Details On The Comments Made By AW That Resulted In An Apology From Michael Cole

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Abraham Washington made a very dated joke regarding Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant during Kofi Kingston vs. Titus O'Neil on this week's Raw.

Washington, who is mic'd while at ringside with his "clients," told the crowd that Titus was "more unstoppable than Kobe Bryant in a Colorado hotel."

AW was making reference to the sexual assault allegations brought against Bryant in the summer of 2003 where a 19-year-old hotel employee filed a sexual assault complaint.  The case was later dropped when the accuser refused to testify .  A civil suit was later filed by the woman in which Bryant settled out of court and issued an apology but admitted no guilt.

Michael Cole later apologized for "remarks made by A.W." but didn't specifically reference the joke.

  • Logan_Walker

    personally i never got that joke but i found it funny.

    • Ashley

      Yes because jokes about sexual assault are just so funny….

      • Hillbilly Jim

        Yeah your right, we will forgive and forget, cause its Kobe! Good for AW!!!

      • joe

        wow lot of people agree with you dont they?

  • true wrestling fan

    I like AW,, but that joke was in very poor taste

  • Matt

    Yeah, it's a horrible idea to give someone a constant live mic especially during a match. I hope they stop that

    • Anand

      Its kinda irritating. Whats the point of having a commentary team when this guy is constantly mouthing off during the match?

      • Ken

        AW is the modern day Jimmy Hart is all. It's supposed to be irritating now just as Hart's megaphone was supposed to be annoying back in the day. Looks like he's doing his job well enough.

  • Lenny

    I wonder if any punishement will come to Mr. W?

  • elgato48

    Great joke. Kobe got away with rape If anyone should be offended it should be him. I’m sure he doesn’t want people remembering that.

    • Bault16

      It wasn’t rape

      • Jesse

        who knows really… from what I have heard and seen , odds are, if you are rich there is a GREAT chance that you will get away with rape/murder or the likes… then again, feemales are by far NOT the most honest creatures on this 3rd ball from the sun. Probably guilty. Just like OJ. This shows the overall degradation of modern society. This ball will be covered in shit in the not too distant future at this rate… A higher power will give this fecal covered ball a good "kick" when need be.

  • AntGilroy

    Lighten up!!! Plus two weeks go AW said the referee was “more blind then Stevie wonder”

    Tasteless jokes but come on… Funny

  • elgato48

    It was rape. He paid her off to shut her up. He raped her

    • Nostaljack

      You were there, huh?

      • Chowder

        Of course he was. Same way you were there to say he didn’t, right?

        • Randy

          Hahaha owned!

        • joe

          i dont think you're supposed to automatically assume that without proof detective chowder

          • Nostaljack

            Agreed, Joe. Assumptions only get people into trouble. If you weren't there, you don't know whether he did or didn't. Fairly simple, really…

  • Josh

    This is just a big misunderstanding, AW was referring to the monster party the Lakers had in a Colorado hotel the night that Kobe dropped 50 in the Pepsi Center.

  • Yanman

    Damn, that Kobe hotel incident happened back in 2003… man time flies. Nothing wrong with the joke itself but almost 10 years ago is pretty dated. Make a joke about something more recent, there’s plenty of material to be used.

  • John

    One match against Primo and Epico, he said something along the lines of going to taco bell.

  • Tyler

    It was freakin hillarious!!!! cudos AW I applaud u!

  • Btb

    Is this really any worse than on the smackdown christmas show when rowdy piper suggested putting eye drops in someones drink? People have been hospitalized and put in comas from that shit. Be a star.

  • Richard

    I hate that “AW”. Who the hell calls themselves “AW”??? Very stupid.

    • joe

      wwe creative you moron, if you want to rip a stupid name look at hornswoggle

  • unknown

    id understand if it was too soon but it has been nearly ten years since that happened. tasteless? probably but the easy fix would be to just not mic him up during the matches

  • Robert olley

    It’s just wwe not wanting any bad press again. The worlds way too pc now can’t even makes jokes about a rapist paying off a victim after 10 years.

  • Austin

    Love how people are constantly complaining about WWE not being edgy enough. Then something like this comes along and people go crazy. I thought the joke was funny.

    • ChrisH

      Hope you don’t find it funny if your family member gets assaulted by someone rich enough to buy his way out of punishment.

      • joe

        i wouldnt laugh if my chicken crossed the road as i have to get said chicken so are those jokes offensive?

        • ChrisH

          …a joke about a chicken crossing the road compared to a joke about Kobe being unstoppable in a hotel where he is accused of raping a young girl…

          Yeah, I can TOTALLY see how you can compare those things. You absolute moron.

  • Kevin

    The joke was funny, and would have probably NOT drawn as much bad publicity as it has had it not been for the recent attack at the movie theater in Colorado. I had to work Monday night, so when I got home I watched Raw on the internet. When he told that joke, I thought I heard the name Kobe Bryant, but I KNEW I heard Colorado mentioned. I immediately thought of the recent theater attack. I had to go back and listen a second time before I was sure I had heard Kobe Bryant mentioned. Then I just didn't get the joke. I had forgotten about those charges all those years ago. I don't think the joke itself was bad, just the timing.

  • Luke

    why does everyone have to get offended by everything. People shouldn’t have to worry about what they say, its wrestling!