Details On Ryback-John Cena, Turning Ryback Heel

While there was a panic to write The Rock off of this week’s WWE Raw on Monday afternoon, the plan all along was to have Ryback attack John Cena on this week’s show.

I haven’t heard if there are plans to program them leading into Extreme Rules but that doesn’t seem far off considering the conclusion of Raw.  However, it should be noted that WWE made it a point to acknowledge Rock was still the number one contender.

As for Ryback working as a heel, he’s been pushing for a turn for months. As we’ve reported on Premium, Ryback has realized he has a better chance of working as the top heel rather than surpassing Cena as the company’s top babyface. However, his ultimate goal, and he hasn’t been shy about saying it, is to surpass Cena.

  • calebo

    Where does that leave Punk

    • Chris

      Who cares, Punk couldn’t draw shit as champion.

      • Carlos is a dumbass

        LMFAO, Punk fanboys will never admit that. Notice how much better RAW was without Punk there. McMahon may finally be on to something.

        • Xavier

          Your name suggest that you are a major douche/troll. RAW would of been just as entertaining if not more with Punk there.

          • Jimmy

            I agree, imagine that crowd + Punk.

          • 1SG

            way to represent the armed forces private! You really know how to conduct yourself accordingly and “live” the army value. Especially RESPECT.

      • Tiff

        434 days seem to disagree with you. Not a Punk ass-kisser, just stating a fact- Punk wouldn’t of been kept champ that long if he didn’t draw. Cena was kept champ for just about a year as well. Your point is no longer valid.

        • Chris

          RAW never doing over 3.0 in TV ratings when he was champ seem to agree with me. go crawl in a hole Punk fanboy

          • Noelz

            What were the ratings during cenas last run

          • Snap

            It’s not worth arguing. Haters are gonna hate. When ratings don’t improve with Cena as champ, they’ll find some pitiful excuse about how it’s not Cena’s fault.

          • Matt

            never? Prove it.

      • Kris Guenther

        I don’t know why people think that one person draws a TV rating. If Punk was the one who “drew ratings,” that would mean that everyone tuned into his segments only, and then no one tuned into anything else on the show. Just because someone is WWE Champion doesn’t mean he owns a TV rating. Stone Cold didn’t “own” a TV rating, and neither did Cena, Miz, Punk, etc. Your TV ratings come to multiple factors including who’s on the show, storylines, interest, timing, availability, etc. Should we fire Miz because he didn’t “draw” enough compared to 2009 ratings? Should we just fire every WWE Champion since May of 1999 who isn’t Stone Cold because no one “drew” more than an 8.2 rating, the highest in Raw history?

        I get it kids, some of you love Punk and some of you despise him. I love your enthusiasm. But you got to look at the bigger picture and the context of the times.

        • Snap

          Exactly! RAW isn’t “The CM Punk Show” or “The John Cena Show” and the rating isn’t indicative of the drawing power of any one wrestler. If the show is bad, people are going to tune out no matter what and it’s not like those people are going to automatically tune back in the next week.

          What’s really funny is the people who so vehemently hate on Punk are probably the same people who complain about Cena haters. It’s usually the Cena fans who throw a fit when they realize people don’t love their hero.
          I prefer Punk over Cena but, then again, I would prefer Hornswoggle over Cena (unless there was a major overhaul which took all of the “dork” and “lame” out of Cena.).

          • Carlos is a dumbass

            LMFAO. What’s even funnier is listening to Punk fanboys such as your self try to make up excuses for why Punk can’t draw. Usually the ppl who hate on Cena are Punk fans. Notice how CM Punk told smark fans to “FUCK OFF” the other day, he was talking to you. How does it feel to know your own hero hates you and doesn’t respect you. Cena WILL ALWAYS be a bigger draw then Punk, how does it feel to know your hero Punk will never surpass Cena has the top guy in wrestling. Any man who sticks their penis in a vagina on a regular basis knows that Cena is better then Punk. I know that e

          • Carlos is a dumbass

            Correction: This will never be CM Punk’s show because ratings suck with him at the top of the card. It’s funny how all the Cena haters are Punk fanboys who live in their mama’s basement with blow up dolls.

            I’d rather watch Tensai dance then have to sit tghru one of Punk’s crappy pipe bomb promos about “respect” or his overrated matches.

            You Punk fanboys make up 1000 excuses for why Punk couldn’t even draw a 3.0 in the year and a half he was champ.

            Oh and did you see how Punk told the smark fans to “F off” the other day? He was talking to fans like you. How does it feel to know that your own hero doesn’t give a damn about you?

          • Rayner Chee-bai

            “Oh and did you see how Punk told the smark fans to “F off” the other
            day? He was talking to fans like you. How does it feel to know that your
            own hero doesn’t give a damn about you?”

            Punk just in-character, just like most of the old school wrestlers in the 80’s and 90’s. And just like you, I’m not a Punk fanboys.

            What’s up Carlos is a dumbass, or can I just call you dumbass? We’re gathered just to have a healthy debates and comments about wrestling and yet you still brought in the “mama’s” things and all of your blow up dolls. Get a girlfriend can ya’?

          • Carlos is a dumbass

            I wasn’t referring to you, but seeing how the “blow up doll” comment offended you I take it you have one, so if the shoe fits then where it.

          • Rayner Chee-bai

            no i don’t have one. do you? cuz I think you’re mixed up your sex life with mine.

          • If you’re a fan, you’re a mark

            Actually, he was talking to the people who felt he was disrespecting Paul Bearer. Just like the media, you take it out of context to fit your agenda. Bravo.

          • Dozer

            I don’t like punk and I don’t like Cena. They have both become boring and predictable in the ring and on the mic

        • James

          I totally agree, it’s not one persons show. Also as long as Cena is face nobody will have a chance to be in that spot. Everyone keeps saying there is no one to replace him as face, that is simply because no body is given the chance. Cena keeps getting the push and main event spots and winning matches. People want someone new to cheer for as a face. There are a few people that could take Cenas spot if they were only given the chance, but nobody will be able to if cena stays face. But I think that cena turning heel will never happen, because pleasing the fans doesn’t seem to be on the agenda.

          • Carlos is a dumbass

            Punj had his run at the top and refused to put guys like Ryback, Ziggler & Bryan over. He’s worse then Cena in that regard. Dry your tears and expect the fact that Punk will never be “the man” in WWE, he’ll always be Scottie Pippin to Cena’s Jordan. No matter how many stupid pipe bombs he wants to drop Vince just isn’t that impressed.

          • James

            I never said I even liked Punk, or that I hated Cena, obviously he’s great for the “company”, Cena just needs a change. You’re right punk had his chance. But nobody else has, or has even got the push and support from the powers that be, they through feuds at cena he overcomes and they get thrown on the back burner. I just think until cena becomes heel or is done, no one will ever have a chance at being the face.

    • Kerri

      Hopefully taking time off to heal all his various nagging injuries and burn out.

  • James Gillam

    People will cheer for Ryback if he is heel or not against Cena, just because we are sick of the Cena character. The only thing keeping my interest after WM is Ziggler as WHC, and about damn time!

  • Lindsay

    The way the crowd popped for Ryback it really looked like he was more face than ever!

    • Xavier

      Those Northeast crowds always cheer the heels or someone who attacks Cena so that’s no surprise. It’ll be interesting to see what reaction he gets out on the West Coast, down South or in the Midwest.

      • Kerri

        They cheered who they wanted and who they liked. Taker, Bryan, Kane, and Jericho are faces and Bryan got the pop of the night next to Ziggler.

        The whole “North East” cheers heels stuff is so old an annoying now. They cheer who they find entertaining- there’s a big difference.

        • Xavier

          . But they still cheer the heels. They also cheer Cena’s opponents.

      • Lebron James

        EVERYONE boo’s Cena. Where have you been the past 8 years? They could do a show in Uganda and they will still boo him. Stop making excuses for this guy being hated in every arena. Something needs to change.

        • Xavier

          I’m not making excuses, I’m looking at the numbers. The fact that he’s the most requested celebraty at Make-A-Wish, and the fact that he’s the highest drawing champion since the attitude are, or the fact that his net worth is well over $150 million. If everybody hated Cena like you suggested then explain the numbers to me then that suggest otherwise.

          • Gary Robert

            uh little children

          • Xavier

            Nah I’m a grown ass man who serves in the US Army. What do you do for a living little boy?

          • Dozer

            I think he means little children are the ones that request him at make a wish. Kids love John Cena. Id say a lot of people are cena fans but there are probably just as many people that never liked him or are sick of him. To be honest he is boring both in the ring and on the mic now adays. Im sure you military men love him since he does his soldier solute bs

          • Darren

            $150 million? That’s overestimating by about $110 – $115 million dollars, as Forbes calculated his net worth to be $35 million not even a year ago.

          • Xavier

            I stand corrected. You are right. But the point remains the same. what other full time wrestler is worth more?

      • budgie

        I see what you’re saying, but the was THAT hot because of the mix of Europeans leftover from Wrestlemania. You’ll never find a crowd like that across America, the mix of nationalities works well across every sport.

  • Michael

    Ryback next Wwe champion feed me more!

    • unLich

      turn heel Ryback new WWE Champ @ extreme rules….

  • Jason Barlow

    I don’t know, with that reaction tonight, it may backfire like it did years ago with Orton, Ted, and Cody and Ryback may stay face while Cena goes heel with the crowd.

    • Gary Robert

      He’s already disliked by the crowd.

  • Lebron James

    They turned the wrong guy heel. Vince is out of his mind, delusional, out of touch, and borderline idiotic. NOBODY likes Cena. 80% of the crowd always boo’s Cena on any given night. Why still keep him as a face? The majority of your fan base wants this guy to become a heel, why not do all of us that favor? Tonight was a great RAW, but this whole Cena crap always gets to me. I hate that guy’s character so much. I don’t see the crowd boo’ing Ryback if they do decide to set them up in a program, the Cena hate is at an all time. Vince, WAKE UP! *Ryback Voice*

    • Xavier

      NOBODY likes Cena? The merch sales, facebook & tweeter followers, troops over seas would suggest otherwise. The IWC hates Cena, which only makes up only 15% of the fanbase.

      • Thunder71

        Cena going with the boos and turning heel…since he’s acknowledging them…and then by Cena trying to mock Ryback’s Feed Me More movements were actually a good set up to turn Cena heel…he’s been face for so long and really the only problem peeps have with him is the fact that for whatever reason..the three moves of doom he continually uses in match after match (Spine Buster, Five Knuckle Shuffle, Attitude Adjuster) is where I see peeps not liking him..its been how many years and he’s won match after match doing the three moves of doom? Hell he made me jump out of my seat when he threw in a power bomb a few weeks ago…and I actually said to my buddy well at least he’s adding variety and I cheer for the guy cause I know how much he means to most of the WWE Universe.

        • Xavier

          Creatively turning Cena heel would be great, I get that. I wanna see it myself, but most people aren’t seeing the bigger picture here. The guy is still as OVER as he ever was with his fanbase which is the troops, women & children. He still sales more merchandise then anyone on the roster, is huge in social media (just look at his followers on Twitter & Facebook), and then there is the Make-A-Wish, Fight against breast cancer stuff that he does as well. Cena as a face has brought in so many sponsors to the E which equals $$$. and then I haven’t even mentioned the PR stuff he does. Who fills Cena’s shoes when it comes to all that stuff?

          • Smart Mark

            Miz is getting there. He’s got an extremely long way to go but he’s getting there.

      • Matt

        That 15% seems to be the majority in every arena worldwide.

        • Xavier

          But that 85% seems to be the majority when it comes to merch sales, ratings, social media & sponsors. Remember the “I hate Cena’ shirts that all the Cena haters were buying? We’ll who the hell do you think makes money off of that. Did you see all the talk shows that Cena was on before RAW? There’s a reason why he’s the most requested wrestler when it comes to PR, it’s because he’s still OVER. As long as he’s getting reactions then he will remain so. If the haters truly hated him and wanted him to go away then it would be wise if they just stopped reacting to him at all, . The Cena character’s gimmick thrives off of the mixed reactions every night. McMahon has literally turned that into the selling point of the gimmick.

      • Ross Smaglinski

        the troops like Cena because Cena throws himself at them, Cena can’t share the spotlight when it comes to performing for the Military, He will throw him self out there just so he gets the bigger pop. and I believe the guy who is trying to be Lebron James,Vince missed the boat again

        • Xavier

          ^^ You make absolutely no sense.

    • Smart Mark

      A “majority” of his fan base do not want him heel. Only the IWC wants him heel.

      • Gary Robert

        Guy, he gets boo’ed out of the arena on a weekly basis. Id say thats the MAJORITY of people making that noise. And the same people who make up the IWC are the same ones who attend events and watch the shows.

  • Don Tonberry

    BREAKING NEWS: NJ crowd announced head of class of 2014 Hall of Fame.

    • Simon Veitch

      Absolute gold! But I totally agree, the fans went nuts!

  • jdl

    He doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of working as the top heel in the company so long as Punk is around. Or Big Show or Orton for that matter if they actually pull the trigger on Orton’s long rumored heel turn.

    • Chris

      Nobody gives a rat ass about Punk. Ryback will be way more over

      • Gary Robert

        they don’t? Weird b/c half the arena chants his name with each match….while he works as a heel. Only heel in history I’ve seen that happen with.

        • 123

          Weird, b/c fans where cheering Austin back in 96-97 when he was still a heel. So no Punk wasn’t the only heel in history getting that reaction. Go brush up on your wrestling history you uneducated wrestling mark

  • Mark

    I don’t like Cena, but if I were in charge of the business side of things. I understand if he continues to make the company money and good publicity such as Make a Wish for children. Ryback’s ring work is a joke as is the creative writing for him. He’s built to be a monster and unstoppable, yet loses at every pay per view so far. He lost to Punk at HIAC and Survivor Series, lost to the Shield at TLC, lost the RR, lost to the Shield at Elimination Chamber, and lost to Mark Henry at Wrestlemania. Does that sound like a guy to be fighting Cena for the WWE Title?

  • Case

    Just curious… why does Ryback have to be heel? Rock vs. Cena proved you can sell a match that’s face vs. face. Obviously Ryback is not at the level of either Rock or Cena yet but he’s still over in a huge way right now. Why not just let both men feud as their current characters and let the fans decide who they want to cheer more? I think the stubborn old mindset of every match HAVING to be face vs. heel is going to ruin this angle if they try to make Ryback heel, he doesn’t have the mic skils and generic monster type heels have terribly short runs these days.

  • Dozer

    Everyone needs to chant “boring” when ever cena is on the mic and “same ol Sh*t” when he is in control of a match. This must be done in every stadium he shows up in and then maybe he will go away for while