Details On The Identity Of The Other Worker In Last Night's Lord Tensai Vignette

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The Japanese worker that was featured in last night's Lord Tensai vignette was WWE developmental worker Sakamoto. Sakamoto was trained by former WWE star TAKA Michinoku.

You can read more about Sakamoto on his bio page at the official Florida Championship Wrestling website at this link.

The Lord Tensai gimmick is being portrayed by Matt Bloom who is formerly known as Giant Bernard and A-Train.

  • Frenchfry

    Im wondering if they will ever make any connection back to his old characters considering he wont look any different

  • Ice Cold The Fake Austin

    so they are two lord tensai. I prefer sakamoto than a train.

  • Dangerous Lee

    Prince Albert as “lord tensai”?? This is like Tom cruise playing “the last samurai”. Are you serious bro?!?

    • A2H

      I actually loved that movie!

    • the arbiter

      Im guessing you didn't see that film. Tom Cruise was not the last Samurai, Katsumoto played by Ken Watanabe was.

  • Dojo

    WHY???? I hate when It when wwe do these stupid gimmicks that everyone knows will bomb……….. Boogeyman, mordecai, nailz, repo man, mantaur – the list just goes on & oooooonnnnnn!!!!!! They should just bring him in as muscle for another wrestler OR………… as someone to take over takers legacy – he could be ‘trained’ by taker in the ‘dark ways’ and have a name like DOMINION or something & be the next big thing……….. LoL that ones been used before 😉

  • ol skewl fan

    for every 10 bad gimmicks ,there are 2 -3 good ones that make it, Undertaker,Mr Perfect, Big Boss Man,Demolition(who were LOD ripoffs who had a really good run), Yokozuna(not even japanese), Razor Ramon, Goldust, Val Venus, truth is you're never gonna know whats gonna fly untill you try it, case in point the Funkasauras.

  • Dojo

    Yep – I agree sometimes gimmicks do get over VERY well, but the thing is they have to be inspired……… A huge, bald, hairy, pierced & tattooed guy should not become an homage to Japanese culture lol As for Brodus clay………. A re hash of mabel & mo, ernie miller & Rikishi……….