Details On The Identity Of Bobby Roode's "Legal Adviser" On Impact Wrestling

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TNA Champion Bobby Roode's legal adviser, announced as William Kelly, on last night's episode of Impact Wrestling was Shane Haste.

Haste teamed with Mikey Nicholls to work a dark match against Gunner & Kid Kash after Monday's TV taping.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    Shane is a OVW wrestler

    • SC89

      Not so, he wrestles for EPW here in Perth Australia but him and Nicholls have been touring the world since last year. Been to Japan and now America. One hell of a tag team

  • Dufus

    Now that it's been revealed he is not legal council I guess TNA ( Impact ) will have to come up with something new for Shane Haste, so much for keeping a secret – lol

  • Sam Williams

    So good to see someone from Perth on TNA! Such and awesome wrestler to see live, hope to see him much more on tv!

  • I can’t really fault Cena too much for not gitteng up too quick after Ryder’s version of Samoa Joe/ken Anderson’s Face Wash (whatever he calls it), because I don’t know if it was Cena not having his head in the right spot or Ryder just plain missing the mark (I think it’s the latter), but it looked like he really kicked Cena in the head, and I mean really clobbered him. I was like Damn, I hope Cena is alright. . Also the whole sequence is very illogical, it makes for a very poor setup to the Flying Dick Attack. I understand the concept of suspension of disbelief, but I’m really supposed to believe that after a guy just ran full speed at me and kicked me in the side of the head, while I’m seated and in the corner so I don’t have anywhere to go to lessen the impact no less, I would quickly get up and act dazed? A much better setup move would be something that would be done while the opponent is standing, like say an Enzuigiri (I never understood why an Enzuigiri isn’t used as a finisher these days, it should be at least as devastating as a Superkick, but that’s a whole different topic), then the opponent can walk around all punch drunk like Naich or Mr. Perfect (minus the EPIC face plant) right into Ryder’s Flying Dick Attack.