Details On Why The TNA Impact Wrestling Office Is Upset At Hulk Hogan & Why They Feel Non-TNA Activities Have Become More Important To Him Than The Future Prosperity Of The Company

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Officials within TNA Impact Wrestling were less than thrilled to hear Hulk Hogan had gone public with the claim he was shaving his head and mustache for upcoming movie auditions.

The word out of the TNA office is that it was taken as sign that non-TNA activities are "more important" to Hogan as his iconic "Hogan-look" is pretty much all he can offer the company at this point since he can't really work a match. Some were actually hoping to be able to talk Hogan out of the decision to shave off his hair.

Given the fact he's currently overseas with TNA, it may not be too late.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    IT'S A MIRACLE!!!!! . oh be still my heart. (Does the Fred Sanford Heart Attack routine).

    THEY are finally gettting the message Hogan doesn't care about them Now fire him.

    • eurosario

      Hey he care about something they give him and it’s his paycheck.

  • kurt

    I doubt he even cares about that so much. Dixie had to read his confirmation of the U.K. tour on Twitter for Petes sake. Yeah, real respect for the company and boss that keeps him employed. Then he releases what could be an intoxicated rant on YouTube with all his old buddies from the '*0's era WWF(E). What a group! Talk about a reality show screaming to happen with those guys. Hogan was an expert at working a crowd, manipulating kids into loving him, and a master of backstage politics. Good thing Hogan and McMahon split when they did. WWE could possibly have been WCW,