Details On The Release Of WWE Studios Film Starring Edge

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The WWE Studios production "Breaking the Rules" starring Edge and Jamie Kennedy is slated to be released in April 2012.

  • Brandon

    Jamie Kennedy really….. That guy is awful! Only thing that he can do to save this is for him to walk out on Raw and announce himself as Mr!! Kennedyyyyyyyyy!!! Kennedy….

  • @RatedMKD

    I don't much care for Jamie Kennedy in anything that's not the Scream franchise, but I'll absolutely check out a movie starring Edge!

  • Mike

    Just another craptastic wwe studios movie if u ask me.

  • Amber

    If Edge wasn't in this, I wouldn't even consider watching it. But… I guess I can sacrifice 2 hours for him. lol

  • ease9310

    A film starring Edge is a movie that everyone will love.I don't really care about Jamie Kennedy,but A MOVIE STARRING EDGE is a movie I would pay to watch!

  • kbunyon

    I find this very interesting.

    What better way to push a WWE movie than (possibly) inducting the star into the Hall Of Fame?

    I am NOT saying that Edge will be inducted this year, just that it would work out well pushing the movie IF Edge is inducted. Just one of those stray thoughts running through my head.

    Please don't run around saying that Edge will be inducted this year! I'm just talking ideas!