Details On TNA Impact Wrestling's New Approach At Acquiring Talent - How They Have Been Able To Bolster Their Roster, Cut Expenses & Protect Against A WWE Talent Raid; Why Some Are Worried WWE Is Going To Go Directly At Ring Of Honor & Dragon Gate USA & What ROH Has Done To Prevent From Losing Top Guys

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While WWE is looking to add talent for their prospective WWE Network program centered on cruiserweights, TNA Impact Wrestling has been holding steady lately. I'm told TNA is still focused on cutting spending and getting their roster expenses under control.

Rather than a talent raid that WWE is exploring, TNA has been focused on bringing in guys that are relatively cheap from schools such as the Team 3D Academy. One source points at Jesse Sorensen as a talent working for TNA at a reasonable rate while also helping bolster the X Division. Paranoia has declined significantly in recent months backstage in TNA as they don't feel the need to have "everyone locked up" to prevent a raid of their roster.

However, both Ring of Honor and Dragon Gate USA are concerned about losing some of their top guys to WWE. The fact WWE is not only "snooping around" has officials concerned but also the fact that the prospective program goes right at their style of wrestling. As a result, my source tells me both promotions are going to be a lot more careful about letting talent "slip through the cracks."

ROH has done all they can do to "lock down" top talent by securing most top guys to contracts, however, at the end of the day they are threatened by the spending power of WWE.

  • Fernando

    I understand both ROH and DGUSA's worries, but I guess they'd open the door to any of their workers if they're willing to go to McMahon's company.

    • havoc525

      Vince is a smart businessman. If nothing else, I could see him pulling an ECW and helping fund shows along the way for either of, or both, the companies.

  • Darkk_tintt

    When WWE does find these guys they want I hope they can actually do something with their talents and not get booked wrong