Details On WWE Shareholders Meeting, Sheamus On Raw Crowd Reactions

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WWE Shareholders Meeting

WWE's annual shareholders meeting at Titan Towers in Stamford, Connecticut is scheduled for Friday, April 26, 2013. All shareholders are invited as there will be a vote on the election of the company's Board of Directors. Shareholders will also be able to ask questions to executive officers.

Sheamus Reacts to Raw Crowd Reactions

Sheamus was believed to be somewhat annoyed by the crowd reactions at this week's WWE Raw after the show. By morning he was taking it in stride, laughing it off. The following is from his Twitter:

  • Joey

    At least Sheamus can laugh it off, Orton looked IRATE last night during the match

    • What do you mean “At Least?” Is Orton suppose to not be angry with last night? I would be pissed off if I was Orton. Last night was a form of hecking from those morons in the audience. They wanted to be marks for themselves which shows how lackluster their lives must be if that’s the case. They are losers desperately seeking attention. I wish Orton would have dragged one of them over the barricade and punted them.

      • Joey

        Or they were just having fun…

      • Moe

        As much as I thought the chants during the match were quite funny in a random manner, I also thought the crowd was very disrespectful most of the night

        • Terra Ryzing

          I thought as a fan you are allowed to show your like or displeasure towards whomever you want. Isn’t that the point of going to a live event? No one was throwing trash in the ring or hopping the guard rails so I thought it was perfectly fine. This isn’t golf, its professional wrestling. People need to seriously lighten up.

        • Lebron James

          That crowd had the right to chant whatever they wanted. They paid hard earned money for those tickets and if they thought they were being given trash to watch like Sheamus vs Orton (Boring), or Cena vs Henry (Irrelevant match), then they can blow off any match they want. Plus, If the characters on your show are stale, then you deserve to be ignored during your matches. That crowd had great fun on their own and made the entire show better for everyone including those at home. Admit it, had been any other typical crowd that would’ve been one boring raw.

        • Snap

          I’ve gotta ask, how is WWE itself NOT being disrespectful to its paying fans by providing a lackluster product during the Road to WrestleMania of all times, combined with a subpar WrestleMania (Taker vs. Punk notwithstanding)?

          WWE deserves to have the crowds take the piss out of them until they wake up and realize that its the fans who make WWE not the other way around. I’m not saying Sheamus and Orton deserved to be sacrificial lambs, but the utter illogic of WWE booking… a Twitter poll to determine who, out of Sheamus or Orton will face Big Show with Orton winning the poll only for WWE to say “F you!” to the crowd and having Sheamus and Orton fight to see who faces Big Show? Well, the crowd rightly gave a big “F you!” right back to WWE with their reactions.

          I hope crowds each week continue to react the way they did and maybe WWE will wake up and realize “PG” does not mean neutering the product. We don’t need chair shots and we don’t need profanity, but nothing else is really prohibited under a PG rating. If WWE doesn’t want similar chant mobs, all they need to do is stop insulting their audience’s intelligence.

      • Terra Ryzing

        I think you need to relax. People pay their hard earned money to attend these shows and they can cheer, boo, and chant whatever/whoever they want.

      • chris

        Now you’re being the Orton mark. Randy Orton IS boring as a babyface, and he knows it. He once said he doesn’t even care if the crowd chants boring when he puts on those long headlocks, so he has to deal with it. The crowd reaction was great and if anything would ever end the Super-Cena PG era, it’s stuff like this in every arena, so don’t complain.

      • Dangerous Lee

        Aren’t you the guy that’s always bringing up the time when Punk smacked a fan thinking he pushed him? But now you condone Orton punting an audience member in the head for having a good time….double standard, no?

      • Illdecide

        No actually, people don’t have to cheer for Orton just because you think they should. His character is ridiculously boring (heel Orton was never as whiny as face Orton was last night pre match)

        If the stars don’t want a ‘boring’ chant it’s up to them to dazzle or for creative to come up with something unique.

      • Matt

        I was just saying to my housemate I bet some killjoys are moaning about this crowd. Let them have fun! Or is your life that lacklustre and pathetic you need to bitch about people enjoying themselves?

      • Nostaljack

        Spare me

  • _JIM_

    A form of heckling? Wow. Isn’t crowd reactions what WWE is all about? Just because the audience wasn’t cheering for Cena, Sheamus, and Orton but chose to cheer for the heels all night doesn’t mean they were heckling anybody. Heels get that reaction all the time from crowds, but that’s OK I guess as long as it isn’t Cena, Sheamus or Orton geting that reaction. That crowd was the best crowd WWE has had in a LONG time. They would have killed to have a crowd like that at Mania the night before instead of the crowd that they had that sat on their hands most of the night.

    • BlazeKing

      ” They would have killed to have a crowd like that at Mania the night before instead of the crowd that they had that sat on their hands most of the night.”

      It WAS the same crowd! It’s harder to contain sound in an open-air stadium like MetLife. When one goes to Wrestlemania, you MUST get a ticket for Raw the following night. That’s tradition!

  • alex

    Every crowd needs to be that hot,I seen Raw live in Birmingham England last year and we, the crowd make the show.Also if I pay £70 plus to go to an event I can say whatever I want.The reason that crowd was so good was because there was a lot of Europeans in the crowd,we know how to chant rather than just same old u.s.a u.s.a. best part of the night was them humming fandango’s entrance song.

    • Good thing you guys are good at humming and soccer. If the MLS ever paid NBA type contracts we’d take over your sport.

      • alex

        that’ll never happen even with the money because your season does not follow the European season.I never see how NBA players get paid so much,smaller crowd’s unless the ticket prices are sky high or something.

        • JC

          Tv contracts make all the money for American sports leagues.

          • alex

            ahh yeah i never thought about that!

  • That was an average RAW.. But thanks to the crowd it became a great RAW.

  • Dustyn

    This may have been posted somewhere on the site, but look at this:

  • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

    Guys, I’m gonna sound dumb, but I have to ask: What is the ole ole ole chant? Like, what does that mean?

    • jamie

      its a football chant or soccer as you call it

      • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

        But, does it have an actual meaning?

        • alex

          its a phrase used by the spanish when avoiding a bull,closest word it has meaning to is bravo.

          • Adam “SwipeManMcNasty”

            Thank you.

  • Im from london and footbal (soccer) relies on the crowd heckling etc there athletes suck it up and do your job and u guys that didnt like it clearly never been to a sports stadium prawn sandwich merchants ( only a few will get that )