Details On How A Popular Twitter Prankster Nearly Sunk WWE's New Deal With The Social Networking Website & How The Prankster Has Moved To A Backup Twitter Account

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As we reported last week here on, WWE has entered into a new partnership with Twitter to introduce new rich content inside Tweets. The deal reportedly cost WWE a large sum of money as they are one of eleven other partners to join the new deal with the social networking website.

Believe it or not, the popular "Cranky Vince" Twitter account that parodies Vince McMahon nearly sunk the deal. I'm told WWE officials requested the account be shutdown or they would pull out of the deal. Twitter is worried about the bad press that could come out that if you partner with them, the service will be censored in order to assure their compensation.

Meanwhile, while "Cranky Vince" has been suspended, the account which is believed to be ran by a former WWE star, has moved to

  • PainOfDemise

    What does it matter if they shut down the handle or not? They should know that it will never be stopped. They will always be able to create a new handle everytime theirs get shut down.

  • elgato48

    I’ve been wondering if it’s nash. Especially after his social network is his ps3 comment

  • buddah5050

    What WWE star was it???

  • SDD619

    I'm thinking it was Goldust doing it.