Details On WWE '12 Wrestlemania Edition; US Marine Corps Happy About WWE Pulling Randy Orton From Film

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- Wrestling News World reader Brandon van Reenen sent in the following:

GameGuru, as well as various other video game websites, are reporting that THQ has announced WWE '12 WrestleMania Edition for release in Europe this May. This new version will include all DLC releases on-disc. As of this writing, no US or African date has been released. More info can be found at the official GameGuru at this link.

- TMZ has a follow-up on WWE nixing Randy Orton from "The Marine: Homefront" due to Orton's dishonorable discharge from the US Marine Corps. The Marines were happy with WWE for taking them seriously and reacting by eliminating Orton from the flick. You can read the TMZ article at this link. (Thanks to WNW readers Omar Gonzalez and Logan Walker for sending this in.)

  • ortonitebet

    Randy orton should be given a second chance he made a mistake but he has done a lot in the wwe during tribute to the troops Every one makes a mistake but he doesn’t have to pay for it after years!

    • Abe

      No, he was a coward who went awol, and getting a dishonorable discharge means you pay for it the rest of your life

      • Snaps

        Agreed. Would be pretty shameful to portray him as some military hero given his past.

    • Dangerous Lee

      I’m still paying for mistakes I’ve made years ago, why shouldn’t orton?

  • Vince

    I got wwe 12 already with all dlc but this is a buy for me cant wait

  • elgato48

    Its the military you dont get second chances

  • christopher525

    The only way they could have done it with Orton would have been to have him go AWOL, as in his real life, only to realize he "needed" the Corps in his life. Realizing his past mistakes and whatnot.

  • Cena Sucks

    Hopefully they scrap the movie. The world doesn’t need another Marine film.

  • ZackPck

    Maybe this version will work online…. nahhhhhhh.

  • Chris K.

    for doing this i have lost alot of respect for wwe and the armed forces…

    • WyFo

      Why? Do you understand why they pulled him from the film? He went AWOL while he actually was in the military.

  • A.J.

    Both movies sucked.You have to have a serious problem to want to watch another part.I mean who is gonna star in it,the miz.?It’s better off being a comedy if that were the case.

  • Kleck

    I has no idea about Orton’s military history. I’ve lost what little respect I had for the man…

  • Bill

    With everything randy Orton does for the wwe and the armed forces those jarheads treat him like that? That’s how they say thank you? That’s straight bullshit!!

  • Mike

    I’m not quite sure what I think about this whole orton AWOL situation. I’m not the biggest orton fan and that seems like a cowardly thing to do, but on the other hand he has done a lot with the tribute to the troops every year. I can understand why they would want him pulled from the movie, but what I dont understand is why WWE would even consider making a third marine movie? The other 2 flopped, I really don’t think the third times the charm in this situation.

  • Kevin

    I'll say it again: it's one thing for a non-Marine (or non-military, for that matter) actor to portray a Marine. It's another when an actor is a dishonorably discharged Marine and is slotted to play a Marine. Bad publicity is something movies always try to avoid. In 1985, a movie about John Lennon and Yoko Ono was being filmed. An actor tried out for the part of John Lennon. That actor's name? John Lindsey Chapman. His name, so close to that of John Lennon's killer John DAVID Chapman, prevented him from getting the role. Bad publicity. So Orton being canned from the movie makes perfect sense. I like Orton, and even knowing about his Marine past doesn't change that. There's 2 sides to every story. We haven't heard his yet. But I totally understand WWE Films pulling him from the project.