. And it gives them the set-up to announce the tag match on Raw the next night. Sorry to ramble everybody, but I’m really trying to come up with anyway to keep Ryback looking strong even though he lost to Punk. I really want to keep Punk as champ so he can go up against Rocky at the R.B.

      • PainOfDemise

        Ryback wouldn't lose his streak because Lesner would attack Ryback, giving Ryback the win and punk the lost. So his streak is still intact. So you're wall of text is invalid.

        • _JIM_

          HIAC last time I checked was no DQ. So Lesnar could indeed interfere without costing Punk the match. So my point still stands.

  • robsharpe84

    To be honest once the decision was made to choose Ryback it was clearly obvious they would book Lesnar to make the save for a tag type match at survivor series. Heyman guys vs McMahon guys.

    • drew1997

      throw in the rock as a mcmahon guy and pull a shocker and turn stone cold heel as he sides with his roots as a paul heyman guy. then at the end he does what he did at Invasion and turns on punk, sets up both matches at wrestlemania, possibly ryback – lesnar and promotes wwe 13 attitude era all in one shot…..

  • Shocker!

    Again CM Punk knocks The Rock publicly for jumping inside the main event picture, but pitched an idea that Brock Lesnar be included in the main event picture, at a flagship ppv. Please make this; make sense. Its just a blatant double standard and unnecessary jealousy now that this story has been been made public. It doesn't even make sense to use in a storyline with The Rock if this goes down with Lesnar.

    • Jamie

      CM Punk now likes The Rock being Part Time, they are just using his past dislike for him so they can build up to the Rumble (I'm assuming)

    • HOGAN

      This is exactly why I can't stand Punk. The man is a walking double standard. Another example I can throw out is him being good friends with Chael Sonnen who was using roids in his 1st fight against Silva, Punk never mentions it or never mentions how his IDOL Steve Austin being a beer drinker and beating his wife in real wife but when Jon Jones got a DUI he was the 1st one on Twitter too blast him for it smh. Why not do thw same too Sonnen & Austin.

    • Mckendo

      #1 Brock lesnar signed a year contract basically to have a match at all 4 main ppvs. He's already done a job to Cena, the difference there? the rock wins his matches. The rock does jobs for no one. Not even hulk hogan. Until Lesnar main events wrestlemania as a part timer i think that they are just using lesnar creatively. You have to bring lesnar in with punk and heyman at some point. and it needs to make an impact.

  • Jamie

    I said this would happen yesterday lol. Kinda obvious though really..

  • Jamie

    Would Ziggler be cashing in at HIAC? Because If CM Punk was in a tag team would this mean that the WWE Championship isn't going to be defended?

    • kbunyon

      Ziggler cashing in has nothing to do with Punk or the WWE Championship. Ziggler won the MITB contract for a World Heavyweight Championship Match. Cena won the MITB contract for a WWE Championship Match, and cashed it in this past summer.

      Hope that clears things up.

      • Jitters84

        It’s the WWE.. They change story lines and angles like normal people change underwear

      • Jamie

        So if Punk goes into Survivor Series the WWE champ he won't be defending it will he if he is in the tag team match?

  • AntGilroy

    I’ve said this several times over the course of the week on this very site… it’s gonna happen

  • Patrick Peralta

    once they offically announced Punk vs Ryback I figured Lesner would end up being involved.. I hate it but it makes seconce I Like Ryback but feelt hey are pushing him to hard and to quickly he isn't ready for a main event push…. he at this point would be better off challengeing for the IC or US title.

  • john

    why not let ryback win the wwe title then a few weeks after have a triple threat match and have cm punk win it back to go on and face the rock

    • Jamie

      Because they would break Ryback's undefeated streak and would probably kill his gimmick then.

      • Chris.d514

        The streak is for one on one matches so if punk beat cena in a triple threat then the streak could in theory keep going

  • _JIM_

    I meant RR for Royal Rumble instead of the RB I typod at the end of that phone book length comment I wrote. Lol. If Cena is healthy enough I could really see Lesnar taking Ryback out before the match so he can’t even compete. Then Cena could take the match in his place only to get beaten down by Punk and Lesnar so Punk can retain. Its going to be very interesting to see what they come up with to get themselves out of this creative mess that they are in.

  • partyjereme

    No wonder the IWC loves Heyman because I have seen hundreds of people come up with that same idea, except instead of a tag team match it's usually Team McMahon vs. Team Heyman in a Survivor Series match.

  • ceedot

    I like the idea, but hope that WWE don’t read this and change because of it.

  • Gold Nugget

    I hope this isn't the case. I pray too God that Ryback walks out of HIAC with the title, Punk's title reign has been pretty boring. I thought I'd never say this but his reign has been so bad IMO that I miss the days of Cena as champ.

    • Evonreese

      I agree. I don’t want to waste my money if Punk retains. And what happened to everyone crying about Ryback losing to Cena? Once again super Punk will look like a super hero defeating a man that in reality is impossible and Lesnar will look weak as pond water. Ryback needs to win clean if they are going to build him up. It’s time for a new champ. Feed me something new.

  • aeaton45

    I think it’s hilarious that all you ppl loved punk not that long ago and now ur against him? U know how long it’s been since someone has had a title reign as long as punk currently has? Like seriously? You all are a bunch of idiots and that’s a nice way of putting it. First it’s super Cena now it’s super punk you morons r never satisfied. If it were up to you imbeciles the title would change hands every month and heel and face turns would flip flop like fucking pancakes. Seriously just sit back, shut up and watch wrestling for the love of god!!!!!

    • Blaze

      I still like punk.

    • Evon Reese

      Who made you God of wrestling? Just because someone disagrees with you does not give you the right to berate them. You must be lacking in a few brain cells if you think you can bully people into being quite and not voicing their opinions on here.

  • Mckendo

    Clearly all the punk haters havent watched BEST IN THE WORLD yet…. he is unbelievable, regardless of if you like how cocky he can be , people BEGGED for a CM PUNK heel turn, and they got it in spades. now they are complaining when he pulls typical heel hold on the belt at all costs stunts.

    • Pluto

      Who begged? I was never a Punk fan too begin with. Always thought the man was a great wrestler but still a tad overrated IMO, I just find it funny how it's okay for Punk fans too bash the Rock or Cena but if anybody on here says that there not a fan of Punk you guys wanna resort too name calling smh.

  • Evon Reese

    Punk will team up with who ever necessary to retain that title. That's why the pitch for Cena to make the save. He needs Lesnar and Cena more than they need him. I can't see Cena supporting him if he doesn't get his act together and quit attacking fans.