Details On The Undertaker's New Look

To answer many of you that have wondered, The Undertaker did indeed cut his hair last year (as shown in the vignette last night on Raw Supershow) and was wearing a wig when he appeared last week. I haven't heard if he plans on working Wrestlemania XXVIII in the wig but we should find out soon enough.

  • Tim

    No obviously he doesn't plan on working in the wig, hence the video of him cutting his hair. Duh.

  • Chris

    Undertaker “cut” his hair last night during that vignette.Is he going crazy over HHH?

  • Mike

    Wonder if he can grow it back by Wrestlemania, of if he'll keep it short?

    • cristina

      If he did have some sort of chia-hair miracle grow I'm sure Kane, and most bald men in America would want to know

  • Andy

    wouldn't it be awesome if it was the return of the American Badass!

    • Bault16

      No that would blow

    • mathew30

      thats instantly what i thought as soon as i saw the first cut.

  • suraj

    I know it wont happen, but i’d love to see the harley davidson riding taker back for what could be his last match! 😀

  • bob

    I'm just thinking he will come back as a a death from bill and ted bogus journey type of character…

  • outkazt09

    Keep rolling rolling rolling rolling. keep rolling rolling rolling rolling.

  • Jim

    Evidently he won’t be wearing the wig since he seemed to have taken the old straight razor to it in that vignette on Raw last night. I’m thinking that there was just to much talk about it, after he re-debuted a couple weeks ago, for the company or for The Undertaker to want to continue using the wig. What I do know is that a lot of people are way more observant than I am. Because I didn’t notice the wig at all until I read something about it here the day after. I had to go back and watch it again to finally see it. I guess it would be annoying to keep your hair long if you didn’t want to. Especially if the only reason he keeps it long is for the 8 short weeks a year he actually works.

  • Howard Stern

    The American Badass would be way better than the Deadman. At least he wouldn't look so embarrassing.

  • Jameson

    Anybody watch American Chopper? Surely they could have a Custom gothic/taker themed bike as a merge of gimmicks …would be cool for mania right?

    • H.M.

      That's what I was thinking actually. Incorporate the Deadman with the Bike. It'd be the best of both worlds. Keep an eerie entrance theme with some rock incorporated but not to detract from the mystique of the Phenom. The Deadman Rider…:D

      • mathew30

        ok NOW im actually excited about this, i wasnt thrilled about the hh vs taker yet again, but just to see the entrance and the new look and attitude, and a possible mix. just WOW

      • just a fan


  • FactionZer0

    He should finish out as the ABA, but it won't happen =/. I could just see him coming out in the bandana and bike and just whooping HHH's ass all over that ring.

  • Xen

    Definitely don't wanna see the phenom as a badass for his last match…would be better if we have the same icy cold,emotionless widow maker we all saw 22 years back at survivor series!

  • Maz

    He mite do the New Batista and miz look

  • havoc525

    What’re the chances he had hair replacement done, like many other workers have, and didn’t have time to grow it out long? May notice more hair, but shorter, on him.

    • Matt Scott

      Who else has done that, ever?

      • havoc525

        Chavo and Batista just to name two. Check out Chavo when he first got there and before he left.

        • havoc525

          Add to the list Masters, Orton, and Dreamer.

  • monty

    first of all whatever the angle is i am super excited unlike last year this time they are actually taking their time and building this thing right, am i the only one who thought a match against HBK would be better after last night's raw. after this week road to wrestlemania will see hbk,rock,undertaker and hhh good old time and i can bet somehow some way steve austin will be involved also.

    y2j vs cm.punk
    celtic warrior vs DB or someone else
    money in the bank
    rock vs cena
    taker vs hhh

    that lineup alone is better than last few years.

    i want to see orton vs ziggler the match they had on raw was amazing and they compliment each other well so hopefully VKM will see it too

    • havoc525

      Seriously, Money in the Bank is it’s own show. Get it through your head.

  • Michael

    His hair would probably be as short as his WrestleMania 20 re-emergence. remember in october of 2003 at the No Mercy PPV he was "Buried Alive" with his biker gimmick. might be the same scenario.

  • Dave Barton

    I just "didn't get" Taker trimming his hair off at all, let alone using a straight razor. He's probably the only wrestler left that I can still "suspend disbelief" with, and even looking at it strictly as a mark who watched his WWF debut at SS90, for the life of me I can't make any connection of the hair cutting act to his persona or this situation of wanting a rematch with HHH. I'm left with 2 vague possibilities…

    1> He's going to use his hair as part of a ritual
    2> He's going to continually strip away the "Dead Man" persona until its just the American Badass asking man to man for one more match with HHH (rather than the traditional Dead Man stalking he usually does, since that ain't working).

    Now that I think of it…I'd pick #2 over #1, but I could still be entirely wrong.

  • kyle

    I know this is way out there but just imagine this…
    Kane is done with cena after EC and needs a match
    Undertaker returns as Badass Undertaker
    They reunite to face none other than DX (HBK & HHH)
    I know thats way out there but that match would be simply amazing in my opinion

  • monty

    i will say this much whenever takers music has hit i have a huge smile just remembering the great days of the past. again i am glad VKM is taking his time with this build up

  • MonstaHeel 450

    'Taker gave some to Kane… he's slowly growing his under his wig i think.

  • Bob

    Your going down. You’ve gone and made a big mistake and I can’t allow you to think you can just walk away….. American Badass Undertaker is Back!

  • 7028brethart

    We are being forced to watch taker HHH 3, if that’s the case takers streak will end for sure. HBK should have put himself in there match, would be so perfect, HHH wins or HBK wins, but taker doesn’t technically loose.