Details On The New TNA X-Division Rules

TNA Wrestling announced new X-Division rules on this week's episode of Impact. The following is from TNA's official website:

The X-Division is evolving! New Rules Announced! 230lb Weight Limit!

All X-Division championship matches will now be held under triple threat rules. The champion will have two challengers at the same time and has a thirty-three percent chance of retaining the title and runs the risk of losing the title without being pinned. The high-stakes title match has consequences for the challengers as well. The wrestler pinned in the X-Division championship match is eliminated from a future title match while the wrestler who isn’t involved in the decision gets to compete in the next X-Division title match. So where will the next contender come from?

New contenders will be also decided via a Triple Threat match. Fresh faces, former champions or recently eliminated contenders all will battle with one winner advancing into the next X-Division title match.

A video is included at this link or embedded in the video below:

  • Opie

    I just don’t know if I like these rules. Three guys at the same time can be great, especially if everyone’s in good shape, but I’m just not sure that I’d want the same thing every night. Maybe sometimes we just want some simple one-on-one action, and maybe sometimes we’re in the mood for a full-on four-way. A little variety in the action never hurt anyone.

    • BlazeKing

      Quoted from the press release in the article: “All X-Division *championship* matches”

      Only those matches and the #1 contender matches.

  • PainOfDemise

    After reading this and thinking about it, I can honestly say I do not like the rules at all. To me, this is not the direction they should be going with the X Division.

  • Razmos

    And if they said from the get go it would just be one on one people still would have moaned, this site is full of them

    • Razmos

      And look i got 4 thumbs down from the people who moan, im glad you all know who you are ha

      • johnnyC

        You realize your moaning about moaners right?

        • Razmos

          Its not called moaning pal its called taking the pi*s, theres a big difference, look it up in a dictionary sometime, by the way you got 5 thumbs up from the moaners, well done you

          • Matt

            Oh shut up you pretentious twat. The fact a stupid “thumbs” rating affects your life is just pathetic.

  • PFElton

    They don’t need to gimmick up the X-Division, they simply need people who can actually work a match without botching every other move.

  • So the X-Division Title is now the 3-Way Dance Cruiserweight Title. I don’t like it, too gimmicky.

  • Braxton

    I can understand the weight limit thing, they’ve always had that in a way, but I don’t know how I feel about the triple threat rules on everything. It always seems like TNA likes to over-complicate things.

  • i love it making the x division exciting again

  • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

    Anyone remember “Its not about weight limits, its about No limits.”?
    I think a weight limit on the X-Division title is a bad idea.

  • michael

    Watching that video last night, I thought it was a new DVD. I got excited. Then I was disappointed. Lol