Details On How Randy Orton's Latest Suspension Marks The Fifth Time He Has Been Suspended From WWE - A Detailed Look Back At Every Suspension Including What I've Been Told Caused Him To Receive "Strike Two" Under The WWE Wellness Policy & The Subsequent 60-Day Suspension

There's been a lot of information following WWE's announcement that Randy Orton has been suspended for 60-days following his "second violation" of the WWE Wellness Policy. Many are questioning the number of strikes Orton actually has, so we were able to dig up the times Orton has been suspended from WWE.

  • Randy Orton was first suspended in 2005 for testing positive for steroids but there was no Wellness Policy in place at the time. His push was toned down as punishment.
  • On April 4, 2006 Orton was suspended by WWE for 60 days for "unprofessional conduct." Orton later explained the suspension in an interview where he said his conduct was unbecoming of a champion and that is something he would be when he returned. To cover for the suspension, an angle was done where Kurt Angle "broke" Orton's ankle during a grudge match. Orton later said he was suspended for smoking marijuana backstage. Bruce Prichard was the one who handled the suspension, which was Randy's second before the WWE Wellness Program was in play.
  • On August 17, 2006 Orton was suspended for violating the WWE Wellness Policy, his "first strike" under the program. At the time, Orton was in a big feud and taken off shows but worked against Hulk Hogan at SummerSlam before missing another two weeks.
  • On August 4, 2007 WWE suspended 11 workers, including Orton, who were using the Signature Pharmacy, an Internet prescription service, to obtain performance enhancing drugs. It was learned that Orton received shipments of Somatropin, Nandrolone and Stanozolol (HGH and anabolic steroids) from the service from September 2004 until the service was formally investigated in February 2007. The information was leaked to Sports Illustrated and ESPN, giving WWE a lot of unwanted publicity.
  • Earlier this evening, it was announced Orton was suspended effective today for 60-days for his second strike under the WWE Wellness Policy although this is the third under the new Wellness policy. I'm told his recent test results revealed a form of Dianabol and traces of marijuana, thus resulting in the suspension.

In total, this is the fifth time Orton has been suspended by WWE and technically his third Wellness strike.

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    stupid! stupid! stupid!

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    Just fire him already, he’s a liability and he’s dull and he thinks he’s the greatest worker ever. The rest of the locker room doesn’t like him. Send him to TNA to work with Ken Anderson, who he intentionally got fired, that could be turned into an interesting angle – not that TNA could be counted on to handle that well. The promos from both guys would practically write themselves.

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    Oh give him a break if wwe let him go alot of people will stop watching wwe hes the only reason smackdown is surviving hes one the guys that brings in the big bucks to wwe

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      'The only reason Smackdown is surviving'….What a ridiculous statement

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    He should be above getting tested.

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    I was thinking that Randy had started looking a little too big lately, but since he hadn't failed any tests I thought it was just in my head. Goes to show you have to go with your gut feelings. Someone needs to tell Randall that there are ways around failing drug tests, and with his money there really isn't any excuse for it other than stupidity.

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    Buddy wrestling is fake what does it matter if he does roids never really understood that . not like wwe pushs there talent from in ring performance anyways. its called enhances his look thats what wwe pushs talent on

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    Question here, if a worker is suspended are they still subject to testing?