Details On Darren Young's First Match On WWE TV Since Coming Out

Darren Young worked his first match on WWE television since coming out (See also - Darren Young – I’m A WWE Superstar And I’m Gay) on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw. Young tagged with his partner Titus O'Neil to oppose Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro, turning the tag team into babyfaces.

Many were interested to see the reactions that Young would garner since coming out last week and we noticed a big pop. Young looked good in the ring and WWE booked the Prime Time Player over clean as the finish saw Young hit Gut Check on Cesaro and pin him for the victory.

  • Justin Lal

    It was a decent response, not a great one. But speaking of responses how about those “We the People” chants? Considering it was in Anaheim, those chants were pretty loud for the Real Americans.

    • PFElton

      He’s trying to advance his “progressive” liberal social views here, it sounds better as if the crowd just came unglued for the openly gay guy instead of a pretty standard reaction.

      • Xavier

        Your a Bill O’Reilly guy, we get it.

      • Mike Elliott

        I’ve seen A LOT of dumbasses on this site, but you, Sir. You take the cake.

        • PFElton

          Oh now we’re going to personal attacks for no apparent reason. Okay.

          Tell me something, you 350 pound Neckbeard, do babies have a chance to scream in fear when they see you or do you eat them before they get a chance?

          • Mike Elliott

            Wow… that TOTALLY hurt me! Richard is a dumbass as well for letting you on here. All you’re doing in EVERY SINGLE ONE of your comments is telling people they’re wrong and trying to start shit. Richard, if I were you I’d ban him dude.

    • Guy Landau

      To be fair, I chant “We The People” as well. I put my hand over my heart and recite it with them. In NXT Cesaro constantly gets these chants as well. I don’t think it’s about the agenda as it is about supporting the wrestlers or just liking to chant that. Many chants are just fun to do.

      As for Young, I did think his response was very positive considering PTP never actually turned. The crowd gave him a big pop at one point, but yeah, it could have just been because PTP’s face turn was long overdue.

      • PFElton

        No no no, it was all because Richard’s coverage has made everyone see gay’s as wonderful and brave.

        • Guy Landau

          Do you not think coming out publicly requires bravery, if only by the obviously overwhelming responses on both sides of the issue?

        • fddfdddd

          Would you not agree that announcing yourself as gay in a male dominated sport or infact any sport is not brave. Because if not you are part of the reason that many people choose not to divulge.

  • PFElton

    Oh wow, yeah, the openly gay guy wrestled a match on TV, super, definitely worth its own article because he’s so brave and an American hero and it’s so important.

    • Jerihoar

      It must be! You clicked, read and whined like an idiot about it.

  • LeftyTosser

    Real progress is when articles like this one are not written because it doesn’t matter. The people of CA could care less as long as his makeup is right and he looks good in front of a camera.

    • Guy Landau

      I’ll argue real progress is made when articles like this – or mentioning Darren Young’s sexual orientation on TV – do not need to be written. However, given the current circumstances in the world where gay rights are in their diapers (see Russia for example), WWE should openly support the first guy to come out in WWE. They shouldn’t change his character, but they should at least through the announcers, let the fans know he has come out, because many closet homosexuals could draw inspiration from Darren if they knew.

      • PFElton

        Once again, as soon as Vinnie Mac found out Chris Kanyon was gay in 2002 he fired him. He is NOT THE FIRST OPENLY GAY WRESTLER.

        • Guy Landau

          He is the first one to stay in WWE post coming out, and that is exactly why it is a big deal and should be acknowledged.

          • PFElton

            Yeah, congratulations to Darren Young for being the first openly gay wrestler that Vince didn’t immediately fire. What a champ.

          • Guy Landau

            No one said “push him to the moon”. What was said is that WWE should acknowledge his coming out and publicly support him in regards to the media backlash that comes with coming out.

          • Hello

            You seem a bit bitter…

  • Bob Cavicchioli

    I was more struck by the fact PTP are now faces… I always thought that was a better fit for them. They are a good team, bring a little humor, and have awesome catch phrases. And let’s face it, Titus is gonna be a star.

    • Xavier

      Agreed. I’ve been a fan of Titus for a while now.

    • John

      Exactly they always seemed to get heat but apart from the cheap heel tactics there was nothing stopping them from being faces. Glad they are getting pushed though they deserve it

  • John

    Why would anyone who is gay in professional wrestling, particularly the WWE, want to come out when such a big deal is made about it? I get the significance of it & i get that it is news, however do we really need a weekly report on how Darren Young is booked now that he is gay?

    As a few people have said already, the day that someone in the public eye (wrestler/celebrity/sportsman) can come out as being gay & it isn’t considered to be headline news, is the day that being gay will be accepted around the world.

    • Guy Landau

      However, don’t confuse corrolation with causation. Not making a big deal about it won’t MAKE gays accepted, but will just be a bi-product of their acceptance. As things currently stand these things do need to be made a big deal to increase awareness.

      • PFElton

        Lol you said BI-product.

        And you thinking awareness needs to be risen is a social standpoint and has absolutely nothing to do with pro wrestling journalism.

        • Guy Landau

          This is absolutely my personal opinion and I will stand by it. I may be wrong but through our interactions so far I take it you don’t share this social stance of mine.

          I never claimed to be objective on this issue. This is a social issue that came up in regards to wrestling recently, so I am discussing my personal stance in that regard on this pro wrestling journalism site. I write opinion-based pieced on the site. Read the opening paragraph in each and every Weekly Rundown, it even warns you as much. I have never refrained from expressing my opinions, especially in the comment section. This is absolutely a social and values-based discussion, I don’t think a single person here taking part in it thought otherwise.

          And yes, my misspelling of by-product in this particular instance ended up being rather amusing considering the circumstances.

          • PFElton

            Bro, on your column and in the comments you are more than entitled to state your opinion. I’m not faulting you for that.

            I’m faulting Richard for his big push to spin social stances in to his journalism. As someone who has done journalism, I find it violating of convention and protocol.

            Frankly, if Rich redirected the effort he puts in to his social stances back to his reporting, the site would return to previous levels of quality that aren’t here anymore.

          • Wtf You talking about

            So what your saying is that you are afraid of change?

          • PFElton

            Said nothing like that, nice try though. Here, I can do the Liberal spinaroo too:

            So what you’re saying is everyone in the WWE should be gay?

          • Guy Landau

            I’m not going to go to the fence for Richard, I will give you this very small counter argument.

            I know that I, had I not watched RAW, would be interested in seeing how Darren was utilized. I would have been glad that WNW posted an update on Young’s booking since it was the first time he appeared on TV since coming out.

  • Charles

    WWE most likely will publicly address the Darren Young issue in due time. Summerslam just wrapped up we have new factions forming, Cena is out 4-6months there isn’t a reason to throw this at us too.

    How long has it been since PTP won a match on TV.
    They were practically 3MB. As good as it is that the WWE is apparently going to give them a push it shouldn’t be because of any announcement it should be because it’s long overdue.

  • Nostaljack

    The reaction was pretty mundane. Nothing to write home about, really.

  • JOhn

    Next JTG will come out and he’ll be main eventing RAW each week…