Details On Fines Jack Swagger Faces

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Jack Swagger faces the following fines from his arrest on Tuesday night:

  • $188 for speeding
  • $437 for possession of marijuana
  • $1,300 for Driving Under the Influence if it's his first offense

Swagger can pay the speeding and marijuana fines via check or online but must appear before a judge on the DUI charge. He could also lose his driver's license for 90 days.  All three are misdemeanor charges.

Swagger's plea date is March 12, 2013.

  • Not to underplay what he did, but it looks like he’s getting off easy and HOPEFULLY he learns his lesson. Especially that it doesn’t appear WWE is taking any action, too. He should be very thankful and a changed man.

    • PainOfDemise

      If anything, it will just give him a bigger head. The “I’m too good and valuable to get punished”.

  • Really just a slap on the wrist for pot, guess its good its not cocain or something else

  • Dangerous Lee

    The law can’t do much to punish him. He’s got money. Lets hope WWE has the balls to punish him.

  • John Palley

    Congratulations, you are teaching Swagger that, despite bad press, his superiors will roll over for him. The more he is indulged, the more of an embarrassment he’ll become.

  • I realize that people are upset with WWE’s handling of Swagger, but we should put ourselves in WWE’s shoes. They already invested a EC win in Swagger as well as many vignettes. It’s not easy to book someone new into the main event without having that EC platform to work off of. WWE clearly does their disciplinary actions based on what’s best for them as a company and I have no problem with that — they are a company which means they have to look out for their best interest.

  • doubleb1076

    damn lose liscense for 90 days, im from tn. 1st time offense for dui is u lose liscense for whole year. he got off light.